Feel Worthy For What You Want

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You need to feel worthy to create something you want

You can only create what you can imagine to be and to have. Don’t think of money, that you believe is necessary, and not of all the details. If you do not feel worthy to have what you want, you can’t create it.

Let us assume you saw a beautiful house with garden that is offered for sale and you have enough savings to buy it. But something happens that you don’t or can’t buy it. The reason can be that you are used to live in an apartment and you can’t really imagine to live in a house with garden. You might be afraid of all the work of the house and the garden. Another person, who does not have any savings, was certain that one day he will live in this house. He did not think that he can’t afford it. He imagined how it would be to live there. He saw his family sitting in the garden. He had no doubts, did not think about details, such as working in the garden. He felt joy when he thought of the house.. He told his wife that they will live in this house some day in the future. And then he inherits enough money to buy it. He has directed his attention to the joy of living in this house. He felt worthy to live in this house.


Feel worthy to have what you want
Feel worthy to have what you want


Everything is vibration and you create with your frequency

If you do not feel worthy of being or getting what you want, you can’t get the right frequency.

Everything vibrates with a certain frequency. To where you put your focus and energy becomes your reality.

If the only thing that you lack to get something you want is money and you think too much of the money, you can’r create what you want. Would you leave out the thought of money as you think about what you want, you would create it with ease. If you think that you need money tto buy what you want, you create lack. Would you have the money to get what you want, you would have it. Think of what you want, not that you do not have the money to buy it, which is lack and therefore you create more lack.

Think of what you want, not that you do not have the money to buy it. This is a thought of lack.

There can be other reasons than lack of money that you can’t create something you want.

Many people are buying over and over again the same kind of things, even thought they are looking at others who have something better, which they could easily afford. This can be, for example, clothing, a car, a travel. It could also be a better job with a higher salary. One of the reasons is that they don’t feel worthy to wear designer clothes, to drive with an elegant car, to book a luxury travel, or get a better job for which they have all necessary skills.

These people are not used to buy more expensive clothes and drive with an elegant car. They would not feel great wearing expensive clothes or drive an expensive car. They are not able to imagine that these things are part of their life. Before they can create what they actually want, but aren’t used to, they have to change habits. Habits are part of the programming of the subconscious mind. They want something, but their programming avoids them to create it.

Even though some of these people have more than enough money to buy almost anything they want, but don’t, might still have lack-thinking in their programming. They are used to the thought that they can’t afford something better as the cheap version of it. They can’t think that they could live in abundance.

There are people who earn a lot of money and something happens that they lose all. They again make a lot money and again they lose it. I had a client who has experienced this. I told him that there must be a reason that prevents him from continuing to make money, but at one point loses it. I asked him what his parents have said about money and wealth. He talked with his mother about it. She told him that when he was a kid, she was saying that rich people are not good people and that she hates them. She then said that she has changed her mind, that she has found out that it is on each person if he earns more and more money or not. He then told me that he felt incredibly relieved, as if his mother had taken a heavy burden from him. Before the talk with his mother, he did not feel worthy of getting wealthy.

Make a list of all your important wishes. And there might be wishes that you did not allow yourself to think about, because you thought you could never fulfill them. Then think if you feel worthy for your wishes. Start with the first wish. Imagine to already have it. How do you feel? Do you feel that this something does not suit you and does not fit into your today’s life? Are you worried that family and friends will be amused when you have it? Do you fear that others will envy you? Think that you might not used to wear more expensive clothes, to drive an elegant car. You do not feel worthy to own expensive things.

If you do not feel worthy to own expensive things, you can’t create them.


Feel worthy to create what you want
Feel worthy to create what you want


Reasons for why you don’t feel worthy to have what you want

In the first place this has to do with your programming. And then it is habit, which is also part of your programming. Your father drove a cheap car. When you were young you bought a used car. Ever since you live on a small budget, even though you have savings and earn enough money that you could easily afford a higher class car, but you continue buying cheap cars. Let us assume that when you lived with your parents and said: Look, this is a great car!! and your parents replied: This must be a rich man. We can’t afford such a car. Today the expression “rich man” could be something strange for you, something that is out of your reach. Your programming can be that someone like you would never own a great car. Even though you could easily afford a great car, you can have in your programming that you can’t afford it. In short: You do not feel worthy of owning a great car.

It happens that a man dies, who appeared to be poor and it turns out that he had millions on his bank account or at home. He has worked hard and saved all the money. He never felt worthy to use his money to appreciate life more. I have heard a story where someone inherited a house from his father and found several hundred thousand Euro in an old couch. His father was a craftsman and he thought that his father did not earn so much. He was raised as if they had to live in poverty. He also became a craftsman and he also lives as if he was poor. He doesn’t own a car, because he can’t imagine to drive his own car, even though he could easily afford it. When he grew up he must have heard many times that they could not afford a car. He doesn’t feel worthy to own a car. Years after his inheritance he still did not have a car and he did not even have a bank account. Already his father did not have a bank account. He said that he does not want that others see how much money he has.

With each wish on your wish list, ask yourself, if you feel and if you are worthy to have this object or whatever it is.


Think of what you want not of lack
Think of what you want not of lack


What can you do to feel worth having what you want?

Positive Thinking and focusing your thinking on to what you want is great, but your thinking is based on the programming of your subconscious mind. You have to change the programming of your subconscious mind to change part of your life. You can change your programming with visualization and Subliminals are helpful.

There are several visualization methods. The classic visualization is done as follows:
Sit down, close your eyes and relax. If you know how to meditate, meditate for a few minutes. Then see yourself having and owning something you want. If you do not feel worthy owning this certain object, you might not feel so great visualizing it. If you repeat visualizing what you desire once or twice, daily, you change your programming and get used that it is part of your life. It can take days, weeks or even months and it will become part of your reality.

I go a little into details. If you want something, but your inner programming is against it, you can’t create it. If you change part of your programming, the part that has to do with what you want, it will be able to create it. If you visualize a wish, it will be easy to create it.

Accept and respect yourself and see yourself with all that you want in your imagination. To change your programming you can start with the Self-Love 3A Subliminal.Practise visualization every day and get used to have what you want. Be certain that visualizations have a very strong impact on your life.

Become aware of the fact that you are worth for anything you desire.


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