Enjoy Life and Work

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Enjoy Life and Work and Live in the Here and Now to Be Happy

II want to make you think about how to invest your energy and not waste it for more and more money. We have to make money, but not pay with quality of life and health.

Some people work near an exotic beach overlooking the sea. Of course they work, but they take enough time to enjoy life. They keep work and leisure in balance. Some spend themselves making more and more money and put their health at risk. Why make a lot of money if you can‘t really enjoy it?

I read and hear from personal trainer and internet marketers that we should increase our productivity as if we are machines. What matters, quality of life and health, is second. Quality of life and health are important to be happy and should have priority. It is better one is happy with a little less money than with a lot of money sick or even prematurely dead.

The Dalai Lama said that we are funny. For years we have been working to earn more and more money and lose our health. Then we spend the hard earned money to get well again. Isn‘t he right?

In recent years some super-rich people have died on cancer. Their billions did not help them defeat the cancer. And not only super-rich people lose their health in exchange for more money. What is their gain?

What for do you work hard and make a lot of money if you can‘t enjoy it?

As with everything in life, you have to recognize and draw boundaries. What for do you want to earn a lot of money if you can‘t enjoy it? I do not say that you should only enjoy your life without work. That can be boring. We need tasks and we have to work to make money.

I enjoyed working in the post-graduate years but did not have time to spend and enjoy the money I earne

d. One day my body shut down. I could hear and think. That’s it. I was exhausted without realizing it. A doctor was called. He measured my pulse and said, “There’s nothing left!” I was really afraid that I could be buried alive. The doctor said that I have to sleep for at least three weeks. If I don‘t rest, I could sustain lasting damages.

A friend of mine had a heart attack at the age of thirty. The doctor, who was called, could only determine his death. That was the end of everything. He has earned a lot of money. Better earn a little less and enjoy the eared money. Right?



I am living in the here and now

It is morning, end of October. A wonderful morning. I am on a balcony in the south of Rome. On the horizon I see the sea. I am surrounded by a lush southern Italian landscape. I enjoy my breakfast and let the morning start slowly. I did not always have that option.

I am feeling good, because I am in the here and now. I do not think back and not forward. I am enjoying this very moment. In the here and now you are happy with what you have.

Great thinkers and voices of aliens, whose spiritual development is far ahead of us, explain that we can only be happy if we live in the here and now. In this state we are not looking back and not ahead. That’s exactly what I am doing and I am feeling really happy.

Many people rush out of the house in the morning and drink their first coffee in the office. It may be that a few of these people earn more money than me. Though some of them will pay with their health.

I have created a life that I enjoy. I love the South of Rome. I have wonderful neighbors and friends. People here exchange their agricultural products, help and invite each other. No one seems to be in a rush. People work and enjoy their lives. They take enough time to eat well for lunch and dinner. Drive throughs do not exist.

How well do you know your neighbors and what do you swap with them? How much time do you spend with your friends? How much time do you have for lunch and dinner.


Enjoy Your Life More and Devide Your Time for Work and Leisure

How much do you enjoy your life? Do you enjoy your breakfast, your work, your free time, in short: the whole day?

Some Internetmakers make a lot of passive income. They work a few hours and enjoy the rest of the day. That’s great and good. Some others work from early morning into late hours. They might make a lot of money, but do not think about what life is really about.

You shall find a golden mean of work and leisure. You should spend daily some time away from your work and enjoy yourself. This is part of quality of life. Quality of life doesn‘t mean driving an expensive sport‘s car, having a gold watch on the wrist and wearing taylored clothes. These things are luxury items. Real luxury is having time to enjoy life.


Enjoy Your Life Subliminal
You have to hear a Subliminal once or twice a day for several weeks that the effect is lasting.

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How do You Organize Your Working and Your Free Time?

You may have a fixed working time. After work, you can enjoy your free time. If you become self-employed, you have to be focused on your work for the first two years. You can hire people to do some of your work. As soon as you earn enough money monthly, you can divide your time for work and leisure. Make sure that quality of life and happiness are your priority, even if you enjoy your work.

Make sure that quality of life and happiness are your priority, even if you enjoy your work.


Why You Should Live In The Here and Now

To have wishes is good. When you are in the Here and Now, you don‘t think of them. You recognize what you have. Be grateful for it. Too many people have their focus on what they would like to have. If a certain wish is fulfilled, they are happy. Quickly the joy of the fulfilled desire is gone. New wishes are added. Long-time happiness does not come up. It is an inexorable look into the future and the here and now is not fully lived. But you can only be really happy in the here and now. Therefore, appreciate every moment.

Only in the here and now an absolute happiness is possible

You feel wonderful and completely happy during a vacation, because you are in the here and now. During holidays you turn off your unfulfilled expectations of life. You do not think of the many wishes that have remained unfulfilled so far. Why don‘t you do this in everyday life? Think about it!


How Can One Live Every Day Like On Vacation?

I feel almost like on vacation, although I work every day for a few hours, sometimes all day long. I feel like an artist in one of the past centuries sitting in an Italian landscape, surrounded by olive trees and vines, writing a novel or painting. I know that while I am working I can get up any moment, go shopping, meet with friends or drive to Rome. This morning a friend called me and asked if I would like to go to Rome with her. I replied that I’m writing an article for my website. I can go to Rome at any moment. The center of Rome is only 39 km away. It is 33.4 km as the crow flies. In the evening I am invited to dinner with friends. Until then, I am writing this article and will then make an audio for the video that I‘ve shot in the early morning.

Little later: I went to the notebook right after breakfast, saved the videos, cut them, and then continued writing on the article I started writing yesterday. At lunch break I enjoyed the lunch on the terrace. Salads, vegetables and fresh herbs from the garden, olive oil from the olive trees in the garden and freshly squeezed lemon juice, with beef, some pizza bread, Gorgonzola (who does not know: it is a blue cheese) and a little more than a glass of white wine. Coffee and a fruit.

It was quiet all day, which I have been enjoying. I could fully focus on writing the article and did it without hurry. Whatever your work is, think about what you can do to enjoy it.

It is 6 o’clock. The sun is just above the horizon. I am driving to town for a glass of Prosecco and nibble on some savory biscuits. It is still 2 hours until dinner. There will be mussels and then fish with steamed vegetables from the vegetable garden. The fish was caught in the early morning. The sea is about 25 km away. My neighbor bought it at the fish market on the outskirts of the city in the early morning. You have to be quick to get nice fish.

I have to interrupt. A neighbor has invited me for an aperitivo. He is a painter and wants to show me his latest work. When I’m invited to neighbors, I do not have to worry about alcohol in my blood.


Whether you enjoy your work is up to you. You need to look for a job that you enjoy and build something in this area. Then set up your life the way you want to live. In the course The Visualization System you learn everything you need for it.

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