The New World

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What You Should Know About The New World

The New World has a Higher Frequency

Is it only a trend to talk about The New World or is it really something which will transform you and your life?


Listen to how a higher frequency can change your life


in the new world
In the New World

The New World is about your frequency of vibration. The higher your frequency of vibration, the better is your life and the more you will live in the New World.

>On this first characteristic of the New World you see that it is about YOU. You will not physically move into another world. It is your choice if you transform and become part of the New World or if you stay in the more dense old world. You can call the New World a parallel world thanks to a change of your frequency, which changes your perception.


You can’t raise your frequency of vibration from a low level to a very high one in a short time. You can only gradually raise your frequency. You do this with your thinking and how you feel. Your thinking generates your feeling. The better and happier you feel, the higher is your frequency of vibration.

With a higher frequency you will more and more live in the New World. In the New World there is no negativity, no criminality, and no wars. Negative people will stay in the old world. What will be interesting for you is that in the New World you are able to manifest faster.

In the New World is harmony, happiness, contentment, mutual understanding, a lot of love, joy and beauty. Luxury will not be rare, but the rule. Your passion will be your work. You will not have to struggle to survive. You will never get sick. You will be surrounded by positive and loving people.


What you can do to raise Your Frequency of Vibration

• Think positive.
• Do not lose your time watching TV or playing games too much. These are passive ways to entertain yourself. Watching TV is hypnotizing and somehow controlling you and it is giving your subconscious mind mostly negative information. If you watch TV choose documentations about something which interests you. Skip documentations about wars or anything that is negative.
• Get out of the way of negative people. These are people who are often nagging or criticising others, discussing politics and talking about wars.<
• If you watch TV and something negative is coming up, switch to another channel.
• Look for videos with the Dalai Lama or other people who are having a higher vibration and listen to what they say. You might also get some of their radiation which is positive.
• When someone begins talking about something negative, say that you do not want to talk about this topic. Start speaking about something positive. If they do not stop talking negatively, leave.

• Keep your home organized and clean.
• Wear clothes which is freshly washed.
• Eat life and light. Eating life means natural foods. Natural foods are vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, eggs, and nuts. You can also eat fish, meat and chicken, but choose light parts. Eat raw, so you can skip the heavy oils.
• It is important that you drink a lot of water and no drinks with sugar or heavy alcohol.
• Get enough sleep.
• Do some sports daily, but do not overdo it. It must feel good.
• In case you buy a new car, buy a hybrid or an electric one.

• Learn meditation and meditate daily. Meditation is the best way to raise your frequency of vibration.


Make a list with all which makes you feel better and make one with all you dislike and which you shall get rid of.


List of what makes you feel better and happier

Go for a walk in a park
Sing or hum a melodie you like
Read something which interests you
Start a new project
Learn something new
Meet with friends and find reasons to laugh
Go shopping: Buy something which makes you happy
Take a bath with a great scent or aroma oil
Burn an incense stick
Go out and meet new people
Put a candle onto the dinner table
Listen to relaxing music
Take a nap
Make a painting or a drawing
Plan your next vacation
Look for new friends on a social media platform or in a café
Get crystals or other semi-precious stones and put them near you
Doing what you enjoy is New World Lifestyle.


What you should get rid of

Get rid of all you dislike in your home. This can be a piece of furniture or a painting. Even though you stay in your home, think as if you plan to move to a new apartment or house. Before you move, you also think about what you will take with you and what you sell or bring to the dump.

Get rid of clothes, which you wore, when you made a bad experience. The vibration of the bad experience sticks on the clothes. You can’t wash it out. Get rid of old clothes.
Get rid of people, who are negative. These are people who do not make you feel good.

If you are unhappy with your job, think about what you like to do and start finding work you like. Think about how you can make money with your passion.

You can’t take anything you dislike with you to the New World. So get rid of it now.


If you stay in the old world or go to the New World, is your choice. Yes, you have to do something, because you are moving. The move is imagined and still real. You are moving your whole being from a world with a lot of negativity to the New World which is positive and has therefore a higher frequency of vibration. You will move from a lower to a higher frequency of vibration. You will be surrounded by people who are also in a higher frequency.


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