Learn How to Meditate

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Why You Should Learn How to Meditate

Learn How to Meditate to Control and Change Your Life as You Desire

Learn how to meditate – Benefits of Meditation

To learn how to meditate has quite a few benefits, which you will welcome in today’s stressful life. To meditate is an incredibly wonderful experience. The state of consciousness you are in while you meditate is deeper as when you sleep. After you have meditated for about twenty minutes, you will feel as if you slept for a while and you will need a lot less sleep. If you meditate daily for several weeks, you may have out of body experiences. They feel wonderfully.

learn how to meditate
Learn how to meditate

Regular meditation will get you in harmony with yourself and the entire world. You will feel at peace and radiate a kind of higher self. Mood swings will belong to the past. Problems will quickly turn into solutions. Fear and doubt will turn into certainty of success. You will create more and more great ideas which will bring you professional success. As you are innerly calmer you will be appreciated by family, friends and any other person whom you meet. At some point of regular meditation your consciousness will be transformed.

The benefits of meditation are manyfold. To learn how to meditate and to meditate daily gives you an incredible advantage in all areas of your life.

But there are more reasons that you should consider to learn how to meditate.

Scientific studies show that changes of the electromagnetic fields induced by the sun correlate with our brain activity. Mood swings are an effect of these changes. Meditation puts an end to mood swings. When you meditate regularly you will be in harmony with yourself and be in a better mood in general.

Dr. Dieter Broer, a German physicist, believes in a cosmic induced expansion of our consciousness that is already happening. This expansion of your consciousnes can be improved with meditation. Changes and anomalies of the electromagnetic fields induced by storms on the sun are affecting all living species. Lower magnetic fields let us be easily influenced. People who have reached mental maturity, who are well centred, especially people who meditate regularly, will have less difficulty to deal with major changes. When people see themselves in an irredeemable situation, they make a leap of consciousness.

We can prepare ourselves for the New Future with exercising our mind. One way to do this is hygiene of thought, which means that we shall think about what we think and become aware of our thoughts. We also shall be more conscious that our emotions influence our perception. Be aware that you actually don’t see, but perceive. This means that it is not our eyes that see, but the programming of our subconscious mind, which controls what we perceive. If you meditate daily, will improve your perception.

Learn how to meditate and practice meditation daily, and take advantage of all benefits of meditation. To learn how to meditate is easy.

Meditating is wonderfully relaxing.

If you meditate regularly you need less sleep. You might only need 4 to 5 hours of sleep. Think about the gain of the time.

To create what you want, you have to allow situations and objects as you wish them to be. To do this, you have to be in a relaxed state of consciousness. This can be the state of meditation, which you have to learn.

You have lost this ability, because of the way we are brought up and educated.. Children, who are not told that they are not able to do a certain task, or not told that doing this task is difficult, learn this skill much quicker. In contrary children who were told that they can’t do a certain task have a problem to learn it and are never good in doing it.

Think of children who easily learn and others who study quite a bit and are still weak students. Or think of people who easily earn a lot of money and others who work hard, but stay poor. Bob Proctor, a self improvement guru, says that if you want to change anything in your life, you have to change your belief system which has been wrongly programmed from early childhood on.

There are ways to exercise your mind and achieve significant changes. The most important and most effective way to achieve changes is meditation and creative visualization.

All your abilities are controlled by your mind, especially your subconscious mind. You actually know everything, You only have to allow it. In a state of mind in which your mind is open and not limited by wrong beliefs you are kind of a magician. The only limitation to be able to do something or not, exists solely in your mind.

Our senses subconsciously perceive 1 Billion stimuli. Consciously we perceive 30 to 50. Would we perceive all there is at once, our brain might burst. Could we switch off our thinking process, as it partly happens during meditation, we could perceive things as they are. Buddhists call this the Nature of Reality.

Imagine that we are all in a cave from where we can’t see the outside and can’t leave and one day we suddenly get the opportunity to leave the cave and see what there is outside. This is the actual reality. This reality we can’t even imagine from where we are now.

When you meditate regularly for a longer period of time you will begin to perceive yourself as part of the oneness of all, feel being in a state of total peace, happiness and bliss. In this state you have access to all knowledge. During the state of meditation you have access to higher knowledge. This is why you will know the solution to your problems or get great ideas,

Learn to meditate. It gives you the opportunity to walk toward the New World. While you meditate you go through a tunnel and you get a glimpse of what there is outside and see what there really is.

What does Meditation do

What Does Meditation Do To Your Mind, Body and Your Life

Meditation is a practice of deep relaxation. You can focus your attention on a specific object while you meditate. When you practise meditating regularly, you will literally be out of your body as long as you are in the state of meditation. You will get a better understanding of yourself, your body, your mind, about life in general, about this world and it connects you with the knowledge of the universe.

If you meditate regularly, you will be able to fullly focus on what you do and therefor work more efficiently. Your intuition will rise. You will have a clear perception of things and your thoughts will be clearer and more subjective. Your understanding of things will improve. Your perception will alter in a positive way. Your frequency of vibration will rise, which is imperative to live a better life.

You will feel less stress and more energized. You will need less sleep. After meditating you will suddenly know the solution of problems that came up since your last meditation session. You will be and feel positive most of the time. Your memory will gradually improve. You will be more and more aware of your inner guidance. You will make better choices. You will be relaxed most of the time. Meditation feels great.

Meditation has huge health benefits. For example as a result of relaxation, your physical vitality will increase. You will have a better posture. You will be able to let go of tension. Your breathing will be deeper and you will not get sick anymore.

You will draw positive thinking people toward you, who might be of advantage to you. Friends, to whom you have lost the connection, suddenly call or find you on a social site, where you are a member. You will have a more positive relationship with people in general. You will cease to experience fear and doubt.

False and limiting beliefs will resolve. Bad memories, that have troubled you for many years, will stop bothering you and the tension of these insidents will disappears.

Practice meditation daily for 15 to 20 minutes

If you meditate longer, meaning 30 to 40 minutes, the benefits get stronger. You could meditate longer on weekends or any time you feel a need to meditate a longer period of time.

Try to meditate daily at a specific time, for example, right after you wake up or before dinner.

Do not eat 2 hours before meditating! In other words, do not meditate short after dinner. If you workout before meditating, the meditation experience increases.

You will eliminate the tension and stress which you experienced since your last meditation session.

The solution for a problem will come into your mind right after you ended your meditation session.

If you practice transcendental mediation, you are not focusing on anything, but the mantra. When you are experienced in meditation, you can focus on a goal you want to achieve. When you are in the state of meditation,, visualize the final outcome of that goal. This is taught in the Visualization System Course.

You can focus your meditation on feeling great. If you have a physical problem, you can visualize yourself in full health. For example, if you have a pain in a knee, you might want to visualize seeing yourself run and dance and be pain free.

While you meditate you are very relaxed. It is a state in which you are in a deeper state of mind as if you sleep, even though you are conscious. You can be almost empty of any thought and just feel this wonderful bliss, which is usual while you are in a meditative state. However your attention can wander and memories, that seemed to be forgotten, can come to the surface. In this case recognize and accept it, and return to your meditation. You can imagine to close a curtain in front of your inner eye or let the images fade.

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