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Neuro-Plasticity And Brain Memory

Neuro-Plasticity And Why This Word Should Interest You

Neuro-plasticity was unknown for too long. The programming of the brain, which starts already before birth, mainly happens during childhood, is able to change considerably with any age and is called neuro or synaptic plasticity.

neuro plasticity

Brain cells and glial cells, which are interconnected through synapses, grow continuously, respectively new cells and glial cells a build through learning and can diminish if this certain part of the brain is not used, not exercised and not challenged enough. This happens if someone lives his daily routine, but does not learn anything new.

Learning something new and changing of behaviour, changes connections of brain and glial cells and produces new ones.

Changes of behavior can change the pattern of neuronal activation. New connections of brain and glial cells are made through new and repeated impulses and connections and so changes neuro plasticity. But they brain cells also be lost if not used. Any change in the brain, its cells and synapses is related to plasticity.

If someone focuses on studying something for a couple of months, significant improvements of his brain, respectively of memeory are the result.
Learning something, combined with physical exercise, will increase neuro plasticity at a higher grade.


So your brain and its capacity can change. You can improve memory and sharpen your mind. It depends on what you do, if you learn new things, make new experienced, how much you challenge your brain such as remembering what you have learned and if you physically exercise.

The more you exercise your brain the more your memory will improve. Don’t stop learning something school with the day you stop school and university. Make it a habit to learn something new each day.


What happens in your brain when you exercise and challenge it regularly
Brain cells (neurons) are build, dendrites and axons coming out of neurons get stronger and build branches, but only if this certain neuron is challenged. If not, it weakens.

If you are interested in one subject, let us call it A, for a period of time, you remember all about it and you will be eager to get more knowledge about the subject. Dendrites will be build, branches will grow, synapses will connect them with other dendrites. You can improve your memogry only if you challenge it.

If you start to have interest to another subject, let us call it B, and stop to put any time and effort into subject A, new dendrites and branches will be build, while the branches and then the dendrites of the home of subject A in your brain will shrink as will your memory about it.

If you want to learn something new, such as a foreign language, and you find it very difficult, do not give up. If you go ahead, it will get easier and easier, because neurons in your brain will build dendrites and synapses connecting with other dendrites. they will get stronger and build branches. If you go ahead to learn new things and don’t give up, you will be stunned how much you are able to.

Whatever you would like to achieve, if you exercise and if you put time and effort into the subject, you will succeed. It also was found that if you visualize, what you want to achieve, the quicker and better the outcome of what you put your energy to.

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