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Positive Thoughts – living with positive thoughts is a Decision

To think positive thoughts and not let negative thoughts into your mind is a decision, which you should make right now. I will explain how to make this decision and why you should do it.

positive thoughts

If you see things positive, look for the positive side of something which doesn’t seem to be so great, entertain but positive thoughts, you will create and have positive emotions. To be in the state of positive emotions your frequency of vibration will rise and you will then perceive your world in a more positive way. The result of positive thoughts is that whatever you do and whatever your goal is will work out well. This is an easy and wonderful way to change your life and maybe the life of others.

Positive Thoughts means having a Positive Attitude

With negative thoughts you literally create obstacles, which makes you fail in whatever you want to accomplish. The world around you will be looking bleak and you will lose in all aspects of your life. Everything willl be getting worse and the more despaired you are the worse things will get.

I have a friend, who was a special person, because he was always in a good mood and positive toward others, that it was a pleasure seeing him. He had a great job in the film industry, had lots of wonderful friends and most importantly, he was happy. But then one thing happened, which ended in a loss of some money. It actually was not such a big deal for him, because at that time he earned enough that he could have forgotten the realitvely little sum of money that he had lost. At this time he was offered to work on a long time project and would have earned a lot more.

That he has lost money was actually his fault, but he blamed someone else for the loss. It happens often that people blame someone else and do not want to see their own mistake. My friend fully focused harming the one he blamed. This person owned a large company and had good lawyers. My friend had no chance with his acts of vengeance. What has happened was: The job, which had been offered to him, was given to someone else and he was dismissed from his regular job, because most of the day, even during working hours, he tried by internet harming the person whom he blamed for his money loss. During the following months he spent all his savings. His thinking was filled by revenge. He couldn’t see anything positive and his friends didn’t want to see him anymore, because he couldn’t stop talking about this person, who had ruined his life. He could not see that it was himself who was on the way to ruin all his life.

After he had lost a few thousand dollars, which was not a biggy for him, he could have said to himself that he would soon make more money. He had this great offer to work on a big project, which would have consumed most of his time and thinking. But he lost it and he lost his job and friends. A few months later he had lost it all.

I told you this story, which is a true story, to show you the difference of positive and negative thinking. And it is only one decision between a happy life, where everything works out well and an unhappy life, where everything is going downward.


Make the Decision Thinking Solely Positive Thoughts

Make the Decision to Solely Think Positive Thoughts!

Think positive thoughts and look for the positive side of anything there is in your life:

It is just and only saying to yourself: “From now on I will only think positive thoughts.”

You mean: But what should you do, if something comes into your way, which is bad and negative? Everything, which is bad, has a good side. Look for it! Whisk away a negative thought the moment it comes into your mind and think of something positive. Focus on the positive side of things. If you hang on to negative thoughts, things will get worse. If you think positive, things will work out.

To think positive is a habit. It will seem to be difficult at the beginning. With whisking away every negative thought of which you become aware, it will be easier. With the time you will get used to only think positive thoughts. What you are used to is a habit and is embedded in your subconscious mind.

I remember the time when I was getting despaired because of tiny negative things. One day I understood that I can not change anything in a positive way when I am despaired. When something didn’t work out or when I got a problem, I made it a habit to sit down and think about how to solve it. When something breaks I think that it is wonderful to buy a new item (whatever it is). When I can repair it, I start repairing it and don’t lose time being despaired. The result of my positive thinking and positive attitude is that mostly anything is working out well. So I am usually in a very good mood.

I had a lady neighbour, who always told me about a problem and she often cried. Whenever I talked with her, I did not feel good. One day I saw her come around a corner and the moment she saw me, she began to cry. She really turned her face into crying in a matter of a second. She made me be a trash bag for her sorrow. When she was near and greeted me in the middle of sobbing, I said that she should switch off her crying as she has switched it on at the corner. She instantly stopped crying. I said that I was not interested listening to what kind of problem she had that day. She was startled. And I went my way.

Believe it or not, from that day on this woman smiled when she saw me, greeted me friendly and did not report about any of her problems, which she used to make up. With every time I met her, she looked better. I have forced her to turn her face into a smile and she did not have to think about a problem to get into a talk with me and what a difference it has made to her life. Understand that this lady had made it a habit to report a problem when she met me. I have forced her to change this and to think about something positive.

This story should tell you that you don’t do anyone a favour, if you listen to whatever problems someone has. You only make things worse for the other person. If you know people who are like that, don’t give them a chance to throw their sorrow onto you. Tell them something nice or fun. Try to make them smile or laugh. It will make them feel better.

Make now the decision to only think positive thoughts. You can write your decision down and sign it. It’s then a firm commitment, which you have made with yourself.

Positive Thoughts are making you feel better

It is on you what you think and you can make yourself feel good with specific positive thoughts.

I had an experience yesterday. I did not feel so great during the early afternoon hours. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was some problems that had to be solved. I got aware that I am not in my usual good mood. In a matter of moments I got myself back into a good mood. So what did I do?

1. I smiled. I had no reason to smile. I just smiled. Try it yourself! Smiling makes you feel better instantly.
2. I said: It’s a great day and I will make it even better.
Smiling and saying something positive makes you feel better in moments.

But there is more you can do to feel good. You must not smile or say anything. Some thoughts can do even more.

When I am tense, I imagine to go swimming in my indoor pool with warm water. So stepping into the water is cosy. The pool does not exist yet. So I also have to visualize the pool. But sometimes I visualize with open eyes. I am breast swimming. I never have seen an American breast swimming. They are all crawling, which is a problem for a woman, because she gets wet hair and crawling is exhausting. Not really to make you feel good. Breast swimming is like being carried by the water. You stretch your hands in front and make a circling motion to the outside. When you do that in the air, it reminds me to Tai Chi. Already doing that motion several times makes you feel better. If you don’t like swimming, imagine you lie in a bath tub. Warm water makes anyone feel good.

If you are sad, see yourself laugh in your imagination. See yourself do something you enjoy. Go for a walk into a park in your imagination. Or go shopping in your imagination. Feel a new outfit on your body as you are in a fitting room trying on some smashing new stuff. See all this with your inner eye.

I enjoy the thought of giving someone who is in need some money and I see his face turn into a smile and saying “thank you” in a cheerful voice. This thought makes me feel good.

Think about what makes you feel good. Think of it and imagine the scene. You will change your mood instantly!

I have recently lost a very deer and special friend. When I was told that she has passed away, I was shocked and cried. I smashed my fist into the table and screamed “no!”. And then I heard her speak: “Come on! I am fine and your life goes on. Don’t make such a fuss out of it!” I think a lot of her and am cheerful. We had lots of plans and I will do all that with some other friends and imagine that she is with us.

There is nothing on this world which should hold you from feeling good. Yes, even when you are sick. Go into another world and imagine you are doing great. Do things in your imagination which you enjoy. You will see, you will quickly feel better and you will recover much faster.

Find your own Feel Good Thoughts and feel good and make yourself feel better whenever necessary and whenever you want.

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