Are You a Good Listener

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Are You A Good Listener?

How good are you listening or do your thoughts quickly digress?

good listenerWhen you listen to someone, how much do you remember and do you really understand what was said the way it was meant or does your mind lead you to other conclusions? Are you really listening or is your mind busy with something else or jump to other thoughts? Do you interraupt the person with whom you interact often and why? If you are a good listener depends on quite a few points, about which you read in the following test.

Find out if you are a good listener

Make this test to find out

Do this with a friend or a family member. You can also do it alone.

1. Record the talk. It does not matter if you are chatting or discussing a certain subject.

2. Make each of your notes about what you remember and how you understood certain passages of the talk. In addition you can also make notes about how you felt at certain parts of the talk.

3. Listen to the recording.

4. Read what you have written. You can also read it aloud and then discuss your notes with your converser.

You will be surprised about the result.

5. Each for himself and of course you can discuss this:
Think about why you remembered one passage of the talk, but not another.

We usually remember what we are interested in, but less so when it is something, which is so not interesting.
We usually remember what is known to us, but less so what is new, unless it interests us.
We usually remember well what we are used to. You are used to something which you do often or which is part of your every day routine versus something which you seldom or never talk about.

You might understand something wrong because you have another point of view as the other converser.
To have another point of view does not mean that you or the other converser is wrong. It simply means that you see something from another point of view.

Also take into consideration that we do not see with our eyes, but with our mind. We actually don’t see, we perceive.. And it is our frequency of vibration, which is responsible for our perception. The frequency of vibration flucuates, which is the reason that our point of view can change.

6. At what point of the discussion did you
think of something else or
interrupt the other person?

7. Did you often ask questions or did you rather speak about your point of view?

8. The programming of your subconscious mind plays a big role in all this.
How do you see your behaviour during the talk?
What about your points of view?
What about your behaviour toward the points of view of your friend?
How tolerant are you? Or narrow minded?

9. Ask your friend what he thinks about your behaviour during the talk and tell him when you mean that he could improve his behaviour during a talk.

Watch yourself during talks for a while and think about the talks and your behaviour afterwards.

Are you a good listener? Answer this question after you have made the test at least once.

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