Interaction of Consciousness

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Interaction Of Consciousness And Its Influence On Your Life

interaction of consciousnessInteraction of Consciousness and how it influences your life. Consciousness is interacting and influencing each other positively and negatively. You are not responsible for all that happens in your life.

I can’t blame my thoughts that this accident has happened. I really did not think of anything like that. I was happy, everything in my life went fine, until that accident happened, one woman wrote in a forum. Another woman answered that she maybe had unconscious thoughts, which were responsible.

Oh, please, don’t make anyone responsible for accidents in which he or she has been involved, without having done anything that the accident happened! Think of the people who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11, the people who were injured and all the people who lost a loved one. Would you believe that the thinking of all those people is responsible that 9/11 has happened? Absolutely not! Those people went to work, had plans for their lives, and surely did not even unconsciously think that anything like this might happen. And think of all plane crashes, think of the sinking of the Titanic. Would you believe that those people thought that such an accident will happen? Think of the Second World War in which millions of people have lost their lives and hundred of millions have been involved.

There are people who have premonitions and intuitively act upon them. The premonitions can be unconscious. Two days before take off I changed my booking of that air plane which crashed. And so did a few others. There were people who have been late to work in the twin towers. All these people who postponed a flight or were too late and therefore have not been part of an accident, said that it was not their inner voice that has warned them. They have been lead by a higher force.

“It is easy to manifest little things. Why is it so difficult to manifest bigger things?” a woman wrote in a blog post. “We know how to manifest and only have to follow the rules. And still nothing happens, nothing changes. What is wrong?”

When people write about the law of attraction, they do as if each person is alone and only his thoughts and his frequency of vibration has to be increased and ‘bang’ he manifests whatever he wishes. If he doesn’t manifest what he wants, he is held responsible and told that he must have done something wrong.

We all are part of a oneness, which is part of the universal consciousness. I believe that there is more consciousness in existence as only human consciousness. Each person is influenced by the consciousness of people and maybe animals and other conscious matter, which surrounds this person and also by the universal consciousness. That means that your consciousness overlaps the consciousness of all conscious matter. Your consciousness is part of the global and the universal consciousness and of a higher consciousness.

So there is an interaction of consciousness. The interaction happens on the conscious and the subconscious level. I believe that the interaction on the subconscious level is stronger as on the conscious level. This is why the people who change the booking of a flight that then chrashed have no clue why they changed the booking.

The interaction of consciousness can be positive and negative. I imagine that our consciousness doesn’t know distance nor time. This means that consciousness back in time and forward in time influences us today. So I see an interaction of consciousness through space and time.

When you meet with someone, who has negative thoughts and negative emotions and maybe speaks about negative topics, you will be negatively influenced. If you meet with someone who is happy, thinking of positive things and speaks about something which is a joy to listen to, you will be positively influenced.

Let us get to manifesting and the influence of the interaction of consciousness.

Let us assume you want to manifest a new and bigger apartment. You need to earn more money. So you need a pay raise or a new job and when you are an entrepreneur you need more sales or a great idea for a product which sells well.

You follow what you are told: You write down what you want, make a plan how to achieve what you want and you get active. Furthermore you think positively, you visualize twice a day and maybe you also listen to a hypnosis or subliminal recording on abundance and making more money. With joy you work more and, you are looking forward to soon move into a new and bigger apartment. You have heard and read that the economy, if good or bad, doesn’t matter, because each person makes his own economy.

Months go by, but nothing happens. You ask yourself why. You have done everything which you read about manifestation. Finally you say to yourself that this manifestation stuff is not working out.

The reason that you can’t manifest what you want, is, that you are influenced by others. If this happens to you, then ask yourself the following questions and make notes:

+ What kind of people are surrounding you regularly? Are those people positive? Do these people have plans for their life and do they follow them?

+ Could you be influenced by some non-human radiation? Ask a person, who knows how to use a divining rod and have him come to your home and to your work place. It also could be that you spend a lot of time where there is too much electro-smog. Do you have too much electro-smog in your bed room? Eliminate some of it.

+ What about your food? If you eat meat of animals, which got chemical hormones injected, you get the chemicals into your system. Do you eat genetically changed plant food? Eat natural and organic food and drink enough natural water?

+ What about the music you hear most of the time? Emoto showed that heavy metal music changes water crystals into unattractive shapes and we exist to 80 percent of water.

+ Is there furniture in your apartment or in your office, which you dislike? Surround yourself with natural materials.
What else do you dislike about your life? Get rid of what you dislike!

Choose well with what kind of consciousness you interact!

Choose well who and what surrounds you, to where you go and where you spend time. Choose well what comes into your eyes, ears and your mouth. And be careful about what you think.

Now go through your notes one by one and think about which of the disturbing factors you could eliminate and which one you could change that they are not or less influencing you anymore.

If you meet with people, who are often negative, stop seeing them. If it is a friend, you have to decide between your friend and a better life. If you stop seeing someone, who is negative and influencing you negatively, you will not only have difficulties to manifest, but you will also not attract people, who are very positive. Soon after you stopped seeing people, who are negative, friends, who are positive and whom you haven’t seen for a while, will suddenly be back in your life. They will call you or you will meet them.

Do not watch TV short before you go to bed and stop watching TV in bed. Get rid of all electronics in your bedroom, which is not necessary. If a movie shows violence, change the channel.

I also want to mention that consciousness creates emotions and emotions are responsible for the frequency of vibration. I have mentioned the influence of people, who are positive or negative, which they radiate and this radiation is having a certain frequency and this frequency has an impact on you and your life.

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