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Developing Your Consciousness Is Essential To Evolve


Developping Your Consciousness To Reach A Higher Level of Consciousness Is Essential To Evolve

higher consciousnessWe are consciousness.

There are people who have developped their consciousness to a level where matter doesn’t mean much anymore. They have exercised to get a higher consciousness for decades. While raising their consciousness also their frequency of vibration rose. They have developed specific skills without any specific intention but raise their consciousness. They did not at all have in mind to get rich quick and fulfil themselves any wish. Some of them are in such a high frequency of vibration that you might not see them. If you see them, you will always see them with a smile on their face and they are radiating peacefulness, which is felt by people surrounding them. People, who have a high level of consciousness, are probably able to manifest almost instantly, althrough this is not their intention.

Jesus definitely had a very high consciousness. For him it was a thought to make bread and fish to satiate a large crowd. When I heard that story the first time, I thought it’s kind of a fairy tale. Then I was told that it is a similitude that should give us a message. Today I believe that this has really happened, meaning that Jesus was able to manifest instantly. The basis to manifest fast is belief. Is the belief irrevocable then the manifestation will be instant. Jesus said to a woman, who was healed after she touched his robe and thanked him: “Not I, your belief has healed you.” She was told that if she touches his robe, she will be healed. She has heard about his healings and was so certain that also she would be healed by touching his robe, that she was healed as she did it.

The same happens when people go to places, about which they know that people have been healed when they going there. Whoever believed in it, was healed. You could become a healer, would you make some people believe that you can heal.


A strong belief alters your consciousness and raises your frequency of vibration.

“Would your believe only be as big as a mustard seed” (Jesus’ words), you can make mountains move; meaning anything would be possible for you.

Anyone there, who believes, he can reach a high level of consciousness in a few days?

Is it only about belief to get a higher level of consciousness? No, surely not. If your intention is materializing matter, you will stay on a low frequency and not raise your consciousness. It is a paradox that you shouldn’t only intent manifesting things, but enhance spirituality and as a byproduct of gaining a higher level of consciousness you will be able to easily manifest. During the process of developping your consciousness, your wish list will change.

The time, that a few were incredibly wealthy, while the masses where poor , is over. For thousands of years a few had the saying and the masses were told to obey and be happy with what they have. The classic school system was built to make people obey and be part of a system in which there were a few entrepreneurs and the masses were employed. The entrepreneurs had the responsibility and they got the profit. The employees worked a certain period of time and were paid a salary. Today more and more people are willing to take responsibility to earn more money and live a better life.

I don’t think that we will all be wealthy in the future, but we will live better lives as more and more people become aware of the importance of spirituality to enhance happiness, which goes hand in hand with rasing the level of consciousness./p>

When you are writing your wishlist, include spirituality and development of consciousness.


What can you do to develop your consciousness
Learn to meditate. Meditation raises your level of consciousness.
Exercise awareness of the needs of others.


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