Frequency Of Vibration

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The Frequency of Vibration and its Importance for Your Life

Anything you perceive, including your body, is energy and is vibrating. To make the law of attraction work, you have to understand the importance of the law of vibration.

You have heard and read that you attract to what you focus your thoughts to and that your subconscious mind, meaning here what you subconsciously wish, has to be in line with what you consciously want. To understand this, you have to understand the power of the frequency in which you are vibrating.

Let us assume you would love to have a convertible sportscar. But this car is so expensive that you can’t imagine to afford it. So you wish for an affordable convertible. With your thought that you want the cheap version of what you really want, you gibe your subconscious mind an order. Your conscious thinking is based on the programming of your subconscious mind. You are programmed that you can only buy and think of what you can afford for the time being.  Your wish is not in line with what you really want and this will interfere in raising your frequency, but rather pull it down. You have to change the programming of your subconscious mind, so that you consciously believe that you can get what you want, which is this expansive convertible sportscar.

Get Your Frequency of Vibration in line with the frequency of what you want.


Get Your Frequency of Vibration in line with the frequency of what you want

Get into the feeling of what you want
Close your eyes and imagine what you want. Can you see how you want to live? Do you feel good thinking those thoughts and imagining those images? Do you want to live in abundance, then imagine abundance and be in line with it, which means to get into the feeling of having it? If you feel to live in abundance, you will vibrate a frequency where you are able to experience abundance Vibrate happiness and abundance and it will be in your life..
Do the following:

Experiment # 1

1.1 Speak out the words: Hate, war, destruction, pain, sadness, sickness. Imagine a picture or scene to each word. How do you feel? Little bit at unease, right?

1.2 Now speak out the words: Unconditional love, extreme happiness, never ending bliss, comfortable warmth, angelic music, friendly smile, peacefulness, fulfillment, the laugh of a child. Imagine a picture or scene to each work. How do you feel now?
Experiment # 2:

2.1 Listen to hard rock music. Look for a station on the radio or search for it in the internet. Listen to it for a couple of minutes, until you can tell how you feel.

2.2 Listen to classic music: Bach, a Mozart symphonie or Vivaldi. You find it in the internet. It is easy to find it on YouTube. Listen to it, until you feel it.

What kind of music does make you feel peaceful?


Feel the Joy about getting what you want

Each word, thought, image, scene, each person you meet, music you hear, every object that is near to you has a certain frequency of vibration, which is radiating and influences your vibration.

If you are living in a mansion with expensive furniture, wear designer clothes of high quality, be surrounded by wealthy and loving people, as you travel live in luxury hotels and feel happy and fulfilled, then your frequency of vibration will be quite high. If you are broke, live in a worn down apartment with old and cheap furniture, feel unhappy and fear that things get worse, your frequency of vibration will be low. You vibrate with a low frequency, because you are surrounded by things of low frequency of vibration which radiates and affects you and your life.

If you want to get out of a bad life situation, you need to get near people and things that are vibrating with a higher frequency. Go to stores with luxury goods and imagine buying whatever you like to own. Imagine how it feels to own it. Hold this imagination. As you go home, imagine that you have with you what you bought. Imagine to use it. Imagine how it feels when you wear this expensive dress or suite made of wool mixed with silk and that the designer leather shoes fit wonderfully.

Imagine, you live in a large apartment in an expensive area of the town, furnished with stylish furniture of high quality. Be in a good mood and keep that good mood throughout the day. Sing and dance whenever you can. Visualize your dream life after you went to bed and visualize it after you woke up in the morning. Make a wish video with pictures of all the wonderful things, which you would like to be surrounded with, and have it run with high transparency to not be disturbed by it while you work on your computer.


Get yourself into the feeling of living the life of your dreams and try to hold it throughout the day. Whenever you can afford to buy expensive things, do it. Buy a belt in a designer store, a shirt, a purse or whatever. If you can afford more, such as buying some new furniture, replace your old and worn out furniture with it. If you can, give away old stuff. Get rid of it. Keep on replacing old stuff.

Stop seeing friends, who do not fit into your dream life. With their frequency of vibration that they radiate, they influence you and hold you back to achieve what you really want. Ask yourself ,if you want to meet with your neighbours, who are so very nice, but can’t pay their electricity bills, or do you want to soon live a life in abundance. Imagine those people visiting you in this large apartment in an expansive area or in this luxury villa, which is surrounded by a beautiful park. They probably wouldn’t feel good there, unless they too try to change their frequency of vibration. But still, it is not good to spend time together. You both would just hold each other back. Later on, when you both made the shift from a low to a much higher frequency of vibration, you can meet again.

Everything you do to raise the frequency in which you vibrate, will change your life to the better. Be patient until you have raised your frequency of vibration. It is not done with the push of a button. But the moment you have raised your frequency permanently everything will be easier and you will manifest what you want faster and faster.
If you want to achieve your goals and fulfill your wishes, stay in a good mood, because this will raise your frequency of vibration and hold it high.


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