Effects of Vibration

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Effects of Vibration on You and Your Life


Your vibration has an effect on what you focus on and on what surrounds you and you are affected by the vibration of others, who’s thoughts are focused on you, and by all what surrounds you.

I am having new neighbours. It is a young couple with a baby. The young man is happy with his work and on the way to become successful in his profession. His wife plays violin, which she loves to do. Everything about them is positive. Whenever I am meeting them, I can feel their wonderful and positive radiation. It really feels good.

Little earlier today I was grocery shopping and there was a couple. He was very tense and his voice sounded as if he was near of losing his temper. They had their cart full and he said that whatever else they need they have at home. I felt his negative tension and my good mood went a bit down, even though I was near them only for a few moments.

There are certain stores where I feel great. When I am downtown and near one of those stores, I go in, even when I don’t need anything. In a matter of moments I feel as if my batteries have been recharged and this feeling stays for a few hours.

In the South of Austria is a store, where semiprecious stones are offered. In the lower floor they have a huge rock crystal. Coming near that stone makes me breathe deeper as usual and I am feeling energized.

Those are examples of effects of vibration. Always think that you are affected by anything, which is near to you. If you are often near to people who are unhappy about their life and are often nagging, try to get rid of them. When you live somewhere where there is a lot of noise, it can be very disturbing your wellbeing. You can even become sick. There are materials, which have a negative vibration. Health effects of vibrations shall be taken serious.

There is certain music or music played very loud, which can have a negative impact on your health. Turn music, which is too loud, lower and if you do not feel so good listening to a certain kind of music, switch to another channel or switch the player off.

If you hear people quarrelling, if possible, get away. If you have a partner, who is often in a quarrelling mood, talk to him/her and do something about it. Quarrelling has a negative effect on your health.

I am sure you have heard that there are people who can find out if the ground of your home has positive or negative vibrations. Sometimes there is a negative spot and when you bed stand on it, you have a problem to sleep. You shall not stay too long on a spot with negative vibration.

All what I call negative has a low frequency of vibration, which is decreasing your frequency of vibration. Think that you can only perceive what is in the bandwidth of your frequency of vibration. Your life, your lifestyle, the amount of money you earn, depends on your frequency of vibration.

Your life will improve, if you eliminate negative vibrations surrounding you. Choose well with whom you meet, what places you go to, what materials your furniture is made of, what materials your clothes is made of, what kind of food you eat. All has its own frequency of vibration and has an effect on your wellbeing, your health and your own frequency of vibration.

When you are surrounded by people, objects and materials with a high frequency of vibration, you will feel better and everything in your life will improve.

Get yourself near people, objects and places with a high frequency of vibration. For example nature has always a high vibration. Go to a park or a forest and stay near an old tree. It will energize you. Eat natural foods, which will energize you, versus industrial foods, which is often not so healthy.


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