Life Change System

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Do You Have a Life Change System

Do you want to change your life?

How can you change yourself, your mind and your life to be more successful, make more money, learn how to be healthy and fit, and live the life of your dreams.

You can change your life a lot more as you are able to imagine at this moment. You will imagine a better life and achieve it with the step by step system. You will then continuously stretch your expectations, upon which you will correct your imaginations and plans. With every step of the Life Change System you will improve and change a bit more and you will change continuously and lasting.

In the internet you find lots of websites and blogs with life changing tips, ideas and strategies. If you read several of them, you will get different points of view. I think that it is helpful to look at something from different points of view.


There are a number of reasons why it is very effective when you plan all the changes you want to make. One of those reasons to use the life change system and plan your life change is that you should not have one goal that is in conflict with another.

When you change one aspect of your life, it will influence all other aspects. When you work long hours to make a lot of money quickly, you have less time for your family. That could make all members, including you, unhappy. I saw very successful men, who went through a very sad time when suddenly their wife left them with the children. That caused a vacuum and over night the productiveness of those men was blocked. When I was in international business, I made a lot of money. My work was interesting, I enjoyed the meetings with people from other countries and I enjoyed travelling, but there was no time to enjoy the money I made.

This is why you should include into your Life Change Plan all areas of your life and not oonly one or two. One aspect of your life change will be to make more money, but it should not destroy your happiness, your health, and your private relationships. Happiness should be your priority.

Being successful in your professional life is only part of a successful life. Being successful in your private life is an other and it is as important as being successful in business. The third part which is important is your health and the health of your family.


Life Change System
Have a Life Change System



To change your life successfully and have all your wishes fulfilled, you should plan your life no matter at what point in life you are. Every business venture is planned into detail, but only few people think about planning their life. Plan your life. It is your life. After you have made a detailed plan of the life you really want to live, you will know how to make a vision of it and visualize it. When you visualize your life change, you will get your conscious mind in line with your subconscious mind. While you change your life don’t forget about others and their needs and care about land and nature, because no money in the world can offer you clean air to breathe and clean natural and healthy food.


Here is the Life Change System

1. Imagine a better life
2. Plan a better life
3. Get a vision of a better life
4. Visualize a better life
5. Use subliminals to change
6. Get active
7. Live your dream


Steps of the Life Change System
Steps of the Life Change System


Imagine a better life
Find out how you want to change your life. Sit or ly down, close your eyes, relax and brain storm how you want to live.

Plan a better life
1. Plan your life change by writing down how you live now
2. Determine how you want to life and look at every area of your life.
3. Write down what you have to do and what you have to change that your life becomes the way you want to live..

Get A Vision of a better life
Get a vision of the life you want to live.

Visualize a better life
Visuale your vision. Use all visualization techniques for maximum result.

Get active

Visualizing and using subliminals is great. But you have to get active to achieve your goals.


Live more consciously. Live the way you want and not how you are supposed to live.


Imagine and Visualize Your Life Change

To imagine your life change is the first step after you realized that you want to change something about yourself and your life. If you do not know precisely what you want to change about yourself and your life, imagination will be helpful.

You should determine what aspects of your life you want to change. To find out how exactly you want to live, you have to find out your innermost desires. You do this with imagination.

T imagine your dream life is crucial. All you are able to imagine, can become your reality. What you can imagine is already there, you only have to perceive it. But first you have to find out exactly what you really want.


Imagine how you want to live and all your desires

  1. What is most important to you?
    Your life philosophy! Is it about enjoying the material world, is it about enjoying the abundance of nature or is it about the spiritual world?
  2. How do you want to spend your day?
    Imagine one day of your dream life and try to see everything in detail.

  3. How much money do you want to have to spend monthly?
    Do you want a certain monthly income? From what source? Or do you want to have a certain amount of money well invested? Or both?

  4. Which habits do you want to change?
    Eating habits, maybe stop smoking, eliminating anger, doubt, procrastination, lack of money? Think about all your habits, to find out which one you want to eliminate and with what habit you want to replace it. You monthly income is a habit, you might want to replace it with a higher montly income.

  5. What do you want to accomplish in your life?
    While you imagine your dream life, try to see yourself in the last years of your life, thinking back at all the great things you have achieved.

  6. In what emotional state would you like to be most of the time?
    Would you like to be calm and in harmony with yourself most of the time? Or do you want to feel happiness, so you sometimes jump of joy? What emotions do you feel often that you want to eliminate and replace with what other emotion?

  7. How do you want to look?
    What dressing style would be best for your new you? What about your haircut? Do you need to lose weight?

  8. Do you want a partner, a family and how many children?
    Continue this list.


About Work

We spend most of our time with work. This is why you should love what you do to make money.

While we go to school it seems that the most important thing we have to get clear about is the profession, we want to learn. First you should determine how you want to live. Then you should find out what profession suites to this life style and what you really love to do.

Think of some more questions. What else is important to you that you want to change?


Make a quantum jump into your New Life

Changes are never easy. Strangely the most difficult change is to shift to an improvement as you have to break through barriers and get out of your comfort zone. We are so very used to live an average life, as to make changes to a better life. It is easy to live with a little less, but when someone suddenly has a lot of money and could live a better life, he often can’t deal with it.

People, who made a lot of money, lose it fast. When someone makes money quickly, he loses it almost as quickly as he made or gained it. It is the same as with losing a lot of weight quickly. It quickly is back, because your body had no time to get used to the new feeling.

When you decide to achieve a positive change, you will have to go through a time of unease, until you got used to the change and the new feeling. This can be feeling more successful, happier, and healthier. The time of unease takes a minimum of three weeks, but can also take several months. That you do not fall back into your old mediocre life, it is better to make changes step by step and focus to change one aspect of your life after the other. Be patient when you make your first life change. After you have reached it, you will achieve your next goal faster. .With every new change you make, it will go faster and faster.

To imagine what you desire, does not create a villa with swimming pool or a penthouse with a large terrace or whatever you want. Imagination is the first step in which you find out what you want in your life. In a dream or in an imagination everything is permitted and everything is possible. When you imagine, imagine big. Go beyond your limitations and delete the word never out of your vocabulary. If you think that something might not be possible, then tell yourself that there are ways you can accomplish it. You just don’t know yet, how you will do it. Do not worry about how you will accomplish anything you are desire.


The Content of Your Imagination Process

Here are some examples about what you should dwell on in the Imagination Phase


Imagine your life in all aspects

In your imagination see your dream-home, which you would like to own. Imagine that house, build it as big as you like. Furnish it with furniture of your choice, put in all electronic devices you can possibly think of, even when that device does not yet exist. Believe that it will soon be available.

Imagine your partner. Think of the way he should behave toward you and how he behaves toward others. How much time do you want him to spend with you? What do you want to do together with him?

What preparations have to be done on the way to your new future? Do you need more knowledge, more training?

Continue with the imagination phase and go through all aspects of your life. When you imagine your life, do not make yourself any limits. Allow yourself anything you want, What you can imagine, can become your reality.


What you should know when you ‘Imagine Your LIfe’

From where will the money come? It will not fly toward you out of the nothing. You must get active to earn more money. The magic formula is SMSI, which stands for system of multiple sources of income. Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not. You must not worry about this yet. Continue imagining how you want to spend your day, whereby part of it will be work. Choose a work you enjoy.

If you already enjoy your work, good, but if not, get yourself inspired and motivated.

Did you ever think about your thoughts or do you have your thoughts come and go? Control your thoughts and have great and positive thoughts?

After the imagination phase you will make a vision of your life. Then you will plan all you need to do to realize what you have imagined.


You have the choice

We let it randomly happen to be influenced from our parents, friends, school and especially by the media. We watch films on TV, have the radio run, regularly listen to the news and are not aware of being sucked into the mass hysteria of negative reports. We do not think how much that influences our life negatively.

Are you aware that following the mass media, watching TV a lot, is living in the thought world of others that control your life and keep you stuck in a mediocre life?

We must rethink, must change our mindset, which we achieve if we take control of our thought world. Somewhere deep in ourselves we have the wish to live in abundance of money, health, happiness, being in a loving relationship, be able to travel anytime and wherever we wish.

But something is holding us back to have our dreams fulfilled. There is so much poverty, despair, anxiety, unhappiness and sickness, although all that has to do with our thinking patterns. But how can you change this? Thanks to the internet, we have the opportunity to choose what our senses perceive, which will be reflected in our lives. Do choose and choose well.

What we hear, read, see and what surrounds us, has a profound impact on our minds, our decisions and the results. Imagine you have a program which provides you with the ability to set goals, which you believed were unattainable, assists you to reach them by changing your attitudes and your convictions and provide you with a key to make all your dreams come true.


This program is the Visualization System

After the imagination phase of your future life, sit down and make notes. Then visualize several times a day. Follow the instructions of the Visualization System. Visualizing is important, because your thoughts are energy and everything you perceive in your life is energy that got into a specific form. Every thought you think and dwell on can get into its form. This is also called manifestation. Be careful what you think and know exactly what you visualize. This is the reason why planning your life change is important.


Change one Aspect at a time

You can’t change all aspects of your life at once. Plan your life change step by step and change one aspect at a time.

If you try to change your life solely with willpower, you might wonder that even though you really try hard, not much will change. The reason for this is that your subconscious mind is programmed for the life you live now. To change your life you have to get your subconscious mind in harmony with your life change plan, which includes all your wishes and desires.

To make a major change in your life, you have to change your belief system and thought and emotional patterns. The change of your subconscious mind is a very important part of the life change system.


What is important to live a better life

1. Happiness

Being happy is of utmost importance. But happiness is not something which happens by chance, which is there or not. Happiness is a state of mind you have to seek to achieve. I believe that you have to make a decision to be happy and not put any conditions upon being happy.

Happiness is, when you go to bed and you are already looking forward to what will happen the next day and in the morning you get up with a good mood, enjoy your breakfast and go to your work, which you enjoy. To enjoy your work you must do what you really like to do. I say: Make your passion be your profession.

When you are happy, you enjoy every moment of your life no matter if you work or follow any of your interests in your leisure time. You will enjoy with all your senses. You will enjoy the smell of your morning coffee, of fresh fruits, of a good meal, of a frangrance, of flowers. You will enjoy to see plants grow, see them change with the seasons and you will see beauty in all there is. You will draw people who are happy toward you. You will enjoy sunshine and rain, summer and winter. When you are happy you see something good and positive in everything. You will not see so much crime or natural disasters, because  these incidents are on another frequency. When you are happy, you will of course feel sorry for people who became victims, but you will not get depressed. You know that you can’t help others when you are depressed. You will think about how you can help victims. And in the life change system you will learn how to achieve lasting happiness.


2. Always have new goals to pursue and wishes to be fulfilled

When you are successful in life you will have the power to accomplish your goals, fulfill all your wishes, look forward to accomplish your next goal and fulfill your next wish. When we have accomplished a goal and fulfilled a wish, we are happy for some time, but this happiness does not stay for long. We need to be challenged. It is not the accomplishment of a goal or the fulfillment of a wish which fills us with happiness, but rather the path toward it. With the life change system you will learn how to achieve your goals, fulfill your wishes and brainstorm to find new challenges.


What is most important to make a life change?

Again it is Happiness

Of course it is easier to be happy when you are wealthy, when you have a lot of money well invested, a full bank account and more than enough regular earnings to be able to afford all you want to own or experience. A happy partnership, having a family and children, lots of wonderful friends are part of a successful life. A life change is successful when you are successful in your private and in your professional life.

When you have more than enough money, you always can fulfill all your wishes and desires. So earning more money is an important part of a successful life change. There are several steps to follow to earn more money. When you make money doing what you really love to do, it will be easy for you to find ways to do it better and with your euphoric enjoyment of your work you will draw prospects who will become customers. It is fulfilling to create. What you create can be an object, but also an idea, which is helpful and of value to others.

Being fulfilled is part of being happy. This makes the circle come to a close. Creating something gives a feeling of happiness. It c which becomes a valuably product. Prospects buy it and you make money and these earnings make it possible to have your wishes fulfilled.


Where in this process should you start with your life change?

It is not important where you start, but that you start.
1. Think what you love to do most
2. Start to do what you love to do and think about how you can do it better as others and how to offer your creations
3. Make a list of all your wishes, because money itself does not make happy. It is not the money you pursue, but the emotion which money represents and this is the ability to fulfill your wishes.
Think, why you want to change your life? Why do you want to have more money? What are your innermost wishes? Your answers to these questions will be the basis of the successful life change system.

Do something every day which will make your life better and your life will constantly change to the better. Plan to do something every day to change and improve mentally and physically. Strengthen your mind learning something new every day. Strengthen your body exercising about an hout every day. Go beyond your limits a little each day. You will be surprised about how far you are able to go. When you believe that you have reached your utmost limit, you still can go further. Believe that the only limit there is, is the limit you set. You always can go beyond the limit you have set at one point and set a new limit. You will achieve it. Dare more and dare to be more.

It is said that the more you expect the more you get. Expect more from yourself and from your life.

Give and you shall be given. – Apply this to yourself and to others. What you give to yourself you also give to others and vice versa. What you send out will come back with more strength – good as bad. So send out good thoughts and receive good things.


Life Change Plan
Life Change Plan


Plan Your Life Change

If you don’t know the destination, you can’t plan a travel route. Are you going through life without knowing the destination? If you say in a restaurant, you don’t know what you want to eat, they should bring you anything, you have to be prepared that they bring something you dislike. Why take the risk? You always have the opportunity to choose the destination, so you know where you go, and every detail of each single aspect of your life. Take advantage of this opportunity. You have the choice on how you want to live.

Don’t let your life pass by uncontrolled and without knowing what you want and how to get it. Plan it! Every company has short, medium and long term plans. A life is much more complex as a company, but only a few people make plans.

To be successful you need a definite life plan.


How to make a Life Change Plan

Let me first mention that planning your life is crucial for living a successful life.
Make a list of what you want in life. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve. Give every entry on the list a priority and then make several lists representing short, medium and long term plans. The short term plan has goals you want to achieve in the coming 6 to 12 months. In the medium term plan you set goals you want to achieve in the coming 1 to 5 years. The long term plan has goals you want to achieve in 5 to 10 years or longer. Read on to get instructions for planning your life:


Your Life Change Plan

1. Plan to Change the Programming of Your Subconscious Mind

If you want to change your life profoundly, start with a general plan. This is the moment where you may say: “I want to change quite a bit about myself and my life.” Then get into details and determine what and how exactly you want to change yourself and your life and plan this life change. In the fine tuning of your life change plan, look at each single change, you want to make, and think about what is necessary to accomplish those changes.

If you have tried to change your life, but you got stuck and nothing you tried has worked out, you missed to plan each step.. Only wanting to change your life, is wishful thinking that does not get you results.

Let me be frank at this point: “You have to dare more!” You will be surprised what a difference this makes. When you only think of little changes, you are not challenged. A little change is buying one new outfit. A big change is buying a new wardrobe. Doing the repair on old stuff can take more time and money as renewing everything.


What – When – How to change

When you plan to change your life, first determine what exactly you want to change, then determine what you have to do to make the planned changes. As a next step and this is very important: Consciously prepare yourself to change several aspects of yourself and your life. Each wanted and planned aspect of change is a goal. That means: Set your mind to what you want to achieve. Know about the co-existence of the conscious and the subconscious mind. When the subconscious mind is not in line with your consciously set goals, it is very difficult to accomplish them. As soon as the subconscious mind is in line with your goals, it will be easy to reach them.


Change the programming of your subconscious mind to get results

To make your life change work out, you have to reprogram your subconscious mind to be in line with what you want. When programmed right, your subconscious mind will assist you to achieve what you have planned. Changes of the programming of your subconscious mind are done as it was programmed and that is by repetition. To accomplish the reprogramming of your subconscious mind take advantage of Subliminals.

The mind (conscious and subconscious mind) is in all cells of your body, while the brain is were it is. See the brain as the hardware and the mind as the software, although brain and mind are much more sophisticated as a computer. When part of the hardware of a PC is damaged, the software does not work anymore. When part of the human brain got damaged, some other parts take over and learn the task of the damaged part. A computer has to be replaced after a couple of years. The human mind, that has been and is constantly used a lot, is getting better.

When you use your conscious mind intelligently, the brain builds up as muscles when you work out. The brain is an information processing system, containing neurons (nerve cells) that are connected through synapses. The number of synapses grow if used. nut synapses can also die. Our mind is consciously and unconsciously fed and influenced. You can control with what you influence your mind by the choice of what you read, see, feel, smell and taste. You are also influenced beyond control. For example, while you are shopping in a mall, you hear what others say, though it takes repetitions that anything gets deep into your mind and would change the programming of your subconscious mind. When you hear an advertisement repetitively, your subconscious mind is influenced by it. When you go shopping you might buy the advertised item or take into consideration to buy it. All what is perceived with our senses can influence us.

You can’t change the entire programming of your subconscious mind at once. Make a list of all aspects that you want to change. Give each aspect a priority and then start to change one at a time. Start to change the first aspect in your subconscious mind, until you get used to it and it becomes a habit. It takes a minimum of 21 days to get used to something new. Listen to the subliminal recordings that are targeting one aspect that you want to change for 4 to 6 weeks.


Basics of Planning Your Life Change

Plans and planning is part of management. Here it is about Life Management. The principles are the same, no matter if you manage a company or your life.
You know that companies and organisations have a management. Maybe you manage your own company or your household. Did you ever think about the management of your life? Before everything else, you should manage your life.


What is Life Management

Life Management in all areas of your life and organizational activities are the acts of using your abilities, skills to accomplish the desired changes.
Life Management comprises planning, organizing, using helpful means and tools, directing and controlling your efforts for the purpose of accomplishing your goals. Resourcing encompasses the deployment of your skills, all means and tools, the money you have available to make things happen.


Basic functions of management

Management operates through various functions, often classified as planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.

Planning is organizing and timing of what has to be done to accomplish goals. Plans can be short term – for this week, this month; medium term – for this year; and long term – for the next 5 or 10 years.

Controlling plans is checking the progress against plans and making corrections.


Life Change Management – The Planning Phase of Your Life Change

Start your Life Management with general planning and include all aspects of your life. Do this in written form.
Then make detailed plans of your life changes.

After you have figured out what exactly you want to change and when, make first the changes in your mind. This means that you make the changes in your subconscious mind. If the programming of your subconscious mind is in line with your plans, it will be easy to reach your goals.


Fine tune Your Life Change Plan
Fine tune Your Life Change Plan


Life Change Plan

Short, medium and long term plans.
Start to determine:
1. The present state of your life
2. What you want to change
3. How you want to change

First determine what you like and what you dislike about your life. What you like is the basis on which you will build up your future. What you dislike will become part of the life change plan.


1. Determine the present state of your life

1.1. Time Management: Your daily and weekly routine
1.2. Your knowledge and education level
1.3. Your financial situation
1.4. Your habits.
1.5. What have you accomplished in your life, including private and career accomplishments?
1.6. Your emotional state:
1.7. Your physical body, including body, face, hair.
1.8. Your style, image and behavior
1.9. Your relationships
1.10 Your spiritual development


2. Determine what you want to change

2.1. How do you want to spend your day?
2.2. Do you want more knowledge and what exactly?
2.3. Your desired financial situation
2.4. What habits would you like to eliminate and replace with what other habits?
2.5. What do you want to accomplish in your private and in your professional life?
2.6. How do you want your emotional state to be?
2.7. How do you want your body to look, your face, your hair?
2.8. Your style and image.
2.9. Do you want a partner or change something about an existing partnership?


3. Determine what you have to do to change your present you and your life

All you have written so far, all you want to change, comes together. You then will make a step by step plan for each aspect. This is an important plan. For each aspect you will write down all you have to do to make the change that you have determined. Some adpects on your list you will be able to change in one day. For certain changes, you need as long as it takes to get used to the desired change.

As it is not suggested to make too many changes at once, you have to decide with what changes you will start. Some other changes will be accomplished during a longer period of time.

Make a priority list and then a plan during what time span you will make the changes. What changes will you make during the coming week and what changes will you make during the coming month.


Fine tuning of your plans

Write the answer to all the points of your life change plan on a large piece of paper or on a Excel file and make 4 segments or write each segment on a different sheet or on 4 different word files.

Quick changes – Make one segment for what changes you make right away.
Habit Changes – The next segment is habit change. Make a priority list of all habits you want to change.
Medium Term Changes – The third segment is for changes for which you need to prepare yourself during a longer time span, as for example: education and training, losing a lot of weight, building up your own website or blog and make money with it.
Long Term Changes – Changes which take more than three year.


Answer the following questions as good as you can

3.1. How do you want to spend your day?
3.2. What knowledge and training do you need for your life change?
3.3. What do you have to do to accomplish your desired financial state?
3.4. Habit changes – List of Habit Changes
3.5. What do you have to do to accomplish your life goals?
3.6. How will you change your emotional state?
3.7. What do you have to do to have your body, face and hair look as you want?
3.8. What do you have to do to change your style and behavior and get a new image?
3.9. What do you have to do to have the partnerships you want?
3.10 What do you have to do to develop spiriually?


Prepare your Mind for the desired changes

When you go to bed, visualize how you want to live.
Listen to subliminals daily. They will help you to accomplish changes.


4. Put Your Life Change Plan into action

Make the changes step by step. Make the quick changes and make the first Habit Change.

Do not think of all the changes you have planned. Put your focus on the first changes on your list. After you have accomplished the first change on your list, do the next. While you do the second change on your list, put your full focus on it and do not think of the following changes.

Be reasonable with the time frame you give to change one aspect. It should not be too short.

Some aspects of your life change plan might be rather large and you might have to partition them. For example: If you have to lose weight, plan to lose a few pounds during one month and do not think about how much you have to lose. Think about how good you will feel when you lose 4 to 8 pounds and not gain it back. Losing 1 to 2 pounds in the coming week is easy to accomplish and it feels great to accomplish a goal.

It is always nice to look forward to something special after having done some hard work. Reward yourself. Write down what you will do when you accomplish your one-month weight loss goal at the beginning of that month. After you have accomplished the goal go for it. It could be buying a new shirt, a magazine you enjoy reading. Do not go for a special dinner or buy some food that you did not allow yourself to eat during that month

If you have finished a training, think of a present you will then buy.

Making changes are not easy and having made a change is an accomplishment. Be proud of yourself when you have accomplished a change.


5. Control the Progress of Your Life Change

Control the progress of your life change once a months: Look at your life change plan and which of the changes you have made.

With the years your plans will change, you will earn more money and be able to imagine a much better life. Some of your goals and desires will change with the years.


Detailed Plans

Why you ought to make detailed plans

You have made a plan with all you want in life and all that has to be done to reach your goals and get what you want. You have made short, medium and long term plans. Your detailed plans show you step by step what to do next.

Have the end result in your mind, but follow your detailed plans. The importance of detailed plans is that you know exactly what you have to do next.

Don’t go too much into detail in your major plan. Go into more detail in your sub-plans (= short and medium term plans). Also if you plan to accomplish a goal, go into detail.

If you postpone the next step on your detailed plan, it will take longer to reach your goals. If you start to postpone things, no matter what reason you have for it, you will do it again and again. Postponing will becomes a habit. Make it a habit to get things done. This way you will reach your goals quickly.


Example for major plan and detailed plans:

Let us assume, you want to make your own website or blog. To do that, you have to learn some basics,
– get software
– get to know the software
– write the first post
– publish the post
– post it on social media

To market a blog will be an own detailed plan and each single post can be quite time consuming.


It is not possible to know how long it takes from the moment you have a new idea until you have achieved the final goal.

I suggest you set a certain period of time per day to do what it takes to achieve that goal.


Make subtitles on the plan
1. What you have to do daily
2. Time for family and friends
3. Sports
4. Time for fun
5. Time for recreation
and so on.


This is how to end your work day

In the evening, before leaving your desk, go through your detailed plan and cross out what you have done. It gives you a nice feeling, seeing what you have accomplished. Also make notes of what to do next morning, with what you will start and what you will do next.

Early in the morning, before you start to work, have a look at your detailed plan and at the notes you have made in the evening.


Follow your detailed plan

Follow your detailed plan and don’t let anyone or anything sidetrack you. What you do first is what you have planned to do first for that day. Do it and fully focus on it. After you have finished, cross out this point on your detailed plan and on your notes for the day and then start doing the next thing on your plan. Focus fully on it. And so on.

If you have a problem to stop working, set a timer. Make it a habit to stop when the timer rings. Set the timer early enough that there is enough time to look at your plan and see what you have achieved and make notes what you have to do next day. Do some sports after work and do not be late for dinner.


What can you do not get sidetracked

  1. Phone Calls

Set a certain time when you answer phone calls. Switch the ringtone of your phone off while your work needs your full attention and have it on during the time you take calls.
When something is important the caller will leave a message or write an email.
Have a call-answering company or a secretary to take your calls and make notes. Some of the calls might be handled by the answering clerk, which saves you a lot of time that you can use for something more important. Some of the callers might just have a quick question, which you can answer later.

When you make calls during working hours, keep them short. Say that you have to get back to work and that you have a deadline.

  1. Emails
    Set a certain time you go through emails. First scan them for important emails and after you answered or handled them, quickly go through the rest. Make notes if you want to read a blog post that is interesting, but not so important for the time being.
  2. Personal Meetings
    Set time frames for meeting people and, if someone shows up while you work, make it short and tell the person that you have to finish something very important and have him/her leave, telling him/her to meet again some other time.

  3. Getting too deep into details
    If you have to learn or read something, you might get too deep into details, which might not help you to get on. Tell yourself that you need to get on. Make a note to read it some other time. You will see that some of this stuff seems not any more important in a few days and if it still is, read it. You will see that you will save a lot of time.


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