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Plan and Control Your Life Change

life change planEverything changes constantly. How you and your life changes is your choice.
Your fist and most important goal should be inner and outer happiness.
The happier you are the quicker and easier you will reach your goals.

It is the moment you make a decision to change something about your life, which will activate your life change. Where do you want to go? Think and choose well and then make a plan to achieve success in your professional and private life.

Emotions are the fuel for your actions, for what you draw into your life and in what vibrational reality you live. Your emotions control the frequency in which you vibrate emotionally. It is your emotional frequency of vibration. Depending on how you feel you get into a higher or a lower vibrational reality. Your emotional frequency of vibration has to be in harmony with what you wish to experience. If your frequency changes, also your desires and expectations will change, because in your inner world you are choosing happiness in the first place. To reach your life change you have to bring your emotional being into alignement with what you you want in life.

All we perceive with our senses can evoke a thought – consciously or unconsciously Thoughts are transformed into pictures. The pictures activate emotions, which generate a certain emotional vibration. Positive thoughts generate higher and negative thoughts lower frequencies. A higher emotional vibration will transfer you into a higher vibrational reality, which is the world where you find all you want. Understand that when your emotional frequency of vibration changes, what you want will also change.

Most people think about changing the way they look, but not so much their inner world, which is about the way they think and talk to themselves. Most people care for matter in their outside world, but not for what and how they perceive it. This can only be controlled in their inner world. Most people do not understand that their inner world is imperative for a positive and successful life change. What really counts is the inside. The inner world is a mirror of the outer world. What you perceive at the outside is a reflection of your inner world. If you want to make a successful life change, you have to change your thinking and how you feel in the first place.

You change your life when you control your thoughts and emotions. With positive thoughts and strong positive emotions you create what you want and you can live the life of your choice.

Here is how to choose your life change: Before you choose what you want in life, find out how you want to feel. Anything which belongs to this very feeling is joyful and easy. Anything which does not belong to who you are is difficult to attain.

Raise your vibrational being and reach your goals. To make a profound life change start in your inner world.

Life Change is a constant part of our life. That things change continuously is inevitable. But most people let things happen thoughtlessly and are facing unwanted changes.

Change Your Life to live a successful, happy, fulfilled and abundant life.

You can plan your life change and have your life “change” the way you want. Decide to always win and never lose. Use methods which willl help you reach your life change goals faster and with ease.

There are aspects in life which change and you can’t stop and not reverse them. For example you get older each moment,though you can do quite a bit to stop the visible aging process. And think that every phase in your life has it’s beauty.

Your body is the visible part of you. You will want to decrease the visible aging process, but not the aging within. As you get older you get more knowledgeable, more experienced and wiser. You will want to increase your knowledge and have your brain activity work at it’s best to not lose your mental abilities but improve them. If you increase your spirituality, you will make a positive life chiange on a different level.


Make Your Life Change in Your Brain

Every change has to be made first in your mind. Every thought which you dwell on for some time will be shaped into its form. In other words, your thoughts are transformed into feelings, they are responsible for your vibration and this vibration forms subatomic particles to what you focused your thoughts.

Of utmost importance to reach your life change goals is to make yourself feel better and happier. We are used to wait for something to happen to feel better and this is wrong. We first have to feel better and happier and then things will happen. The better and the happier you feel, the better your life. You want to change your life in a certain way and you try hard and wonder why nothing of the wonderful things you wished for manifest. Now you know that you have to increase your wellbeing and your degree of happiness and then your wishes will easily be fulfilled.

The body is a machine, a hardware, and the brain is part of it. Your brain doesn’t think, but you think through your brain. That your brain and your body function well, you need to get enough and nutritious food and you have to move, because the human body was made to walk and run.

Let me get back to thoughts and that it is very important what you think about. Think about your thoughts. Stop thoughts which might bring unwanted situations into your life. Eliminate negative thoughts, because they will turn your life into a negative direction.

We think in pictures. When you speak out a word or think about it, you unconsciously see the image, which represents the word for you. The same word is not represented by the same picture for everyone. The image, which you see as you say a word or think of it, activates a feeling. Feelings which are noticeable for others are called emotions.

The feelings which you activate with your thoughts are responsible for a certain emotional frequency of vibration and your vibration makes you get active. The activity brings results.

Your thoughts are important on the way to change your life. Where you are in life today reflects your thoughts of yesterday. If you constantly repeat certain thoughts, you will get the same result. To make a positive life change you have to change your thoughts, your thinking and your emotional patterns.

Of course you will want your life change result in a successful life. A successful life is not only to be satisfied, healthy, happy and fulfilled. It is an abundant life in all aspects, in which you can afford everything you want and still have more than enough money. To earn money you should do something you really love to do and where you can use your talents. When you make your passion be your profession, your creativeness will be awakend. To be creative makes you happy and this raises your emotional vibration. As you love what you do, you will not have to push yourself and you will not have to put a lot of effort to do what it takes to become and stay successful. You probably will not even have to put too much time into it, because you will work much more effectively as if you do something you dislike.

Work is important to be happy. In your life change plan dedicate less time to work to have time to relax, for sports and for your family and friends. Your private life, is as important to live a successful life as being financially successful.


Life Change with a System

Start your life change with a system which consists of written plans

If you want to be successful in life, make a plan in which you think about every aspect and consider to make changes improving and succeeding in your life in general and in each aspect.

You will find the life change system very helpful, because it shows you how to change your life. To start and take the first step to change your life is the crucial moment. As you have a major life change in mind, forget about procrastination. Start to change your life NOW! There is no better moment. To start something is like switching on a machinery. It is like turning around the ignition key. You need to step on the gas pedal and steer the car into a certain direction to get going.

The direction is important. You will not want to drive along the same streets as you are used to if you want to attain a positive life change. Before you choose any other street, without knowing where it will lead you, you have to decide where you want to go and then look up a map to find out what street you have to take to get there.

Imagine how you want to live. Dream about your future life. Allow every wish, do not hold anyhting back. When you dream and imagine, dream big.
The next step is that you make a vision of your dream life. This is a picture or a scene which represents your dream life and focus on it.
To read more about the Life Change System. click on the link at the end of this pare.


Life Change Plan

I try to convince you to make plans. I call them Life Change Plans. You have to figure out where you are now, determine where you want to be, which means, what kind of life you want to live. As you compare where you are with where you want to be, you will find out what changes you have to make to reach your life change goals.

I emphasize in other articles that you should not intend to make your life change over night. It would overwhelm you and you could not stick to each of the changes that are essential. Making a plan about all the changes you have to do to reach the wanted life change, will help you to make a schedule, which will show you when to start to make certain changes.

Use several visualization techniques and you will not lose the vision of the final result of your life change. As soon as you got used to one change, it will be easier to attain the next one and with each change, which you have reached, the following changes will be made easier and faster.

Why should you change your life and why should you plan your life change?
If you do things over and over again you can’t expect different results. At the other hand, the moment you make one change, everything else will change. Of course you can start to change your life by making one little change. You could replace a bad habit with a good one. But you don’t know where this unorganized approach will lead you.

I encourage you to make written plans. The reason to make plans is not very differently as when a corporation wants to make a major change in order to increase their profit. They first determine what is and what should be and then compare the figures. In a next step they determine what has to be done to reach the result they want.

This is why the life change system starts with imagining what you want. To be able to compare NOW with what you want, you have to determine the NOW.. Thanks of those two plans you will be able to figure out what you have to change to reach your life change goals.

All living creatures need to have tasks to feel good and happy. The more important the purpose of tasks the better you feel. Why is being of service to others an important aspect of your life change? Look at people who’s work is fulfilling a purpose for themselves and for others. For example a surgeon who has saved lots of lives. He has a wonderful and strong radiation. Look at artists – painters, musicians, writers…. They radiate happiness and are in balance with the entire world. People who dedicated their time to help others. Mother Theresa only gave, Nelson Mandela who, together with others, brought freedom to the native inhabitants of South Africa. And think of inventors and producers of helpful products, just to name a few examples.

What a successful life is, differs with each person and as you prepare your life transformation, you will concentrate on certain aspect more as on others .

If you achieve all goals you have set in your life change plan and think that you have now all you wished for, you will soon become unhappy and unsatisfied. The reason is that we have to be challenged to be happy and satiesfied. You always have to look for new goals, pursue them and learn something new each day. If you do so, you will always be happy and satisfied.

A proverb says: The path is the goal. Just think of times when you worked to achieve something, you felt fulfilled while you worked. The moment you have achieved that goal, you hve been tremendously happy. But the happiness about having achieved a goal does not last long.

After you determined what a successful life is for you and what exactly you want from life, you have to make sub-plans. Short and long term plans. Those plans will lead you to achieve your goals. During the process of achieving your goals you will have to make changes and corrections to your plans.

As you make your first life change focus on changing this one aspect and stick to it until you achieved this change. Have something which reminds you each day what it is you want in life. For example: Write on several pieces of paper or cards what you want to accomplish and fix them to the door of your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror and on the wall in front of your desk. Then have two little frames which stand, put into each one of the cards with your affirmations. Put one on your desk, where you often see it and one aside your bed to see it before you fall asleep and soon after you wake up.

When you go to a success seminar, you come home and you are filled with euphoria to transform your life, but quite soon that euphoric spirit is gone and the plan of your life change will be forgotten. You have lost the momentum. A second reason that you have not been successful after the seminar is that you tried to change too much at a time. The same mistake so many make is, when they want to lose weight, they change their eating habits over night, which their body is not used to. First they lose weight fast and suddenly they get back to their old eating habits and win the lost weight back fast.

Make your life changes slow, give your body and mind time to get used to changes step by step. Do not force yourself to change too much in a too short time. You will be much more successful, if you give yourself more time to change your life. Do it step by step. Think that you want to be successful in life until the end and not only a very short period of time.


How to prepare Your Life Change

Change your belief system of your conscious and subconscious mind and your whole life will change. Always keep in mind that you want to be successful in life in general.

If you want to reach a certain goal, you can try hard, but you will not succeed when your subconscious mind is not in harmony with your conscious mind. Bring your conscious and subconscious mind in line with your consciously set goals and desires and you will easily and successfully form your life as you wish with thoughts and actions.

Find inspirations and tools to change your life successfully, enjoy it more, feel good, be healthy and happy.

The opporunities to improve and succeed with your life change are manyfold.

Start with your life change today.


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