Cellular Information and its Programming

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Cellular Information and how to change its Programming

Cellular Information is the memory inside every single cell within the body. This memory stores information related to conscious and unconscious memories, all past experiences, and most probably all knowledge. I believe, that what we call the subconscious programming is embedded in every cells of the body and even extends the body, where it overlaps with the subconscious mind of others and further overlaps with the universal mind. I can’t say if the subconscious mind is part of the cellular information or if cellular information is only another word for subconscious mind.

The information in your cells can be positive and negative. Some of the information can act as a block, so that you can’t reach a certain goal, even if you try hard. For example, if you try hard to lose weight, you would quickly gain it back, because your cellular information is set for being overweight. Or you try to make money and you make some, but quickly lose it.
This kind of wrong cell information lets you be stuck with a certain monthly income, with a health problem and in everything else that you would like to change or to achieve, but without lasting success.

If you want to become wealthy and work hard, gain and then lose money or maybe never make very much money, has to do with the information of your subconscious mind. The failures you experience again and again, make the situation worse, because they become new information in the cells..

Is there a way that you can change the cellular information, respectively the subconscious programming that might remove the blocks, which hold you back to attract what you want? If yes, how can this be done?

There are several ways to change the subconscious programming.

Changing the cellular information

Cellular information doesn’t get lost. This means that you can’t change it, but you can add new memory and strengthen it. It is kind of overwriting the blocking information. You usually strengthen the new information with repetitions, which takes several weeks and in some cases months. If you try to do that only with your free will, you will struggle and most people get no results, as it is very difficult to make a change of your programming with pure will. But there is one way which works and it works quite fast.

Some people can deal with bad experiences much better than others. They have the necessary information to deal with a bad experience in their system, meaning in their cellular information.

You can change wrong programming with Subliminals.

If you think of negative memories in regard with money – let me give you one example: Did you ever want to buy something, but did not have enough money? This is a negative experience. It is stored in your cells as scarcity of money. Your subconscious mind is programmed that you have a certain quantity of money, but not more. Money is scarce for you and your subconscious mind will keep you in this position. You will always have to check, if you can afford something,, before you buy it. Most often you will say that you have not enough money to buy thi, unless you change the false information regarding money.

Same goes with losing weight and body fat. Haven’t you tried innumerous diets and again and again the weight was quickly back? Other people try to find a partner, who would live with them happily ever after. But they always end up with the same kind of freak. It is written in your cell information.

That has to do with the programming of your subconscious mind or with other words, with your cell information. Change it and your life will change.

You can change the structuring and the content of the cellular memory, meaning that the new information overwrites the old one and with using the right methods it is strengthened. The most effective and fastest way to remove the blocks which are holding you back to attract whatever you want in life are Imaginations and Subliminal Recordings.

Subliminals send commands to the subconscious mind with positive and lasting results. The door to the subconscious mind is open and commands can be send directly, bypassing the conscious mind, which acts upon the existing programming and would block the new information. Combine subliminals with imaginations.

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