How Important Is Your Environment

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Your Environment Affects The Development Of Your Life

We are affected mentally, emotionally, and physically from our usual surroundings. There is an interaction between space and man. Think about where people live and how this affects their lives. In which environment do people live, whom you admire and whom you perhaps emulate?

As everything has a certain frequency that radiates, the environment in which you stay is very important. Where you spend a lot of time, affects your frequency and so your life. Where you spend a lot of your time, has a great impact on your life. If you are staying in a place only briefly, the effect on you is short term.

your environment afftects your life
Your environment affects your life


It is not only that you see what surrounds you, but you feel it, because it radiates toward you. That is why it is important where you live, where you work and where you are in your free time.

You create your reality with your thoughts and how you feel. Your environment affects your thinking, which is the reason that the places where you live, where you work and where you spend your free time, have great significance for the development of your life.


City or Country

City or Country

It makes a big difference whether you live in a city or in the countryside. The city is noisy, has bad air, people are often in a hurry, sirens are howling. In the country it is usually quiet, birds chirp, when the wind blows, the leaves rustle, the air is good and it smells of nature.

I have always lived in a city, but always with a garden. As long as I lived in my hometown, I had the opportunity to live in a house in the country or in a house that stood on stilts in a lake. I have always woken up with the twittering of birds. When I was traveling and stayed in a hotel in a city, I’ve missed that. When I go to the city, the bustling is fun. But I do not want to live within the city center.

Do the following, regardless of where you live now. Close your eyes and imagine yourself going down a street with lots of traffic. There are many other people. There is the noise of traffic, the people talking and laughing. The tall houses throw a wide shadow over the walkway where you go. How do you feel? Make a few long and deep breaths. Now imagine that you are in the country. You walk across a meadow to a forest. Birds are chirping. You hear a crack from the forest. Maybe an animal ran through the forest. The sun warms you. It smells fresh. The wonderful colors. Lie in the meadow and linger a little. How do you feel?


Your Home Your Habitual Environment

your-home-your habitual environment
Your Home is your habitual environment


Your home is your habitual environment and you spend the majority of the day in it. If you work away from home, you still might spend about 13 1/2 hours at home. The morning ritual, the evening and about 7 hours of sleep.

Look around your home. Do you feel comfortable with everything that surrounds you?

When I was about to vacate my apartment in Vienna, I gave my furniture away. I’m moving to Italy. If I were to take furniture with me, I would carry owls to Athens. Italians have wonderful furniture. Piece by piece of my furniture were picked up. There were always several days in between. After the first pieces of furniture were gone, I felt better. More space makes you feel better!

Is your home overloaded? Could you do without one or more pieces of furniture? Open the cabinets and see what’s in there? Put the small dust traps into the garbage. What’s bigger, bring it to the dump. Give your face that critical look, go from one room to the other, and open the cabinets. You can already have a trash can with you. 😉

I had a picture I got as a present. When I took it from the wall, I breathed a sigh of relief. I did not know it bothered me.

Make a few changes in your home and then see how you feel. We are getting used to things and to the way things are with the years and do not notice that it no longer fits into the current life. Some of them turned into disturbing factors. Find them. Do not give those disturbing things to the cellar or to the attic. Give them away. You will feel better.

If you are taking a walk in the vicinity of your home and looking around, do you like the surroundings? If so, great! If not, you should consider a move. The change in thinking already begins when you are looking for a new environment and plan the relocation. Set up a date for the move. This does not have to be immediate. It can be in months to three years.


You spend one third of your working life at your workplace

one third of work life at workspace
One third of your working life at your workplace


Do you feel comfortable at your workplace? If not, and you do not have the opportunity to change your job, change something to feel a bit better. This can be that you place a picture or flowers on your desk.

When you work at home, change every few days where you work. Try different rooms and in each room try different parts of the room. You will find out where you feel most comfortable.

Is your workplace clean and tidy? Clean it once a week and keep it organized. It will make a difference in your well-being.


Where You Spend Your Free Time Is Of Importance

where you spend your free time is important
Where you spend yyour free time is important


If you live in a town in the center of the city, it is good if you often go to a park and from time to time out of town. You will get new energy and improve your well-being. You will soon notice the difference.

If you go to a fitness center, look for one where it is clean and smells good.

If you go to a bar, coffee house or restaurant and you do not feel good there, leave and look for a place where you feel good.

If you go shopping, choose which streets and which shopping center you are going to go to and which shops you enter. Remember that everything that surrounds you radiates.


Luxurious or Dingy or In Between

luxurious or dingy
Luxurious or dingy


A luxurious or dingy environment and everything in between will affect you and the development of your life.

Where you spend time and what surrounds you, plays a role in how your life will evolves and if you are successful or not. Think about where you have spent time in the past few weeks and months. Is this your style? Do you want to live like this in the future?

I like variety. Sometimes I wear a dress or a costume and high heels and go to a classy restaurant and another time I wear jeans and a T-shirt and go to a modern middle class restaurant. If a place looks dingy, is not clean or if it does not smell good, I’m quickly out. If I enter a bar, cafe or restaurant, to which I usually enjoy to go to, and I detect one or more people I dislike, I leave.

One time I entered my hangout in Los Angeles, the bartender already prepared my drink, when I felt as if someone is pushing me from behind. I turned, but there was no one. I asked for the bill. “Today there is something very disturbing in here,” I said. The bartender said that in one of the corners is a mafia boss with some of his people. I again turned and saw a dark mass. I couldn’t even see people.

Be selective where you spend time and you will then also feel high and low frequencies.


Larger or Smaller Rooms

large or small room
Larger or smaller rooms


The size of the rooms where you spend a lot of time affects your life strongly. But not only the size of the rooms, also the view has an impact on your well-being and your life. When you look out the window into a next building can have a negative affect. It constricts your thinking.

Whether you prefer larger or smaller rooms is a personal thing. Some people feel more comfortable in smaller rooms. Others need large rooms.

Compare the lives of people who prefer small rooms, with people who are staying in large rooms. Those who have more success usually move into a larger home. The higher the position in the management, the larger the office, and the better the view.


I feel more comfortable in larger rooms than in smaller ones. In a large room , I think quite differently .I think bigger and am more creative. As a student, I did not go to a small coffee house, when I needed a change of scenery, but to hotel halls, which were two-storey and spacious. But I would not want to live in a living room the size of a hotel lobby.

You need space to think big. Those who think big set big goals Those who set big goals, achieve more.


Your environment has a relatively high impact of what you make out of your life and it is up to you where you spend time and what surrounds you. If you do not feel good or if you wish to change your life, then change or modify your environment.


The Subliminal Think Big , or the Subliminal Live in Abundance might interest you in connection with the subject.

Are you happy with your environment or do you plan to make changes?


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