How to Upgrade Your Life

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Upgrade Your Life With Focus and A Higher Frequency

How can you raise your frequency? What happens if you do? What happens if you focus on the moment?

What is important for you? Happiness, health, money and wealth, a happy relationship and/or a happy family, being part of a community, travelling, learning, spirituality, healthy living? Think about it and give everything which is important to you a priority.


upgrade your life with focu
Upgrade Your Life


I like to have a modern home with an indoor pool
I like natural food. I am a raw food eater.
I enjoy my work.
I like learning something new, reading and watching YouTube videos.
I like meeting with friends.
I enjoy travelling, but not constantly.
I enjoy shopping in a city and also in the internet.
This is only part of my list.



Higher Frequency and Control of Time

Higher frequency and control of time
Higher frequency and control of time


If you are happy and feel great, if you live your true live, if you found your true self, if you understand that your inner world is more important than your outer world, your frequency will rise. The higher your frequency the quicker things will move and the quicker time will seem to pass. Time does not exist. It only seems to us that time is linear. We should be able to manipulate time – longer, shorter, as you want. What an upgrade of your life, if you have enough time for what matters to you.

I am not that far. I’ll let you know when I am. Some more time here, some more time there, would be really great. Need to get a project done? You stretch the time as you need it. I love this idea. If a speech seems not to end, you compress time and it is over. A wonderful evening with nice friends, you extend time as long as you enjoy it. Well, my father has said that I shall leave, before I dislike it.


Expansion of Time With Full Focus on the Now

Expansion of time and focus


How do you expand time? With focus. You have a plan for the day and focus on your tasks or whatever is on your list for the day. You have to have your focus on the present. Not on the past. Not on the future.

Watch your thoughts. How many times are your thoughts in the past or in the future? You think about a talk you had the other day. Or you think about what you want to do later or the next day. Or you think about something which has nothing to do with what you are doing right now. Thoughts flip away too many times. We have to practice concentration. Otherwise most of us are not able to fully focus on the now and on what we do.

I have learned to be concentrated during my studies. There have been times when I was so fully focused that more than 12 hours passed, until I got aware of it. I was writing my theses and got a lot done during that time.

If you fully focus on what you do, you upgrade your life. You get more done in less time and you will therefore have more time for pleasure. Isn’t it pleasure, for what we work? Money is a number on a bank account or a piece of paper. This is not for what we work. It is fun and pleasure. And if you have more time for what you enjoy, this is upgrading your life.


How to Get Focused

How to get focused


If you are focused on what you do, you get done more in less time. This is easy to understand. For example, if you are reading an article, but your thoughts are somewhere else or you answer your phone, you will have to read some part of that article again and, because of the distractions, it will take longer, until you have finished reading the article. Would you switch off your phone and put your focus fully on reading the article, you have finished it quickly.

Whatever you do in the coming days, watch your behavior and how focused you are. Find ways that you are not interrupted. Set fixed times for work and times in which people can call you. While you work, switch your phone off, do not have the email notification on, do not look at any social media platform, close the door and also switch off the radio. Some music is okay, if it does not disturb you. Same goes for Silent Subliminals. You can have one play.

If you are going to do sports, you put all your electronic devices aside and fully focus on the sport you do. I have never seen anyone answering his phone or checking his emails while doing yoga, an Asian fighting art, running, skiing..

Whatever you have to get done, put your full focus on it.


You Will Get Into The Flow

Get into the Flow


If you are fully focused on your work, you will get into the flow and your work will be done so quickly, you will be surprised.

If you are running and you focus on running, you will get into the flow. If you are in the flow, it seems as if you fly. You could run for hours without getting tired.

There are inventors and scientist, who are so fully focused that they do not see the time, they do not feel hunger or thirst. They are in the flow.

Athletes, scientists and whoever is fully focused, seems to get a higher energy. What also happens is that your frequency is going up.

If you have to get something done you dislike, but you are focused, you will forget that you dislike doing it. And you will have quickly done it.


Physical Ailments Are A Result Of Lower Frequencies

how to stop-physical-ailments
Physical Ailments and Frequencies


Think how you are feeling if you procrastinate doing a task you dislike. It is in your mind that you have to do it. This doesn’t give you a good feeling. If you read an article and you are constantly disturbed, you do not feel so good. Watch your behavior and how you feel. The moment you are focused you feel lighter. You get a higher frequency.

Thoughts and more so feelings are creating your body. People, who are stressed or have another reason to have a low vibration, are often getting sick. If you know people with a certain sickness and you know how they live, you might find out the reason, why they are sick.

For several years I was constantly stressed out. One day I got a problem with my skin. A doctor said that my skin disorder is genetic. I told him that it is stress. The skin shows quite a bit what is happening in one’s life. If you have a bad skin, except teenage acne, you shall change your lifestyle.

This is why meditation helps against many ailments and illnesses. When you meditate, your frequency is going up and you can take more stress, without feeling the stress. You get an inner calmness. And if you meditate daily, this higher frequency is kept up, you stay relaxed and you keep calm, even in difficult moments.

You can forget ailments and sickness. Your health will improve. Another upgrade of your life.


Control How You Feel

Control how you feel


Watch how you feel and if you do not feel so well, focus your thoughts on something you want, on something beautiful, on something which makes you feel good. Your frequency will rise a bit and this changes what you perceive and experience. With the rise of your frequency, you upgrade your life.

How you feel is a choice. How do you want to feel? How do you feel now? How did you feel when you where very happy or full of hope or elated? How would you name the feeling you are having now? Compare this feeling with the feeling of happiness or joy or hope. The more you are aware of how you feel and change it to a more positive feeling, the better you will get in controlling how you feel. If you get yourself feeling a little better, you raise your frequency a little bit.

Everything is about practice. The more you practice the control of how you feel, the better you will get. Every time you raise your frequency a tiny little bit, the higher it will get. It will make a difference. If you compare how you feel today with how you will feel in a week, a month a year, will make a big difference.

And then, try to feel as if you already live your dream life. Today you might not know how it really feels. But you have an idea. Every time you try to feel as if you live your dream, you will get a little bit nearer to the exact right feeling. With every approach of getting more into this right feeling, you are upgrading your life bit by bit. The moment you have the exact right feeling, you will live your dream.

As you increase your frequency, this means that you will vibrate in a stronger way, and as you focus on what you want, you will create it.

If you are not content with your life and what you have created, do not think of it. Think of what you want and the feeling it has. Get how you feel as near as possible to how you will feel in your dream life.


Are you able to control time? Are you able to be fully focused? Are you able to control your thoughts, feelings and your frequency? Write a comment and explain what you do to control and upgrade your life.


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