Daily Meditation makes happy and successful

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With Daily Meditation You Will Awaken in a New Reality

When you meditate daily, your thinking and your frequency change. Your frequency is responsible for how and what you perceive. Due to the changed frequency, your life changes. You too are changing because you perceive yourself differently. Thanks to meditation you will see more clearly and you become attentive to what is essential. This has an impact on your entire life.

Daily Meditation changes your thinking and your frequency

For most people the outer world is important

We are programmed to take the outer world and material things important. We are told that hard work is valuable. We are expected to make a career. Then we have to marry and have children. The more money and material things someone has accumulated, the more he is appreciated. Those who have not fully lived up to society’s expectations and compare themselves to others, thinking that they can‘t keep pace with others, often become stressed, ill and depressed. This changes if you meditate daily.

Thanks to Meditation you will learn that true life happens in the inner world

The true life takes place in your inner world, which you can see better and better thanks to meditation. To recognize the value of the inner world develops a feeling of happiness, which stays longer and longer in the waking state. You will recognize your true value without making any comparisons with others. And you will recognize the direction you need to go to fully develop your happiness, your potential and so much more. That goes for everyone.

Why meditation leads to more success

That meditation leads to more success may surprise, but it is clear. Thanks to daily meditation you get your thoughts under control, learn to handle time, become calmer, more focused, realize what is essential, and therefore you become more productive and successful.

In the business world, the benefits of meditating are known. In large corporations, such as Google, there are noise-insulated rooms where employees can meditate undisturbed.

You can also use subliminals. They do help if you listen to one once or twice daily for several weeks.
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Benefits of meditating daily

It is a process until the benefits of meditating daily become stronger. You will soon experience the first benefits. But only after a few weeks to months, the long-term benefits of daily meditation become apparent.

There are many incredible benefits of daily meditation that an intelligent person can not resist. This explains why many successful people and great thinkers meditate daily.

The individual benefits of daily meditation

► You will gain time, because you need less sleep. If yout meditate for 30 minutes or more daily, you will need 1 1/2 to 2 hours less sleep. That is 1 ½ hours a day more time. That’s about 10 hours a week gain in time.
► You will recognize your true value. You will notice all that you are capable of. You will recognize and appreciate your uniqueness. You will stop comparing yourself to others, and also to rate someone else higher or lower. You will understand that you have the highest value in your reality, just like everyone else in his reality.
► You will gain serenity and inner calmness. You will keep calm even in difficult situations. Maintaining calmness of mind is a skill that is greatly appreciated by others.
► You will be more in the here and now. Meditation is the best way to be more in the here and now. When you are in the now, there is neither time nor space. You will not think about the past and not about the future. That’s one reason why you can only be really happy in the now. Read more about: Living in the Now.
► You will see everything clearer. You will recognize your tasks and not lose yourself in trivial matters. You will see through people, become aware of falseness and straightforwardness. You will see your life clearer in all areas. To see clearer is an inexhaustible topic.
An alien said, “You humans have eyes, but see nothing. You have ears, but hear nothing. What is expressed here improves more and more thanks to daily meditation. You will see and hear what is essential.
► You will change your point of view, because you will recognize what is essential. You will not waste your time with unnecessary things. It will be clear to you what is important and essential and you will act differently.
► You will be balanced. That means you will be in harmony with yourself. This causes a good feeling which changes your frequency.
► Your intuition will be fully developed. You will understand the voice better and better, which whispers to you what is right and what is wrong. And it will be easy to follow it, which will bring many benefits. You will find your true way and go it. You will feel incredibly well and happy.
► You will have your feelings and emotions under control. Few people have their feelings and emotions under control. Whoever manages this, has his life under control. How you feel has to do with your thoughts, which changes with daily meditation.
► You will not be influenced by outside influences. Those who are influenced by external influences, are not going their way. You will have a positive influence on yourself and shape your life to your specifications.
► There is no stress, which brings more energy. Daily Meditation is the best way to avoid stress.
► You will be able to concentrate yourself better. Daily meditation improves many skills of your brain., especially your concentration.
► With daily meditation your thoughts are ordered and your thinking becomes more structured. There will be changes in your brain. When you start meditating daily, moments of your life will come to the surface. The reason for this is that you have not fully processed them yet and they have still worked in you. When these experiences come to the surface, it means that they have been processed and finally placed in the proper drawer of your brain and consciousness. When you have finished a meditation session in which an old memory has awakened and been processed, you will feel relieved. This work, which your brain does through daily meditation, will be done daily.
► You will find solutions to challenges or problems. Whenever you have a problem, you will come out of meditation with the solution. It will be the best solution for you. Often you will be surprised about the solution. You would not have guessed it when you were awake, because then you can not think about the for you best solution, because many other thoughts stand in the way. During meditation you will recognize the best solutions for you and this will make your life much easier.
► Your appearance and your health will improve. You will look better and younger if you are meditating daily. Your health, both physical and mental, will improve. If you have a condition and meditate long enough, that is several times several hours, you will be cured. Diseases have to do with physical and mental imbalance. Thanks to meditation, you will achieve physical and mental balance and health will naturally arise.
► Your well-being will increase with daily meditation. I speak from personal experience. After completing my meditation session, I feel wonderfully well. If you have experienced this feeling a few times, you will enjoy meditating every day.

In the Visualization System you learn Breathing and Mantra Mediation and how to Combine visualization with meditation, which is the best method to create what you want.

Thanks to daily meditation, the outside world is losing importance

True life takes place in your inner world. This is where the best decisions are made that affect and change the outer life. In the inner world inventions and new ideas are discovered, which leads to great successes and changes in the outside world.

You will find the real joy in your inner world. During meditation you will start to smile, because you feel great. The joy and the smile will stay longer and longer during the day if you continue to meditate daily.

Find the reason why you want to make meditation your habit

Review the benefits of meditating (see above) and think about it. Note which of the benefits are so important that you want to meditate daily. Write down the reason in your calendar every three to six months. If you receive the notification of the calendar, you will be motivated to meditate daily.

Meditation techniques

Choose one or more types of meditation. You must not always use the same type of meditation and you can combine several types of meditation.

The Video with the Dalai Lama is in English.

Main types of meditation

Passive and
Active meditation

Types of passive meditation

Breathing meditation
Mantra and trenscendental meditation (Hindi)
Walking meditation
Chi-Gong (Chinese)
Zen meditation (Japanese)
Vipassana meditation (Indian) is a gentle technique of meditation. According to dhamma.org, It is an observation-based type of meditation that focuses on interconnection between the mind and body.
There are quite a few different types of Bhuddist Meditations.
Guided Meditation (a modern type of meditation that can be helpful for beginners)
and many other types of meditation.

Types of active meditation

Visualizing images and scenes of your desired life.
Concentration on an event, such as healing and the recovery of a friend.
Concentrating on a specific area of a town, which can, for example, reduce crime.

When you meditate the first few times, only practice passive meditation for three to several days. Use breathing or mantra meditation. You must first process old unprocessed experiences. Your thinking will become clearer and more focused, and you will feel happier in a way you have never known before.

The Meditation Posture

How you sit is not important. You can sit as usual on a chair, on a sofa or in the yoga seat on the floor. Whether your legs are bent or stretched out does not matter. Do not lie down, because then there is the chance that you fall asleep.

It is important that your back is straight, so that the chakras are in line. As soon as you begin to meditate and your back is not perfectly straight, the position of your back changes automatically until it is straight.

How often and how long should you meditate

How often and how long you meditate is your decision. Start meditating for 10 minutes once or twice a day. Increase these 10 minutes every few days by 5 minutes until you reach your temporal meditation goal.

When I learned transcendental meditation many years ago, I meditated for 20 minutes twice a day. Today I meditate 45 to 60 minutes once a day in the morning. Joe Dispenza meditates two hours each morning.

Einstein is said to have meditated during the day and received many important inspirations. He sat in a chair and held an object – I think it was a pen. If he has come to a too deep state of consciousness or has fallen asleep, he has been awakened by the impact of the pen on the ground.

Leonardo da Vinci, who was hundreds of years ahead with many of his inventions, meditated in bed in the evening. He placed a burning candle on the edge of the bed and probably looked into the flame or the light that the flame projected on the ceiling.

Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Ed Mylett, and many others who are extremely successful repeatedly mention that they meditate daily. Some say they find the solution to a challenge while meditating. I also make this experience again and again.

You can meditate whenever you have some time. It is best if you get up a little earlier and meditate. You then need less sleep and regain more of the time you meditate. If you set the alarm clock early for a few weeks to have time to meditate, you will automatically wake up earlier and meditate with joy.

If you have to wait, for example in the waiting room of a doctor, while you sit in a bus, train or plain, you can use the time to meditate. You can retire during lunch or dinner, for example to the bathroom, and meditate for a few minutes.

Get used to a Meditation Routine

Start with short meditation sessions of about 10 minutes daily and get used to it. It is quite likely that you will be meditating automatically for longer. After a few days or weeks, increase your meditation units to 15 minutes, then 20 minutes. If you want, continue to increase the time you are meditating daily.

The best television program can not compete with a meditation session. Just as many people have become accustomed to sitting in front of the screen every day and for a certain amount of time, you can get used to meditating on a daily basis. Meditating every day has many advantages, but watching television every day has many disadvantages.

If you meditate daily at the same time, that will become part of your routine and thus a habit. With that you have overcome the biggest hurdle.

Find out at what time of the day it is best for you to meditate and how long you should meditate to benefit most from it.

Choose when to meditate

It is best to meditate in the early morning, as you prepare yourself with it well for the day. If you fail to meditate in the morning despite your efforts, meditate after work before dinner.

If you do not get up regularly, then choose a certain amount of time after you wake up to meditate. No matter when I wake up, at five, six or seven in the morning, I go to the bathroom, wash my face, rinse my mouth, drink some water and then meditate.

If you have chosen a time to meditate, meditate at about the same time each day.

Choose how long you meditate

You can meditate for 5 to 10 minutes several times a day. You can meditate for 20 minutes twice a day. You can feel great all day long when you meditate for 30 to 60 minutes or more in the morning.

It will take some time to find out how long and how many times a day you should meditate to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

Choose what types of meditation you use

You can stay with passive meditation or combine passive with active meditation. In this case, before meditating, you should decide what to focus on in active meditation.

Meditate passively for at least ten minutes or longer before you start to visualize. Passive meditation will bring you into the meditative state of consciousness, that is, into a very relaxed state of consciousness. You will increase the chance to create the content of active meditation, that is, what you visualize.

Choose a place where you meditate daily

This can be that you sit upright in your bed, on the couch, on the floor or on a chair. You can meditate in your home, on the terrace, in the garden, in a park, or wherever you want. You can try all possibilities a few times. Where you feel comfortable and your meditation session is the most beautiful, choose as a meditation place. Then meditate mostly in the same place.

Choose a seating position

You can sit on a chair with your feet on the floor; lean your back on the upper end of the bed and stretch out your feet or sit in the lotus position on the floor. Again, try all sitting positions until you enjoy your meditation experience. Then stay in this seating position.

Make your meditation practice your daily habit. That is what time of day, how long, where and in what position you meditate daily and what kind of meditation you use.

It is absolutely not a problem if you meditate from time to time somewhere else and / or at another time as usual, and if you meditation a little shorter or longer.

If there is stress in your life and you have challenges to overcome, meditate longer than usual. Meditation helps agains stress, makes you strong to overcome challenges, and shows you the rright way.

If you really do not feel like meditating

Try to meditate daily. How long you meditate is not so important. Nevertheless, the longer you meditate the better. But the length has its limits.

If you have an early morning appointment and no time to meditate, do not worry. The world does not sink if you do not meditate a day or even more than a day.

You may be ill and can not sit upright, then do not worry about it. Rules always have exceptions.

If you go through a bad time emotionally, meditating can help. But if you do not find the necessary inner peace for days to meditate, then sit quietly and reconsider the situation. Do breathing meditation for a few minutes. It will help to get your inner peace back and you will feel much better.

If you are on a journey, the day is so exhausting, you do not get out of bed early in the morning, and the day goes on without you being able to meditate, thren meditate whenever possible. Never feel guilty if you did not meditate at all.

Meditation Diary

It is not necessary to keep a meditation journal. Though it can be helpful for the first few weeks or months.

What you can note in your meditation dairy:

how long you meditated
how calm you have been
how deep you have been
how you felt during meditation and
how you felt after your meditation session
Your observations of how your life changed from one day to another, weekly and monthly.

When I began meditating daily again after years of meditating seldomly, I recorded in a Wordfile – how long I meditated each day in minutes, whether I was calm or uneasy which I measured from 1 to 10, whereby 10 was very calm and 1 was uneasy, how deep I was, where I also gave 1 to 10, how I felt during and then after meditation.

For the first few weeks, I meditated mostly 45 minutes, a few times 20 minutes and a few times about an hour. Whether I was calm or restless, alternated. The reason for that was that back then there was a lot of excitement in my life. Only every few days I was in a Deep state of meditation. Sometimes I was in a deep state only at the end of my meditation session. After I began to feel very well throughout the day, I stopped taking these notes.

These records have helped me realize that my meditation practice has been steadily improving, that I have been meditating more and more between 45 and 60 minutes, being more calm and more often in a deep state of meditation. I think it is motivating to have a meditation journal, until you are used to daily meditation.

Can meditation change your life

Meditation can change your life absolutely and profoundly. If you meditate daily, very much happens. In your brain, much changes to your advantage. In appearance you stay younger. In case you do have a desease, you can heal yourself. Meditation brings you physically and mentally into balance. In that state a desease has no space. Depending on the severity of an illness, meditating for a sufficient amount of time and often enough, until you leave your body during meditation and you forget your ego, can cure you of almost any disease. You will become more successful as explained above. And most of the time you will feel happy.

Thanks to daily meditation, you can become very successful, create what you want, and live your life as you want.

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