With a Good Morning Routine You Start a Great Day

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A Great Morning Routine prepares you to have a great day

With a morning routine, that you have planned, you set your mood right, you feel wonderful, and you have a successful day.

Use the morning for yourself, and to prepare yourself for the day. Skip all that is not necessary. With a good morning routine you determine how the day will develop, which means that you have a productive and successful day or not.

Think that it is of utmost importance, how you feel in the morning, because that will set your mood for the rest of the day. With how you are feeling in the morning you set your frequency which is responsible for what you perceive. This means what and how you perceive your surrounding and the results of the day.

If you prepare yourself for the day, you set how you feel, know what you have to do, and go into the day feeling great and being motivated.

After the first part of your morning routine which might consist of workingout, meditation, having a shower, getting dressed, and having breakfast, look at the tasks you want to have done during the day. If you did not write them down the evening before, do it before you begin with you work, so you know what you have to do next. Get the most important task done first, expecially if you dislike it. You then have that behind you and do not have to think about it anymore. With this approach you will keep your good mood that you have set with your early morning routine.

You can think if you could find someone who does for you what you dislike. That would be a wonderful improvement. Unfortunately, there are unpleasant tasks that you can only do yourself. If done quickly, they are not in the back of your head and will not spoil your good mood for too long.

Self-control is strongest in the morning. Take advantage of this fact.
Get what has to be done behind you in the morning, one task after the other. As soon as your work is done, you can enjoy the rest of the day with good conscience.

A Great Morningroutine Starts a Great Day

What you have to consider in a Good Morning Routine

It makes a difference if you work in the management of a large corporation or if you have your own company or if you are a mother staying at home. Whatever you do during the weekdays, you need to have a morning routine.

If you are stressed in the morning and you come not fully awake to work, the day will not be great. If you look good and feel great when you come to work, the day will be terrific. With a good morning routine you start the day properly. What a difference!

When putting together your morning routine, have your full focus on you and your day. Think only of yourself, your work, your tasks. If you have children, have some time for them. Have a goal for the day, for example that you will get certain tasks done. Get yourself into the feeling of getting done what you have planned for the day. With this approach you can put the time to you, if necessary stretch it.

Make a plan for your morning routine

What time is best for you to get up?
Drink some water.
Move your body to warm up and get it to vibrate. This can be a walk, running, stretching, working out with weights, or do some floor exercises.
Meditation in the morning is the best you can do to have a great day. It processes what happened the day before, solves problems, gives ideas for the day, and gives you a wonderful feeling that points your way in the right direction.
Get ready – shower, getting dressed, women use makeup. If you prepare your outfit in the evening, you are dressed better and quicker.
Have breakfast. Having breakfast is important. Your body needs protein in the morning, which is: eggs, baken or ham, cheese. Skip anything that is sweet. This increases your blood sugar level, which drops off soon after. With protein-rich food you can prevent the morning low.
Start with your work

What you shall do in the evening to have a better Morning Routine

Write an agenda for the next day before you leave your workplace.
If you need to clean up your desk or workplace, do that before you leave.
Do something what cheers you up to have a great evening.
Now is the time to call friends, meet with them, check social media and private emails and phonecalls.
You might want to do some weight lifting. It is better doing this in the afternoon or evening, because your body is warm.
Have a good dinner. While your lunch can consist of more carbohydrates, your dinner should be protein-rich.
Prepare your clothes for the next day. Sometimes one part of your outfit has to be ironed.
Do not eat at least 2 hours before bedtime.
Do not watch TV at least an hour before bedtime. Choose an interesting video, read a book, or have a talk with your partner. Also leave emails and social media.

A Good Morning Routine includes

What is important in a good Morning Routine

Have your telephone switched off, so you are not disturbed during your morning routine. Do not look at your emails or at news before you have finished your morning routine, unless your job forces you to check the news early.

Get up early – At what time you get up is a habit. Make it a habit to get up early and become an early riser. Your whole life will profit from waking up early. The reason is that you get done a lot more during the early morning hours as when you start later. Successful people get up between 5 and 6 o’clock. If you meditate daily you will not need more than 5 hours of sleep.

Workout – To workout before you meditate is said to be better. I meditate first. Thanks to working out you get more oxygen, body and mind become active. In case you are a morning grouch, that will change thanks to working out in the morning. Most successful people do some workout in the early morning.

Meditate – Meditation is the best preparation for a great day. Of course you can meditate one to several times a day. I find it best to meditate 30 to 60 minutes in the morning. This wonderful feeling you have after meditating will last long during the day with all its benefits. Read more about the Benefits of Meditation.

Watch your wish-video – Make a Wish-Video as I explain in the Visualization System
or use Mind Movies which makes it easy to make a Wish-Video and watch it twice a day.

Take care of yourself – Shower, use deo and a refreshing scent, get dressed, women should use makeup. Make sure that you smell good and that you look nice.

Time for children – If you have kids, you need some time for them

Breakfast – To have a quick breakfast while driving, makes stress. It is much better to have breakfast at home and sitting down. A coffee alone does not do it. Your body needs protein. Do not use the protein powder. It is dead matter. Eat fresh food. Eat an egg with ham or bacon, maybe some cheese and you can have some fruit if you want.

Starting Work – Look at your agenda for the day – Write an agenda for the next day in the evening. Prioretize tasks and put important tasks on top. If there is something you do not like doing, do it first in the morning. In the morning look at your agenda and do one task after the other. Fully focus on one task. This way you get it done quickly. Then put your full focus on the next task. If you start working early, you will be undisturbed.

What you should not do in the early morning

Don‘t do anything during the morning that has nothing to do with your work, unless it is Saturday or Sunday. For example checking social media belongs into your after-work time. It distracts you from preparing yourself for a great and successful day.

Successful people workout, meditate and have breakfast and then they have their focus on their work and what has to be done that day. If it is not for your work, social media is a time consumer that minimizes the quality of your life. Check phone calls much later. How many times do you get an important phone call during the night, unless you are a medical doctor?

Extra tip: If you check what others post on social media, you are in the outside world. Refrain from external influences. Keep your focus on yourself, expecially in the morning.

My Morning Routine

I am getting up at about 6: I have set my alarm for 6.05. Usually I get up at this time. If I am tired, I sleep one more hour, which happens from time to time after a very busy day.
I meditate for 30 to 60 minutes. I drink a little bit of water, before I start meditating. When I know. that I have a lot to do, I am not so calm during meditation as usual. This happens more than once a month.
If I’m not sure about my tasks for the day, after meditation I know what to do. The longer I meditate, the merrier I feel afterwards. I highly recommend meditating for at least half an hour in the morning. It has so many advantages.
I have a coffee. I have an Italien Espresso machine which makes a creamy coffee, which consists only of coffee and water. Nothing is added.
I check important emails and the weather. I go under the shower, wash, then cream my face, and get dressed. I do my makeup after breakfast.
I start with my work. This can be writing an article, bookkeeping, research, getting done what is on my daily agenda. During this time I drink water.
I have breakfast. It might be at about 8 in the morning that I have 1 or ½ hard boiled egg, some cheeese with butter or some crude ham. Protein and some fat is what the body needs.
I continue to work.
I have my appointments not before 10 o‘clock. So I have time for breakfast and makeup.

Design your Morning Routine

What is important in the morning for you?
Try different morning routines, until you feel good with it.
If you have a morning routine set, stay disciplined with it. After a few weeks, it will become a habit.

What do you think belongs into a great Morning Routine? Leave a comment, I‘ll be happy to read and answer it.

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