How to Relax More – Methods and Tips

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How to Relax More, Avoid Stress and Enjoy Life More

To be more relaxed is good for the health, for well-being, for feeling good which generates a higher frequency. The higher frequency is the reason that when you are relaxed, you create what you want. Thanks to the higher frequency, you have a nice radiation which makes you popular.

Being relaxed releases tension and helps against stress. Stress is when your body is out of balance which can cause disease. With relaxation methods you bring your body into balance. You see clearer, resolve problems faster, some problems will resolve themselves and life will be easier.

Implement one or more methods to relax in your daily ritual to stop stress and tension and enjoy the beauty of life more.

If you have too much stress, you need to relax in between. To have some stress is okay. Physical tension during sports is essential for your health. But if you have too much stress over a longer period of time, you can get sick and things go wrong.

Relaxing is good

In this post I explain methods and tips on how to relax more.

I am usually wonderfully relaxed. If I get together with someone who is tense, I strongly feel it and it doesn‘t feel good.

Factors that cause stress and tension

  • Watching News
  • Being disorganized at work and at home
  • Working and living without a plan
  • Thinking of problems over and over again

The News are a Strong Tension Factor

People are very tense after having seen the news. They let the news influence their wellbeing. They believe that all the world is so bad, because that is what they see day by day on the news. There is more good happening in the world, but you don‘t hear about it on the news.

The news are a strong tension factor. The many bad news prevent you from being and staying relaxed. Maybe I’m usually so relaxed, because I read only the headlines of the most important news. Only if something interests me I read more of it. Cruelty and horror does not interest me at all.

Do not let negative messages ruin your good mood, your well-being and your health. Be aware of the beautiful side of life. You rarely hear about beautiful events in the news. So make your own news.

If you can choose between a drink that tastes good and one that causes nausea, do you choose the one that causes nausea? Definitely not! But why are you watching the news? Do you really find it necessary to learn of negative evil of this world? Think about it!

Being relaxed you have a higher frequency

Do not make yourself unnecessary stress

When it comes to stress and tension, of course I have to mention professional stress and the tension that various problems can cause. I know both enough. A few years ago I made the decision not to stress myself in spite of problems, I repeat: I have decided not to stress myself. It is not the problems that cause stress, but how you see the problems. Some people increase their stress and problems by having their focus on it. They do not think of the solution, but of the problem itself over and over again. It is the inner attitude to the things that makes the difference.

When everything seems to get too much, I take the time for a glass of Prosecco with some nibbles. If possible I sit in a café, take a few long breaths, relax and enjoy. You gain time taking time to relax. Reason: You see things straight and your thoughts are getting organized, You think of solutions and might find them. Then you think of your agenda and what comes next. To get back to work in a relaxed state of mind is a plus.

Take time to relax. You will see straight and see solutions in case you have problems. Have an agenda to know what has to be done next.

If you are relaxed you will see the solutions and the cause of stress is gone. You will know what you have to do to get the problem out of the way.

Relaxation Methods and Tips

  • Refrain from news
  • Write down your problems, look for solutions and get active to get problems out of the way.
  • Find inner peace
  • Turn everything off and stay undisturbed for some time
  • Play a game with your family
  • Meditate daily
  • Take long breaths several times daily
  • Dancing and singing
  • Have a Siesta
  • Go for a walk
  • Regular sport
  • Interval training
  • Look in the night sky
  • Have full body massages
  • Have Lympfhdrainage
  • Visit to the beautician
  • Indulge yourself in coffee in a café or a meal in a restaurant
  • Listen to classical or any relaxing music
  • Practice gratitude
  • Have soliloquies and give yourself compliments
  • Make a journey in your imagination
  • Have a bath with a scent
  • Massage your feet with lavender oil
  • Write a diary
  • Drawing and painting
  • Gardening
  • Cooking a special dinner
  • Read a book
  • Candlelight
  • Incense sticks and aroma oils
  • Tai Chi and Yoga
  • Sex
  • Laugh
  • Roar about your frustration
  • A day-trip, weekend trip or longer trip

Relaxation tip number 1 – Stop seeing the news

Do not watch the news on TV and stop reading the newspaper. Search for a newspaper on the Internet and scan the headlines of the most important news. That’s enough! You do not have to learn about the horror of the world in detail. In case you need to know what is going on in the economy, go straight to those news.

Relaxation tip number 2 – Be organized and think of solutions

Too much work causes stress. Organize your tasks. Write a daily and weekly agenda and proceed according to plan. Get up early, because in the morning you get a lot more done than later.

Do not think about problems over and over again, because this creates more and more problems. Write down everything you think is a problem. Look for a solution for every problem. Be convinced that there is a solution to every problem. Get active to solve one problem after the other.

Apply Methods to Relax daily

What can you do to live more relaxed

Relaxing is good for your health, for your general well-being and for a happier and better life.

Rethink your life. What do you like and what not? Rethink a day of the week and the weekend. What do you have to change to enjoy life more and be more relaxed? Read on for methods and tips about how to relax. Add at least one way to relax into your daily routine.

Be more relaxed. It has many advantages.

When do you feel stressed? What prevents you from being relaxed?

• The rush in the morning
• Traffic on the way to work
• The challenges at work
• Shopping on the way home
• Getting dinner to the table and the work in the household
• The restlessness of the children

What can you do to be more relaxed despite everyday challenges

A) Prevent rush in the morning by getting up a little earlier and organizing your morning ritual.
B) Can you drive to work sooner or later to prevent morning traffic? Is there another route to work where there is less traffic? Can you do some of your work from home?
C) Address the challenges at work with more peace of mind. It is an inner attitude. Have an agenda of all tasks for the day and persue it point by point. If a problem arises, brainstorm for the best solution.
D) Get some shopping done on the way to work or on Friday evening.
E)If you have family, everyone should help with dinner preparations. That can be fun. There are simple recipes and dinner can be prepared quickly.
F) If your children are very restless, maybe that’s a bit up to you. Let them talk and tell about their lives.

Make notes for a few days about what is causing tension and is preventing relaxation. Find ways to change all that. Discuss those points with your family where one or all family members are involved.

Find Inner Peace to get and stay relaxed

Not everyone wants to go to the country to find peace and to be undisturbed. It is about creating peace and finding inner calmness, no matter where you live. The best way to relax is meditation. If you have family, meditate together. Meditation will improve your family life.

Turn everything off and relax

Turn everything off for about 30 minutes or longer and enjoy the silence. Meditate for 20 minutes or longer. If you do not live alone, have your family join the silence and the meditation.
Turn off the TV during dinner. After the meal, you can play a game with your chilldren. And if you have to run to the internet, choose well what you read and what you share. Do not loose valuable time for no good reason.

Do you find music in the background relaxing? If so, then choose music that relaxes. It nicely changes the atmosphere. Keep the volume down, so that conversations are not disturbed

Meditating is the best way to relax

Meditation is good for the health, stimulates creativity, increases concentration, brings inner peace and relaxes wonderfully. After meditating you have more energy and you need less sleep. It is not by chance that many successful entrepreneurs meditate daily. When it gets stressful or something causes problems, an entrepreneur who meditates regularly, stays calm.

Thanks to meditation, you easily find solutions of problems,you stay younger, and you can even heal yourself. If you want to heal yourself, you have to meditate a lot longer as usual. Well, you have to meditate until you forget your body. Day by day a little about yourself will be changed. Continue until you are healed.

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Breathing deeply once or more times a day relaxes

Deep breathing in and out several times daily counteracts stress, calms and relaxes.

If you are tense and stressed, you breathe shorter and flatter. That reinforces that you do not feel good. As soon as you pause and take deep breaths a few times, you feel better.

Try it right now! Take a deep breath, hold your breath for a few seconds, breathe out slowly, and wait a few seconds before taking another deep breath, hold your breath, and so on. Repeat this several times.

Dancing and singing relaxes

To move rhythmically with or without music is good and relaxing. Singing is good because it has to do with breathing. If you have family, dance and sing together.

A Siesta is pure relaxation

If you have the opportunity to sleep for half an hour after lunch, do it. That’s pure relaxation. You will be full of energy throughout the afternoon and evening.

A walk relaxes

Walking in a park or in a forest is nice and relaxing. But also to stroll in shopping streets can be relaxing.

If you go for a walk in nature, look for a thick tree trunk, lean your back against it and close your eyes. Linger for a few minutes. The tree will give you an extra amount of energy.

Regular sport is relaxing

What is good for the body is also good for the mind. Anyone who is mentally well is also physically well and vice versa. Doing sports is essential for your health and well-being. If you are a couch-potatoe, get up and do some physical exercises.

No matter what kind of sports you choose, do workout several times a week. It is good against stress and tension. Whether you go for a run, jumping rope, jumping on a home trampoline, working out with free wights, or working out in a gym, you will feel better and more relaxed.

If you have children, play a ball game with them. If you do not have your own garden, then there is a possibility in the nearest park. This is fun for your kids and good for you.

Interval Training

In interval training you take turns doing an exercise that is strenuous and then one that is relaxing. The stress phase has a duration of 1 to 2 minutes, the recovery phase 2 to 3 minutes. Inform yourself about interval training with a trainer, on the Internet or you can put together one yourself. For example: Lift weights quickly, three times 10 reps fast and then do a floor exercise for abdomen or legs. While running you can sprint for 1 to 2 minutes and then walk or run slowly. With Interval Training you can achieve more in less time than with continuous hard training. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Attention: For a beginner the interval training is not recommended. You must be used to hard training, otherwise physical damage can occur. First, exercise regularly for a few weeks to months before engaging in interval training.

More Tips to Relax

Looking into the night sky is relaxing

Sit or lie down after dark somewhere where you have a view of the sky. The sky should be clear, not cloudy. A deck chair or a soft mat, such as a yoga mat are good. Look into the sky for a few minutes or longer. Look at the stars and star formations. Of course, that’s especially nice if you do it with a partner or child. Think that a star can consist of thousands to several billions of planets and suns. It can be a solar system or a galaxy. It is important to understand that looking into the night sky is relaxing.

As soon as the new space telescope, James Webb, is sent into space, you can see what is going on over our heads.
From the Hubble Space Telescope you can see some of the breathtaking space. Watching this video is exciting and can be relaxing. YouTube has several videos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

A Full Body Massage is very relaxing

A full body massage can hurt a little, but it has an incredibly relaxing effect. After the massage all tensions are gone and you feel beautifully relaxed. A massage is also good for the eyes, because when the tension in the neck is gone, you can see better.

Several times I had a full body massage. That was a great feeling of well-being. I always came back wonderfully relaxed.

If you have a partner massage each other. Learn How to Massage (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Facial Lymph Drainage is wonderfully relaxing

A lymphatic drainage is made on the face and down the décolleté. It is good for well-being and so relaxing that you can fall asleep.

I had done several lymph drainages a few years ago. You feel how the lymphs are cleaned and how it drains away. I can really recommend a set of lymphatic drainage.

Massaging Your Feet with lavender oil is relaxing

Massaging your feet is good. To massage them with lavender oil is even better. This is where the wonderful scent of lavender comes in. It gently awakens the spirits.
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A Visit to the Beautician is relaxing

Lying at a beautician, having the face cleaned and then massaged with fragrant creams and oils, is fantastic. Recommended for men and women. You leave the salon changed and relaxed.

Being Pampered in a Pub, Café, or Restaurant is relaxing

It is relaxing to go to a café or a pub, having a glass or a meal in a cozy restaurant. Let yourself be pampered and just relax.

Listening to Classical Music is relaxing

Listen to classical music, such as Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart or to any other relaxing music, ponder and drink a cup of tea or a glass of red wine. It is especially relaxing when you lie down and close your eyes.

To Think about Gatitude is relaxing

Take a few minutes before or after dinner and think about what was good and enjoyable that day. Be thankful for all that. And you can also think about what else you can be grateful for. You have an apartment or a house which means a roof over your head, enough to eat, clothing and possibly work. These are good reasons to be thankful. If you have nice parents, a nice partner, healthy children, then be grateful for that. If you are healthy, be grateful. And so on. To feel gratitude makes you feel good and it is relaxing.

A Soliloquy can be relaxing

Link gratitude with a soliloquy. There are certainly a number of reasons why you can be grateful, proud of yourself, and happy. Say thank you to yourself, compliment yourself, and talk about all the beauty in your life. When was the last time you told yourself how special and great you are? Do it, you will see that it is relaxing.

Making a Journey in your imagination is relaxing

Make yourself comfortable on the sofa. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and imagine that you are in a place where you feel particularly comfortable and happy. This can be close to a forest, a lake, in the mountains, on a beach or wherever you enjoy to be. Enjoy and relax.

A Bath With a Scent is wonderfully relaxing

Take a bath with water warm enough to enjoy long enough, put a scent into the bath water that relaxes or one that stimulates your senses. This can be a fragrant bath gel or an aromatic oil (Amazon Affiliate Links), A glass of sparkling wine on a side table does its own thing. A bath for two has its special sides.

A friend of my mother said, she has a board over the bathtub. Then she puts her dinner with a glass of wine on the board and eats in the bathtub. Why not!

Keeping a diary is relaxing

Time and again, I hear and read, especially from successful entrepreneurs and famous people, how good it is to keep a diary. By entrusting your diary all your problems, fears, desires, hopes and plans, all that is good, all that has happened, everything becomes easier. And that is relaxing.

Draw or Paint – it is relaxing

Take a blank sheet of paper, a few crayons or painting colors and get started. Make it colorful and let your creativity play. It’s fun and relaxing.
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Have fun and relax!

Gardening is relaxing

Whether you have your plants in the garden, on the balcony, or on the windowsill is not important, gardening is relaxing.
Start with a Mini-Green House. enjoy and relax the year round.

Cooking is relaxing

If you do not have to cook every day, but be the chef for a special dinner from time to time, this can be relaxing. It is a lot of fun to cook together with your partner and / or children. I know many men who enjoy cooking. The purchase of ingredients is part of the ritual. They forget about tension and problems.

I, who has been a raw-food eater for more than twenty years, enjoys composing a meal or a whole menu every few weeks. Whenever I have guests, I cook. You have to be used to raw food and I only have one girlfriend, who is also a raw eater. When my partner is not travelling, he does enjoy eating raw food with me, but he also has a lot of fun cooking. And he is cooking very good. We are always having a lot of fun and it is very relaxing for him.

Reading is relaxing

Take a book in the evening and read. Forget about everyday life as you read a novel and immerse yourself in a different world. It is wonderfully relaxing. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

On a dark autumn or winter saturday or sunday afternoon, prepair a cup of tea, sit down on the couch and read. You will forget the bad weather, problems and relax.

Candlelight relaxes

Put a candle on the table, be it on the dining table or over a glass of wine on the coffee table. The flickering of the candle and the warm light is relaxing. Watch the candlelight for some time again and again.
White candles or choose from more candles (Amazon Affiliate Links).

Leonardo da Vinci is said to have received ideas for many of his inventions, while watching the flame of a candle which was deeply relaxing. I am certain that he got himself into a meditative state of mind. Maybe you also get a great idea or the solution for a serious problem comes to mind.

Incense Sticks and aroma oils relax

Place a holder of incense sticks next to the candle and light one stick or put a few drops of aromatic oil on a porous stone. The scent of these essences has a soothing and relaxing effect.
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Tai Chi and Yoga relaxes

Watch Tai Chi Chuan on the Internet. These are soft movements that promote good health and are extremely relaxing. You can learn Tai Chi as an evening class or on the internet. The same applies to soft movements in Yoga.
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Sex is very relaxing

Sex removes tensions and is therefore very relaxing. That is clear. I do not have to write more about that.

Laughter is nicely relaxing

There are laugh clubs where a group of people laugh together. Laughter improves health and well-being. It works well against tensions and is therefore relaxing.

If you have family, start to laugh. There’s no need to have a reason to laugh and it’s contagious. Laugh often and make other people laugh.

Roar is relaxing

Find a place where nobody can hear you. Roar whatever pleases you and let out air. It was many years ago, I had a reason to be angry, I drove onto the highway and then yelled out anger and frustration. I felt much better when I returned.

A one day, a weekend or a longer trip is relaxing in the long term

Take a full day trip or travel over the weekend. Leave stress and problems behind. You will return relaxed.

If you have the opportunity to travel for one to three weeks, it is best to relax and the relaxing effect holds longer.

After returning, think about what you want or should change in your life to get rid of problems and live more relaxed.

Meeting with friends for a glass after work is relaxing

Some people are very tense after work and do not want to have their family feel that tension. They go for a glass and come home half or an hour later.

I can arrange my own working hours, often meet friends for a glass, because I need variety. I come back relaxed and often see the post I write from a different perspective, which is leading to corrections and additions.

A Little Break out of the blue is relaxing

If you feel like the ceiling is falling on your head or you are not getting on with your work, it is best to take some time off and spend it all by yourself and do whatever comes to your mind.

I was running errands recently and then told myself: why go back to work now? I sat in front of the nearest café, ordered a glass of Prosecco and let half an hour pass. It was wonderfully relaxing.

Do something to relax once a day

Make it a habit to relax once a day. There are many methods and tips that are relaxing. Choose one or more relaxation tips each day and relax.

Being relaxed keeps you healthy, happier, your frequency will be higher, and your life will be better.

If you are relaxed and you have problems, you will see them from another perspective. You will see that some are not problems, others might be resolved quickly and for the rest, you might find how to solve them during the coming days and weeks.

A person who is relaxed has a beautiful radiation and it feels good being near him. So there are quite a few reasons to be and stay relaxed.

What ideas that are relaxing do you have? I appreciate your comment.

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