Be In Harmony with Yourself

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Are You In Harmony With Yourself

Do you know how it feels when you are in harmony with yourself? It feels great. You are at peace. You feel good and happy. Learn how you can get in harmony with yourself.

What Does It Take To Be In Harmony With Yourself?

You create your reality with your thoughts, how you feel and your frequency. All this is produced inside of yourself. An outside influence is a disturbing factor if you allow it to disturb you. Look more into yourself than out of yourself.

In order to be in harmony with yourself an inner balance must be established. For this you must feel well and happy. Many people are not aware that they are not really feeling well and not really happy. They say that they can’t be happy if not all wishes are fulfilled. But you must first be happy, then you can reach your goals and fulfill your wishes. Another important point is that most people do not know their true desires. And they do not pursue bigger goals and wishes, because they can’t imagine that they can realize bigger goals and wishes. This leads to internal imbalance.

You do not have to have all your goals achieved and wishes fulfilled to be in harmony with yourself. It is important that you know what you want and pursue it. If you are satisfied with the present conditions of your life, but this is not what you really want, you can’t be in harmony with yourself.

To be in harmony with yourself you have to

  • Tune the details of your life to what you want.
  • You need to have goals and wishes and they must be yours.
  • You must feel good, therefore you must eat good, do sports, have friends and have some fun in life.
  • If something is wrong in one area of your life, there will be an imbalance and you will feel uncomfortable. Find out what it is and do something about it.

Many people live with an imbalance to which they have become accustomed. They are astonished that they become ill. Often they get a chronic illness which often results from this imbalance. In such a case one has to examine all areas of life and remove imbalances. If you are ill there is a reason which you have to find.

In Harmony with yourself and happiness
In Harmony with yourself and happiness

Reasons Leading to Internal Imbalance

• if you do not live as you want
• if you do not do what you like
• if you do not pursue to fulfill your true desires
• if you do not avoid being influenced by others

Do you know how you want to live, what you do professionally and how you want to spend your leisure time? Do you know what it means to be free of external influences? Do you know your true wishes? And do you have a vision of your life? A vision is your dream life and consists of a number of goals and wishes.

Whoever has a clear vision of his life and makes plans to realize it, is in harmony with himself. He feels much better than someone who doesn’t have a vision.

Find your vision, plan how to realize all of it, and follow your plan step by step. Taking the right path feels good and makes you be in harmony with yourself.

Do You Know Where And How You Want To Live?

Where and how you want to live is changing in the course of life. Fact is that you need to live as you want to be in harmony with yourself,

An acquaintance said he would like to live on a yacht. Another said he wanted to live on the French Riviera. I wanted to live in my apartment in the 19th district in Vienna. It is an elegant and green district and public transport is close. Vienna offers everything you would expect from an international metropolis. What more do you want? I have missed an indoor pool. So I thought. One day an Italian landscape appeared before my eyes. I remembered a wish from my early twenties. I wanted to live in Italy. Only after I had sold and left my apartment in Vienna I realized that I was not really happy there. When I came to Italy, I felt so very much better and got into harmony with myself. My life turned around beautifully. I couldn’t have been in harmony with myself while I lived in Vienna.

The vision of where and how one wants to live, usually deviates strongly from the present circumstances. Most people have an idea of how they want to live, but too often they do not believe that they can make their dream come true. It would be completely wrong to give up and not to pursue the desired vision. There are always ways to get there. You have to find them. It is said that what you can imagine can become reality.

This woman, who wanted to live in Spain, but was in a small flat in Germany and she was unemployed, has made it. She sold everything, borrowed some money, and went to Spain, where she opened a shop with clothing for tourists. She feels immensely good and is very happy. A friend of mine, who lived in Vienna, has moved to the country. She lives in a small farmhouse, has chickens and sells the best eggs. She wakes up and starts laughing and laughs all day long. She lives her dream and is in harmony with herself.

Only if you live as you really want or pursue your dream, you can be in harmony with yourself.

The path leading to the realization of one’s dream is not easy. All who go to him, reach happiness. These people are in harmony with themselves.

In Harmony With Yourself and your dreams
In Harmony With Yourself and your dreams

Do You Know What You Enjoy Doing?

If you know what you like doing, something which is your passion, make it your profession. Doing the majority of the day something that fulfills you, gives you a pleasant feeling of well-being, makes you happy and be in harmony with yourself.

Too many people force themselves five days a week to go to work, where they do something they not like. I know many people who dislike their work and are unhappy. And then I know people whose work is part of their life. I really enjoy to clean, says a friend. She likes it when one room after another is clean again. Another friend is a cook. She loves cooking and she also creates new recipes. From time to time she looks into the guest room to see the guests eat. One can see that they enjoy their food. And the real estate agent, driving a fat BMW, says he loves his job. He meets lots of people, does not sit in an office all day, and makes two parties happy. One can feel that these people are in harmony with themselves.

Do you love your job? If not, find out what you really like to do and find a way to make this activity your profession. This is important in order to be in harmony with yourself.

Do You Know Your True Desires

I have written about – Find your true desires

Whoever finds and knows his true desires, makes them to be his goals and pursues their realization, will reach them. In order to be in harmony, it is important to know and to follow your true desires.

Write down your wishes and ask yourself, if you saw this object of your desire on TV, on the Internet or with a friend. A new car, a new electronic device, new clothes and shoes. Will the new car make you happy or is there something that is more important to you?

How Much Are You Influenced From The Outside?

I have already mentioned that you should look more to the inside and not be influenced too much by the outside.

I have written a blog post about What influences you and your life. You will be surprised.

Most people are influenced too much by the outside. This includes influence by the mass media such as newspapers, magazines and television, what family and friends say and political and religious lectures. The more often one hears a certain information, the deeper and the more lasting the influence.

I do not want to criticize anyone. This is not the point in this post. I recommend to avoid external influences and letting others control you. Many people do not see how much they are under external influence and control. This way you can’t be in harmony with yourself,

Whatever you see, hear or read, think about it and do some research, before you believe the information which is coming from outside, influences and controls you..

When you get information, do not connect it with sensitive emotions.
If you hear one and the same information several times, it becomes part of your inner programming and controls you and your life. Stay away from places where you get fed one and the same information several times, over and over again.

I will not give any examples, but will explain how important it is for you to stay away from outside influences Your life is your reality. You create your reality with your frequency. How you feel generates your vibrational frequency. How you feel you control with your thoughts. When your vibrational frequency changes almost everything changes in your life. If your thoughts are under the influence from the outside, you will not create the life you really want to live and then you can’t be in harmony with yourself.

As your vibrational frequency changes, people with whom you meet will also change and you will make new acquaintances. If you change, but your friends don’t, you and they will not enjoy meeting each other. Or would you give up your plans to continue to sit with your friends in the same bar every night? Friends do not want that you change. Their lives and also their monthly incomes stays where it is. If you have friends who are satisfied with their lives, get rid of them. They influence you with their frequency. If you wish to become more successful, you have to meet successful people. It is better you watch videos with successful people on the internet as sitting together with losers.

When I returned from Southern California to Austria, I had changed a lot. When I met with my friends in Vienna, I did not feel so good. At that time, I did not know anything about the New Thinking and about frequency. Instinctively, I stayed away from my old friends. Twenty years have passed. Some of them are now retired. They have become old and are overweight, and their style of clothing fits into the last century. They have not made any changes in their lives.

If You Are In Harmony With Yourself

The only person that is really important in your reality is you. Love and cherish yourself! Self-love is something wonderful. Love yourself and you will be loved and able to love others.

Think of a person who can’t stand himself. He has an unpleasant radiance. In his proximity one feels really uncomfortable. Get out of the way of these kind of people. They are not in harmony with themselves.

Be in Harmony with yourself and your reality
Be in Harmony with yourself and your reality

Think About Your Reality In Which You Are In Harmony With Yourself

Imagine if you were the only person in the world and you had to think of everything you need and want, which includes your accommodation, infrastructure, objects, people and situations you want to experience. Do not think about the feasibility.

What does your reality look like? Where and how do you live? What do you do for a living? How do you spend your free time? What are your wishes? Do you have specific goals? What kind of people do you meet?

When thinking and imagining your new reality, you must feel really good. This is a feeling when you are at ease. There you are fully in harmony with yourself.

Describe your dream in writing. It may be that important points of this description appear to be not realizable. Begin to realize what seems realizable to you. Become active and do things step by step. With every partial success, your dream will appear more and more realizable. The more you feel emotionally involved in your new reality, the easier it will get to fully realize it.

How different is your current reality from your dream? The smaller the difference, the more you will be in harmony with yourself. This means that the nearer you get to have your vision realized the better you will feel.

Are You Aware Of How You Feel

Act according to how you are feeling. What your feelings tell you is called the sixth sense or the inner voice. When you are in harmony with yourself, the sixth sense works well.

Whoever is too much guided by external influences has a not good functioning sixth sense and can not be in harmony with himself.

If you are guided too much by external influences your sixth sense can’t be very good. How can you strengthen your sixth sense?

Your feeling tells you if something is right for you or not. Act accordingly. Your feeling shows you the right way. The more you do what you feel is right, the better the sixth sense will work. If you pursue a goal and you do not feel good, it can be that this goal is not right for you. In that case choose another goal. It may also be that your feeling tells you that you are on a wrong path that does not lead to the goal. Look for another path. You can only be in harmony if you go the right way.

How Do You Feel Physically

Are you eating properly?

Most people know far too little about diet. Eat what is intended for human consumption and is therefore easy to digest. This is all that you can eat raw. Grain and potatoes are not included. Grain is not fully digestible. Potatoes are actually pig fodder. Potatoes can’t be eaten raw. Good and healthy food is – meat, fish, poultry, eggs, salads vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, nuts. If you cook, do not cook long, because important vitamins and minerals are lost. Eat unprocessed and untreated food. The most heavily processed foods are bread and pastries. Refrain from industrially processed food.

Are you overweight? If you want to lose weight, eat protein rich food and good fat. Eating fat is important to lose body fat. Protein-rich food is meat, fish and eggs. Make sure that there is sufficient fat in your diet. Good fat is in fish, nuts and avocados.

Working out is important for your well-being

Thirty minutes, five days a week of exercising is minimum. If you do not want to go to a fitness center and do not do any specific sports, go for a walk, do some gymnastics and buy some weights. While you are working with the weights and doing some exercises in your living room, you can watch TV.

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What about entertainment and fun?

Make at least once a week something you enjoy. This is important for your well-being and to be and stay in harmony with yourself.

Pamper yourself again and again


• Buy flowers for yourself.
• Buy something that you enjoy but which is absolutely not necessary. For example, a beautiful magazine, a lipstick and nail polish, a tie,, a colorful shawl, a colorful T-shirt, and more.
• Take a one day trip or a weekend trip.
• Book a full body massage.

If you are in harmony with yourself, you feel well and happy. To feel good and happy, you have to do something that all areas of your life are in harmony with your desires and which makes a good mood and is fun.

With the course Visualization System you will realize your goals easily. You will take the right path and soon be in harmony with yourself. The course is fun and will accompany you until you have realized your vision and live as you really want.

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