Are We Influenced by Extraterrestrials?

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Do Highly Developed Aliens influence us?

Are we influenced by intelligent alien beings? And to what extent can we trust information they send through channelers? We should ask these questions and think about them. This also includes the questions: What do extraterrestrials want from us? Are they interested in us or in the planet Earth?

Aliens who talk through channelers are mostly a collective. There are collectives that represent a unit, but also those that consist of independent units that speak together. Some of the channelors report that it is their higher self that speaks through them or a being which is they in the future, from another dimension or a parallel reality.

Some of the extraterrestrial voices say that they have their information from the source, from all there is, the all-encompassing consciousness, that is from God.

Are we influenced by aliens

We cannot imagine multidimensionality

Multidimensionality, that there is neither time nor space, but everything always exists, is beyond our imagination. Some people’s imaginations extend to the fourth dimension. Most people cannot understand that there is much more which we cannot perceive. Most people cannot imagine that very highly developed beings are disembodied. They are only consciousness.

Aliens say they can’t explain a lot to us, because we wouldn’t understand it. They try to tell us how we can develop.

We humans are for aliens what monkeys are for us.

Aliens have the possibility to abuse us

After most extraterrestrials are far superior to humans, they are able to use, abuse, misdirect, influence us, often without us being aware of it. It should be possible for some extraterrestrials to influence our thinking and even our DNA, i.e. to change it. I find that shocking.

An alien voice reports that we humans were used as slaves to mine gold by the Anunaki many thousands of years ago. They might have changed our DNA so that we did serve them obediently. And since then, several other aliens have been trying to improve our DNA so that we can communicate with them and participate in what is happening in the universe.

But think that if some intelligent beings are able to change our DNA, they can make changes as they want. If they can make changes of our DNA without that we are aware of it, they might again make us be their slaves. For us humans it is difficult to imagine that anyone would do something that is of value to us without to profit from it.

Anunaki are represented with wings, often a beard that appears to be attached, also with a bird-like appearance with a beak, and high headgear.
And there are finds of skulls that are very high. They don‘t look human.

We can observe ourselves as submissive servants in all religions known to us today. People who regularly participate in religious events from an early age are programmed with fear, with the threat of hell, and are made subject and compliant. They are not aware of what is done to them. They are not able to think about details. They believe what they are told over and over again. This is pure programming which changes the brain structure.

Can we trust the information from extraterrestrials?

Aliens give us wonderful information through channels. We can test them to find out if they are applicable and if they work. There are people who think that we are promised too much good, but are misled. We can test what we are told, then we know.

Information that I have heard from highly developed beings several times coincide with a statement by Jesus that you can read about in the bible.

Believe and it will happen

The most important information from aliens

“If you believe that what you say will happen, it will happen. Everything you pray and ask for, just believe that you have already received it, then it will be given to you. “

Highly developed aliens explain this in more detail and scientists confirm that. The aliens say that everything exists, but we cannot perceive it unless we are in the right frequency. We create what fits our vibration. If we are convinced that what we want already exists, see it in our imagination and feel as if we already have it, our frequency changes. And that changes our perception.

Experiments have been made with different material and sound with a specific frequency. E.g. they had sand on a metal plate. The sand has changed to something different with every change in frequency. Sometimes it was geometric shapeSs, then the backbone of a reptile, and more.

Strong Belief can make a difference. Listen twice daily to the Strong Belief 3A Subliminal for several weeks.

It is true that our lives change when we change our frequency.

Do aliens influence our thinking

Is there alien influence on science, technology, politics, religions

The influence of extraterrestrial civilizations depends on the stage of development they are in. If they are spiritually highly developed, they are disembodied and may be able to project themselves as light bodies. If they are technologically advanced, they can travel in time and space.

Some of the aliens are benign, but unfortunately some are malicious. If extraterrestrials wanted to destroy us or the earth, they would have done so a long time ago. So we don’t have to worry about the worst.

There are wars in space that are waged with weapons that are incredibly destructive. You can tear a planet to pieces. An alien voice suspects that an alien species wants to develop humans into subordinate soldiers. We humans offer a high level of physical function, which is not the case with most aliens because they hardly move. What religions do to us shows how easy it is to manipulate us mentally.


Was Jesus and female appearances aliens

It is believed that Jesus was a hybrid or a full alien, though from another dimension. His teaching, see the extract from the bible above, was not really taught by the Christian churches. He wanted to liberate us mentally and not to make us obedient and frightened slaves, which the Church still manages today, 1700 years after the Romans founded it.

The multiple female appearance in Fatima, which gave information to children who could perceive her, said that the information should be published in 1960. It was passed on to the Pope. It was never published. This message was for the whole world and not just for the Pope and a few cardinals. It is believed that this message would destroy the belief in the Church and maybe other religions. During the female apparitions, UFOs were spotted by many who have been present.

Can we trust alien voices

Influence of benevolent aliens

Many of the extraterrestrial civilizations are far superior to us. Some scientists assume that they don’t interfere in less developed civilizations, such as ours on Earth, so that we can continue to develop normally. Some aliens are believed to be millions of years ahead of us. Planet Earth is located on the edge of the Milky Way and has therefore developed much later than exo-planets that are within the Milky Way, in another galaxy or perhaps in another dimension.

Aliens, who are benevolent towards us, only interfere when they see a need for it. The question remains: Are some aliens selfless or do they have reasons to help us that may be good or less good for us? We do not know.

They are able to disarm atomic bombs. In such cases, alien crafts were sighted. Alien crafts were also sighted over the nuclear power plant during the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

During World War II, fighter pilots reported that unusual crafts flew towards them and then through their plane and through them. Both sides believed that the enemy had new technology to frighten and spy on the other side. At the time, no one came up with the idea that these were extraterrestrials that collected information.

It is believed that Hitler had contact with the Nordik race and the Grays, both aliens, and had received technology from them. This maybe included the technology of the V2. It was the prototype of the rockets that first flew around the moon and then to the moon from where the moon landing was done. Not only Wernher von Braun and his team had the knowledge about the V2, but also scientists who were kidnapped by the Russians and who developed rockets for space with the Russians.


Extraterrestrials send us information

The fact that extraterrestrials send us information via channelers is controversial. Read “Can we trust information from extraterrestrials” above? The channelers from whom foreign voices speak are not sure whether those are extraterrestrials. One of the famous channelors, Daryl Anka, says that Bashar who speaks through him is he in the future. Other channelors think that it is their higher self. Others say that a collective of highly developed aliens, angels or Jesus speak through them. Some aliens describe from which planet, mostly in our galaxy, they come from and that they are in a craft above Earth.

I wrote about hybridization in a previous article. A hybrid is half human and half alien. They are far superior to people. And there are more and more hybrids on earth. Why? What is the purpose for hybridization?

Many people describe that they have been abducted by extraterrestrials one or more times and that medical experiments have been carried out on them. Quite a few women got pregnant after having been abducted. A few months later they had lost the baby. After being examined, it looked as if they never had been pregnant. Years later those women were abducted again and introduced to their children.

There is so much happening that we can’t close our eyes anymore and say that we can’t believe what is happening. It does happen and we have to think about it.

Create Your Reality and live your life without influence from the outside of you. Listen to the Create Your Reality 3A Subliminal twice daily for several weeks.

Do we have to fear that extraterrestrials want to colonize the earth?

If an extraterrestrial civilization wanted to colonize planet Earth, think about what has happened to the natives in North and South America and Australia. This would happen to us. Native Americans in North America have been infected with smallpox and have largely died out. You can research what has happened to indigenous people in South America and Australia. People were enslaved and their culture destroyed. Let us hope that we do not have to go through anything of the sort.

It is known that the pressure on Earth is too high for many aliens. Some alien civilizations are said to be able to lower the pressure on Earth. It would be easier if they would be looking for an exo-planet where the pressure is low. Those who can move through space will choose the second solution. Let’s hope for it.

Believe what aliens teach

You are free to believe and implement what higher developed beings teach us. Or you remain a submissive slave and do what is expected of you from society, a religion, and people who are stuck in the old thinking. The decision is up to you.

I write a lot about what aliens teach and Jesus taught. “If you believe what you say will happen, it will happen. Everything you pray and ask for, just believe that you have already received it, then you will get it. ”And there are more sentences in the Bible that are about believing and creating. Remember that you can move mountains, but only if your belief is a little larger than a mustard seed. The church would never teach that Jesus meant that word by word.

It’s about everyone creating their own reality. If you are not satisfied with your life, you can change that.

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