Extraterrestrials Appearance and Encounters

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Extraterrestrials are highly developed

Many extraterrestrials are far superior to us. They fascinate and frighten

Extraterrestrials, ETs for short, also called aliens and intelligent biological entities, IBEs for short. These are some millions of different species of aliens, usually of high intelligence, who live outside our planet or have their origin outside our planet. Only about 300 are and will be of interest to us.

Alien life in general can be in every stage of development of life, between one cell and highly developed beings. In this article, I limit myself to creatures that are at least as highly developed as we humans. I wrote a post: Is there Alien Life? In that article you will find the proof that it is impossible that there is no alien life and that there must be an incredible number of extraterrestrial life in different stages of development.


The diversity of more developed extraterrestrials is hard to grasp for us humans. There are extraterrestrials

• who live among us
• who live underground in a tunnel system
• who live in the sea
• who live in the Antarctic under the ice
• who live on other planets in our galaxy
• who live in other galaxies
• who live in our universe
• who live in other universes
• who live in a different time, future or past
• who live in a different dimension
• who live in a parallel world or parallel reality.


We humans live in a three-dimensional space and in the space-time continuum. We can not imagine a multi-dimensionality. If one removes a variable from the space-time continuum, everything else falls away. Then there is no time. It all exists at the same time. One perceives what one focuses on. Without consciousness there is nothing at all.


ufo propusion systems and crashes
Crashes of ET spaceships and propusion systems


Crashes and Propulsion Systems of Extraterrestrial Spaceships

The crash of an alien manned spaceship near Roswell in 1947, probably involving two spaceships, is not the only crash. One of the men should have survived the crash in Roswell. He was smaller, otherwise similar to us.

Years later a man has survived a crash of a highly developped spaceship which looked alien. He said: “I am one of you, just a few hundreds of years in the future. I could not make it back.” So this was a human from another time.

The NSA, US National Security Service, the United States’ Foreign Secret Service, US military special units, and the NASA have investigated crashed spaceships of alien origin. The transistor, developed in 1947, which was a leap in the development of our electrical engineering, is to be a technology found in the spaceship in Roswell. What was not found was a propulsion system. No propulsion system has been found even in later crashes of alien spaceships.

In a channeling, an alien explained that they are travelling with setting a certain frequency. Sometimes UFOs suddenly appear, stay in the airspace, which is not possible for a terrestrial plane, and suddenly disappear. To set a certain frequency gives a plausible explanation for this. Few people are able to control their consciousness as desired. The human imaginability needs a tangible propulsion system, such as a fossil fuel driven engine, to move a flying object. And yet travelling long distances with setting a certain frequency is imaginable and possible. Think about changing the frequencies of radio and television, which causes the sudden appearance of other stations.

We have to break out of the familiar rails and look beyond our little box in which we are immured. Our thinking about technologies, about other ways to do things is very limited. We can and we shall change that.

Americans, Russians and Chinese have technologically advanced propulsion systems that allow them to fly to the Moon within a few hours, and from there to Mars. These propulsion systems are tested above the earth, which is held for UFOs. Only a few know how far our technology in aviation has advanced. This is kept secret, because no country wants another to know how the military is equipped on land, in the air and in space.


Extraterrestrials appearance and encounters
extraterrestrials appearance and encounters


Appearance of Extraterrestrials

There are extraterrestrials that are very similar to us humans, those whose heads are like animals, and others look so strange that they frighten us humans. There are aliens similar to insects. Others are reptile-like. And these are just some examples. There are aliens that can change their shape, called shape shifters. Others are disembodied and can project themselves with any human appearance. These projections are usually transparent. ETs also appear as light balls, called orbs. And this is by far not all kinds of their appearances.

The most famous kind of extraterrestrials are the Greys. There are a few varieties of Greys, which differ not only in their size. Most of them are between one meter and one meter fifty. Like most aliens, they have a bigger head as humans, because their brain mass is bigger. They have big eyes, holes instead of a nose, and a small mouth. Some Greys, however, seem to be robots.

The size of ETs can be from a few centimeters up to several meters. The latter we call giants. The biblical Goliath is said to have been such a giant. Skeletons of giants were found in all parts of the world. Aside of one of these skeletons a man put himself down next to the skull, which was longer than the man. Giants still live in the mountains of Afghanistan. In spring 2017 a recently deceased giant has been found by American troops. I’ve seen photos of dead aliens. This was on a YouTube video of Steven Greer, who wishes that the existance of aliens is made public.
As early as the sixties, special troops of the American military knew of 185 different types of extraterrestrials. There was a little book with drawings and short descriptions of these kinds of ETs.

Common to all aliens who have a body, is that they have a head, two hands and two legs. Though they can have three to six fingers.

Many of the aliens have a big head, because of the larger brain mass. They deal with thought very much and communicate mainly telepathically. This makes the mouth less important, which is therefore small. The eyes are large in proportion to the size of the face.


Encounters with Extraterrestrials

You can find countless stories and very different kinds of encounters with extraterrestrials in the internet and in books. I mention only a few.

A man, who met an alien, said: “I had been prepared for this encounter. When I then faced aliens, the feeling I had was indescribable. The words “terror and anxiety” to describe this feeling are far under-emphasized. Since not only the appearance of aliens, but also their behavior is very different from that of us humans, I could not get used to them even after years.” This man was on Mars for many years, where special troops of the US military is stationed.

Pilots of fighter planes in the Second World War on both sides, the Allies and the German Wehrmacht, were shocked as small but highly developed flying objects flew toward and through their aircrafts and even through them. Both sides believed that the other had developed a new type of weapon that primarily influenced the psyche. But it was aliens investigating what was going on.

It is told of abductions, with medical tests being made with humans. Some people experience this from an early age multiple times and they are constantly in the fear of being abducted again. From some people eggs and semen are taken to produce hybrids.


Aliens can be Benevolent or Hostile

There are extraterrestrials, who are benevolent, others who seem to be benevolent, but ultimately are not, and others who are malevolent. And here too are many gradations.

Some aliens provide us with advanced technologies. Others help us with good advice. They are highly developed ETs, who do not need to take away anything from others or inflict harm on anyone. Some of these beings are pure consciousness, that is, they are bodiless.

Other aliens abduct people and often make painful medical examinations. There are extraterrestrials who eat people. This includes at least one reptile species. Of course, they prefer young human flesh.


Many of the Aliens are Millions of Years Ahead of us

There have been many cultures on earth. Today, up to 12,000 years old cultures are known to us. It is said that there are much older ones. The earth is a young planet. Other planets in our universe are millions of years and probably much older with cultures that are much older than on the earth. In older cultures aliens were amongst humans, even those who look different as humans.

Most aliens are technologically and spiritually much more developed than we are. Ufologers believe that we must appear to some aliens as monkeys appear to us. We can communicate only partially with monkeys. There are extraterrestrials who speak to us through media. The voice of the medium changes and appears strange, with a different melody, sometimes with an unfamiliar accent. They teach us that we are capable of more than we dare. However, one must practice these mental abilities.

There are ETs who’s age expectancy is about 1000 years. They go to school for two hundred years. They communicate telepathically and the teacher communicates with his students telepathically, which allows them to pass on much more knowledge in a short time.


Meaning of Dimensions of Extraterrestrials
Meaning of Dimensions of Extraterrestrials


Meaning of Dimensions in Relation to Extraterrestrial Life

The word dimension in relation to extraterrestrial life has different meanings

A) Dimensions of development
B) Dimensions in the sense of parallel worlds or parallel realities

A) Dimensions of Development

There are thirteen dimensions of development. There are aliens, who are like us in the third and fourth dimension, and others who are spiritually highly developed and in a higher dimension. Some have like us a body, others can show themselves as holograms that are usually transparent. Others are shown by means of light. This can look like a human body or a light ball.


B) Dimensions in the sense of Parallel Worlds or Parallel Realities

In a broadcast from Coast to Coast am or in Fade to Black by Jimmy Church, they talked about time travel. The spokesman said: “We are now switching on the phones. But I want you to call only if you are from another time. Let’s see if there is a time traveler among the listeners.” For several minutes there was no call. In the meantime, the spokesman said that a scientist would then explain a propulsion system with which one can travel through time. Then he said, “I repeat, the phones are turned on and I want you to call only when you are from another time.” Again nothing happened for minutes. Then a caller answered.

“It has nothing to do with time travel,” he said. “I am from another dimension and I was sent to explore this dimension here on Earth.”
“How should we understand that?” The spokesman asked.
“In every dimension there are a few differences,” said the caller.
“What, for example?” The spokesman asked. “The political system? The landscape?”
The caller said, “Both are the same. But there are some differences. In our dimension there were never cars powered by gasoline. They are powered by electricity. ”
“Has Tesla succeeded?”
“Yes, and he has been successful with us.”
“And there is no oil industry?”
“Is Detroit the town of car production of America?”
“No,” said the caller. “It’s Atlanta.”
“Unfortunately, we have to take a break for advertisement,” said the spokesman. “Can you stay tuned?”
“Yes, but in a few minutes I will be brought back,” answered the caller.
After the break, the speaker asked. “How many dimensions have you been investigating so far?”
“About fifty. We are at the beginning. It still happens that we can not get people back.”
The caller was suddenly gone.
“The man sounded somehow convincing,” said the speaker. “Interesting, but hard for our imagination. Shall we believe that? I do not know, but consider it possible. ”
A next caller answered. “I am also from another dimension. They could not get me back. I am here for three years.”
“How do you do that? How do you live here? “The spokesman asked.
“There is me in many dimensions. Just that I now live my life in this dimension with the knowledge of another dimension,” explained the caller.
“What is in the dimension from which you come different than here?”
“People are happier and kinder. I am not so happy here.” And the caller told a little more. However, the conversation had to be terminated because of the interview with the scientist.


Why are we not informed about aliens?
Why are we not informed about Aiens?


Why are there no Reports About Aliens in the Mass Media?

There is more than enough to read about aliens, though mostly in alternative media.

A small group of people who are the elite, you can also call them the world’s leaders, have contact with some groups of extraterrestrials. Especially to Alpha Draconians. The draconians are enjoy power over others. They eat human flesh. We owe them the monetary system. Like other alien species, they have conquered several planets. The earth is one of these planets. We are held as slaves who work for them, while they are inconceivably rich and well-off, as well as the people who have agreements with them.

The elite are in possession of the mass media. The mass media have the intention of not reporting anything about extraterrestrials. Moreover, the topic is much too complex. Many people can not imagine that there are extraterrestrials. How do you want to explain the elusive variety of aliens?

If you want to learn more about aliens, look for information in alternative media. There are many websites, blogs and YouTube channels that deal with the topic.

What should you believe about what you read and hear of extraterrestrials? You believe what you hear and see in the news and what you read in the newspapers, although not all of this is true. It is caled fake or false news! You have to read between the lines and also do some research, which is easy thanks to the internet.

A spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church said that the existence of extraterrestrials was possible and that this would be a testament to the greatness of God.

Should there be a direct contact of extraterrestrials on the earth, which is reported in the media, a mass hysteria is feared. It could also lead to illnesses and epidemics. Most Indians have not died in combat, but because of smallpox and flu. The same fate might befall us humans.


End of May 2017 a 1.800 year old mummy was found in Peru. The mummy is humanoid, female, has three long fingers, and an alongated head. Aside of this humanoid mummy three tinier mummies have been found that do not look humanoid. It will take months if not years to examine the mummies and their DNA to find out if they are human or alien.


Not on all Inhabited Planets is a Monetary System

Some of the more highly developed extraterrestrials say that there is no money where they live and therefore no monetary system. After schooling, everyone can choose a profession. There is enough of everything and what is not there, is manifested with thoughts and frequency, as I explain in several of my blog-posts.


The Many Sightings of UFOs

UFO stands for unidentified flying objects. There are a lot of flying objects that are thought to be UFOs of alien origin, but are produced by America. Some of the observed flights are test flights of highly developed jets or spaceships. Many of the UFO sightings that are being investigated can be easily explained. Sometimes it is only some dirt on the lens of the camera. Some of the UFO sightings are really of aliens.

The Earth is at the outer edge of the Milky Way, and aliens from other galaxies are passing the earth. Never before was a mother ship sighted. They are said to be unimaginably large. There should be some who are as big as the USA. Many of the spaceships that are sighted have one to five men on board. Only a few are larger.

The spaceships have different shapes. They are: round, triangular, V- and cigar-shaped. They can be black, metallic or colored.

Not every sighting is easy for people. There have been burns to the skin and cancer because of atomic contamination.

UFO sightings can be reported to MUFON.


Not all Sighted UFOs are of an Alien Origin

All major countries on earth, especially the USA, Russia and China, have been conducting research on space since the end of the Second World War. All the superpowers have contact with extraterrestrials. I only have knowledge about the USA. Special units of the US military have been stationed on Mars for decades. I guess also Russians.

Mars must have been inhabited. However, an atomic war is said to have made a large part of the Mars uninhabitable. In the non-nuclear contaminated part, several types of ETs and US military troops have colonies. The moon is a stopover on the flight from Earth to Mars. The mission of Defence Forces of the Earth is to protect the Earth. They are said to have a fleet of spaceships that are constantly circling around and near the earth.

Men who were stationed on Mars and tell about it are Randy Cramer, Cory Goode and other US Marines

As already mentioned, some aliens are always trying to conquer inhabited planets. So there are always wars in space. Despite wars, diplomatic relations remain intact.

The Earth, which is probably in the hands of the Alpha Draconians, who like fights and wars, might protect us against alien attacks. As long as the Draconians have power over the earth and us humans, they will defend us.


Extraction of Metals on the Moon, Mars and other Planets

Not only do extraterrestrials have interest or might be interested in mining metals on Earth and also on other planets. Recently it was reported that Chinese spaceships going to the moon will collect data and extract metals. The metals are to finance the flight to the moon. I think that America and Russia have been mining metals on the Moon, Mars and possibly on other planets for decades and are thus partially financing space travel and space exploration.


Why it is Not Easy for Extraterrestrials to Land on the Earth

Aliens who have survived a crash of their spaceship, have declared that the pressure on Earth would be far too high for them. Pressure chambers were then built, similar to pressure chambers for divers, who emerge too quickly from the depth of the sea. Only in such pressure chambers is the survival of aliens possible. Of course, these must be aliens, who are not so developed spiritually and so they can not adapt themselves to the high pressure on the earth by changing their frequency.

In a channeling, an ET told that the Pleiadians had a plan to greatly reduce the pressure on the earth. The majority of people would die within a few days. If you survive, you can rebuild the world with them. They would build new cities according to their architectural ideas. We can only hope that this will never happen. I would not survive the reduction of pressure.


Technological and spiritual development of ets
technological and spiritual knowledge of aliens


Technological and Spiritual Knowledge of Extraterrestrials

There is a lot of technological knowledge thanks to the exchange with ETs, which is known to some organizations on the earth, but not made public. Also by investigation of crashed spaceships of extraterrestrials technological knowhow became known to us. Reasons that this knowledge is not made public: For example, the knowledge of energy production without causing monthly costs would be a great loss for the oil industry and the electricity industry. The knowledge of healing without using pills would greatly reduce the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.


I am fascinated by the thinking and the developed consciousness of aliens. If you control your mind and your thoughts, you control your life, I wrote in a post. Our consciousness is not so highly developed as that of many extraterrestrials, who are millions of years ahead of us. We will not bring it to this highly developed control of mind, thought, and frequency. I believe that we can practice the control of mind and thought. There is a subliminal for this – control your mind and your thoughts. Listen to this subliminal daily. It will make a difference in you and your life. On the subject of intellectual and spiritual development and the development of consciousness, I will write more posts.

I wrote this post after watching and listening to one or more videos on YouTube every day for months, dealing with the topics that I addressed in this post. It is no longer possible for me to refer to individual videos. This article is, however, a summary of lots of videos. About every section one could write books.


What are Your Answers to These Qeustions?

If there would not be a monetary system on earth and you would not have to earn money, which profession would you choose?

If you could travel solely by changing your frequency and be at a different place within a fraction of a second, what place on earth or in our universe would you choose?

Would you be able to fulfill your wishes with your thoughts and feelings, what would be the first wish you would manifest?

Would you be offered to live several years with spiritually high developed aliens to learn the control of your consciousness, which includes controlling your frequency, would you accept the offer?


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