Working Independently of The Location

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Working independently at home or anywhere

Working independently of the location is nice, but has pros and cons

There are many who wish to be independent of the location and become digital nomads. They imagine that they can travel at any time or live abroad. What it really means working independently and that means to work via the Internet, is not clear to most people. They imagine this too rosy. Working via the internet does not mean less work.

If you work as an employee on the Internet, you have to work as many hours as if you go to your work. Ir is not possible to have the sun shining on your belly the whole day long and sit a little at your laptop before dinner. This does not work out.

If you are self-employed on the Internet and if you are a digital nomad or not, you must be quite active. Yes, it’s possible to do nothing for a few days. But you will soon notice sales losses. Then you have to work more for some time.

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I’ve been watching for years that those who have built a company on the Internet and are very successful make a video at least once a week and deliver good content. During the week they work behind the scenes and have employed several employees.

There are successful internet entrepreneurs who understand how to sell themselves and their ideas. And yet they work regularly. If one of them does not provide content for a few weeks, suddenly they deliver all the more.

Working independently of the location
Working independently of the location

The advantages and disadvantages of working independently

Working at home, being independent of the location and maybe a digital nomad has advantages and disadvantages

To work on the Internet is wonderful. You can organize your work and leisure time to your liking. But you really have to do your work and not procrastinate, even though there is no one watching.

You do not have to fear that suddenly your boss stands next to you or a colleague comes for a chat. You do not have to eat canteen eating or eating in a restaurant. You can buy and eat healthy food.

For some professions, which can be done on the Internet, one has a fixed working time; in others one can organize his working hours himself. You can go shopping at any time if you make up for lost working hours later. You can work until the bedtime and enjoy the next day.

Many friends and acquaintances do not understand that you have to work, even when you are at home or on a trip. Here you have to be rigorous. Say by phone: “I have to work” and hang up immediately and when someone comes to the door, after the words “I must work” close the door. As soon as you give in, you will be bothered again and again. You could lose your work or if you have your own company, you could go bankrupt.

If you work at home and independently of your location, you must be consistent and motivated

If you are not consistently working, you can lose your job and if you are self-employed, you will see it on your account. If you cannot motivate yourself, it is better if you do not work on the Internet. Of course, you can make yourself comfortable. However, if you tend to be comfortable, be easily distracted, you will soon have problems.

To work at home or as a digital nomad, you must be organized. You can take time off during working hours, but you have to make up this time later. However, you should not do this too often. At first, you might have the impression that you can do your work quickly and have more free time. But this is by no means the case. You quickly become accustomed to more leisure time and you do not keep up with the work requirements.

Get used to certain working hours from the beginning and stick to it. Exceptions should stay exceptions. You need breaks. Stick to them as well. If you are sitting in front of a screen for many hours, you should do eye exercises about once per hour.

Working independently of the location be organized
Working independently of the location be organized

Working from home or as a digital nomad demands for consistency and organization

You must be organized and work consistently when you work at home or when you are a digital nomad.

If you work at home, you need to be well organized. Keep in mind that you need to reach your work objectives. In the evening write down what you have done and take notes of what work you will be doing next day. So you know in the morning with what task you are starting. Keep your working diary and take it with you when you meet with your boss. You can show him what you have done each day.

If you have a family, you must draw boundaries and insist on compliance with these limits. It is best to have your own room for work where you can close the door. Hang a sign on the door with the words “Do not disturb!” and turn the sign around when you are not working.

The advantage not to drive to your workplace

When you work at home, you save on the way to work and back. It is usually twice thirty to more than sixty minutes. These are one or two hours, which are saved daily. On top of that, you do not have to get fully dressed and women do not need make up. Nevertheless, you should be dressed at home so that you can always welcome a colleague or a guest. The time you save, you can devote more to your family and friends.

Before I became self-employed in the internet, I worked in international trade. Often, I had to have lunch and dinner with guests and then go to a bar. I came home between 10pm and midnight. When I went on a journey with my boss, I usually had to get up at four o’clock in the morning and I could not think of going to bed before midnight. The Internet was a great relief for me. To have contact with many different people, had its beautiful sides, but I prefer to sit comfortably in front of the laptop. I work as much as I did when I was doing business, but it does not consume so much energy.

If you are doing work on the internet, go to the company you work for once or twice a month

Not being able to speak with colleagues can be a disadvantage. If you work at home, you do not regularly meet colleagues, with whom you chat and share ideas. Go once a week or every two weeks to the company where you are employed. Talk to your boss and with colleagues. This will help you find out if your boss is satisfied with your work. You will also learn from colleagues if something has changed in the company.

If you are self-employed, go to events of the Chamber of Commerce of your area or to events with other digital marketers, where you can chat with colleagues.

If you search for work on the Internet

There are many offers to work on the Internet at home and independently of the location. But be careful, not all offers are reputable.

If you find work on the Internet, you are well advised to find out if the company is okay before you sign a contract. Read also the small print. There are untrustworthy companies that let you work and pay you little if anything.

With some job offers, you are actually self-employed. You need to do your bookkeeping and you have to pay your health insurance yourself. So, ask whether you will be employed or self-employed.

It is advisable if you find work by Internet at a company in your hometown and go for an interview. This way you can be sure for which company and under which conditions you will work.

The advantage for a company outsourcing work is that they need no office space for employees who work at home. It takes less office space and thus saves on rent.

If you are self-employed on the Internet

If you are self-employed on the Internet, you will have to work more during the first months than you have been accustomed to as an employee. If you start to make money you will be happy. But be careful if you earn a lot of money. Do not spend it right away. If you have been working for a few years on the Internet, you know that there are times when you earn well and times when you earn little if nothing.

There are various reasons that there are no sales for some time. During the holidays people sit less in front of their laptops and leave the smartphone in their pockets. The weather always plays a role. On rainy and very cold days you have more traffic than during warm summer days. Also, the weekday plays a role. On weekends you’ll have less visitors, because people are going out.

If you are self-employed on the Internet, you might need savings to finance your life for the first one to two years. There is a lot of work to set up a website or a blog and build it up until enough visitors come. You can monetize your web presence as an affiliate. You will receive commissions. Later you can add your own products.

Make additional money working on the Internet

You can find a second job on the Internet and earn money with it. Make sure that you can do this job in the evening. I advise you to take a second job temporarily. It is nice to have some extra money. But you also need the time to spend it.

Some who are self-employed on the Internet have funded the difficult first years with work on the Internet. If you do that, you will not have much free time. You will be relieved when your own Internet presence makes enough income.

Thanks to the Internet, I can live in another country

working anywhere by internet

For me the Internet and work on the Internet is made. Of course, it has to do with my age that I like to sit in front of the laptop and work silently. I like working. So, I have a great work ethic. If I do not do something on my website for one or two weeks, I have less visitors and the sales decrease.

I go shopping at times when there are hardly any people in the shops. You get your shopping done faster and you are immediately at the cash desk. This saves time. When I go out in the evening, then at times when a lot is happening. If I have to drive a long distance by car I go Saturday or Sunday. There is less traffic. I can organize my time. And I organize my work and leisure time well.

Without work, no one can really be happy. We need a task. For me it is my website. If I am informed that one of my posts or one of my products has helped somebody, I’m happy about it. To do research for an article and write it, is fulfilling.

Only when I’ve been working for a couple of days, I enjoy spending half a day or a whole day off and doing something enjoyable and fun. I am very quiet because I know that my site attracts visitors and the turnover will be good.

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