Subliminals Change Your Inner Programming

With the help of Subliminals you can Change Your Programming and Your Life

Your conscious thinking and the development of your life are based on your inner programming, also called programming of the subconscious mind. It is very difficult to change the programming with your will. It is much easier if you first change it with the help of Subliminals. A Subliminal consists of two or more audio files. One is the mask, which is usually music. The subliminal messages are not heard and not understood consciously and can therefore not be blocked by the conscious mind. Even though you do not hear the affirmations, they are heard by the subconscious mind. To change the programming you must hear a subliminal twice daily for at least 4 weeks. But it is better longer.

You can read all the affirmations that are used in a Subliminal and listen to an audio sample. Click on the red link with the title next to or below the image of a subliminal..

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Choose what you want to change about yourself

and listen to the subliminal of your choice once or twice  daily for several weeks

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Listen to each Subliminal of your choice once or twice daily for several weeks.

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