How to Eliminate Your Enemies in Your Mind

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Who are Your Enemies and How to Eliminate them

You have quite a few enemies. They are standing in your way and they avoid that you reach your goals and change your life to live your dream.

You might be able to get rid of some. But it surely will not be easy.


Here is a list of some of your enemies

• The enemies called bad and negative thoughts
• The enemies called wrong beliefs
• The enemies called bad habits
• The enemies called wrong thought and emotional patterns
• The enemies called self doubt and doubts
• The enemy called fear
• The enemy called procrastination
• The enemy called inner stress
• The enemies called problems

All your enemies are in your mind. It is on you to fight them. Decide to do something against them. Choose to become successful and to live your dream.

Free your mind from enemies. And take advantage of your friends.


Your Enemies are
Who are your enemies


Here is a list of some of your friends

• Your friends called positive thoughts
• Your friends called positive beliefs
• Your friends called good habits
• Your friends called right thought and emotional patterns
• Your friends called conviction
• Your friends called courage
• Your friend called get things done
• Your friend called inner calmness
• Your friend called control of your mind


What happens if you make your enemies become your friends? What happens if you get control over your mind?

Have a look at your life and have a look at goals you did not pursue because of various reasons. Mainly it has been one or more of your enemies.

I know a very nice young woman. She was about 30, when she quit her job, because she really disliked it. But she did not think about what she would like to do instead. It turned out that years back she has worked in a company where they restore paintings and antique furniture. She has learned making furniture. I told her to send them an application letter. And that she should send an application to other companies who do restorations. Years later I found out that she had not done anything. She was and she stayed without work. What was the reason? Fear and procrastination. Her fear was: What, if they invite me for a talk and what if they don’t. So she postponed to send one or even more than one letter of application. The day did not come when she gave herself a push and fought her enemy within. Some more years went by. She lived with her mother and from charity. Till today nothing has changed. I told her that she has to work on herself. But I could not get her do that. She let her enemies destroy her life. So sad.

If you want a better paid job and you are afraid that you do not have the necessary skills that would get you a higher salary, you better try. Send an application and see what happens. If you don’t receive an answer, fine. If you get invited for a talk, great. Again you need courage. Prepare this talk in your mind. See how friendly the person, who speaks with you, is. Think that you can only win.


You Can Win Against Your Enemies

Wisk away all the bad thoughts, the doubts, and fears. Instead practice having positive thoughts, positive thought and emotional patterns, be convinced that things will work out fine, be and stay calm.

What does it take to win against your enemies and awaken your friends? It is work on yourself. Condition positive traits. Visualize situations in which you act as you wish. If you repeat these visualizations, you will stop fear and doubt. The belief that you can, will grow. Your thought and emotional patterns will become positive and stronger.

What are your goals and what is it what is holding you back to pursue to reach them? Think about one or more of your goals. Did you already start to accomplish one of your goals, but you gave up way too early? Your belief in yourself was not strong enough and doubts have won the game. Why not start again to make one step at a time, until you reach this goal. Think about what you gain if you achieve this goal and if it is not worth it to stick with what is necessary to achieve it.


Your Enemies are in Your Mind
Your enemies are in your mind


Your enemies are in your mind and you can change that

Have a look at the enemies you have in your mind. It is best, if you write down all that comes into your mind. Then go through the list point by point and
a) think about what it does to you and your life
b) how would you profit if you would turn the enemy around.


Bad and Negative Thoughts are Enemies

If you have read my articles about positive thinking, you know that positive thoughts are important to create your reality. You get what you think about often. Thoughts produce a certain frequency which is responsible for what you perceive. If you often hang on bad and negative thoughts, your frequency will be low or will sink. I am often unlucky, you might say. You might now know the reason.

Stop a bad or negative thought the moment you are aware of it. I know people, who don’t always know that they have negative thoughts. To figure out if it is a negative thought or not, ask yourself if you want that in your life. I have a cousin who spends daily some time with animals that are not treated right and are troubled. There is not one talk in which he does not speak about his troubled animals. It began 30 years ago with one buffalo. Today there seem to be more troubled animals in his reality as there are animals worldwide. I do not want troubled animals and so I am not focus my thoughts to it. I see lots of happy animals which I enjoy.

If you become aware of something you do not like, stop the thought and think of something positive, something beautiful, something you enjoy. It is good if you have a vision of your dream-life. See an image of your vision whenever possible. It can also be the image of a wish which you would like to manifest as soon as possible.

Bad and negative thoughts hold you from creating what you want. Positive thoughts and the joy of it are the basis to create what you want. This is more than a good reason to stop the enemy called bad and negative thoughts.

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Wrong Beliefs are Enemies

Wrong beliefs are really holding you back to achieve your goals and get what you want. They are destructive. Turn them into supporting beliefs. It is a wrong belief, if you do not belief in the law of attraction. You might say that you work hard and still nothing is working out. Belief in the law of attraction, belief that it is on you what you create, belief that you can lose weight, belief that you can make more money and if you change all wrong and destructive beliefs, your life will change to the better.

And would your belief be a little bigger and stronger, you could make almost everything happen and turn your life around until you live your dream. Eliminate your enemy called wrong beliefs and get a bigger and stronger belief in yourself and that you can make your desires become your reality.


Bad Habits are Enemies

With some of your bad habits, you will know what I mean. Not eating right, not working out regularly, not to be enough organized and so on. But did you know that a low monthly income is also a habit? You can change it in your mind with visualization You can start with the More Money Subliminal and visualize your life with more money. With the repetition of a certain visualization you condition a hew habit.

The thought “I can’t do that” can be a wrong belief, a negative thought and a bad habit. Whatever comes up in your life, where you think that you can’t to it, learn it, condition with visualization that you can do it. Wrong thought and emotional patterns are also bad habits. Having problems or doubts often are also bad habits. Read about how to change them little further down in this article.

Eliminate your enemy called bad habits. Get positive habits, such as being successful and having a new success regularly, making continuously more money, solving problems immediately, being convinced.


Wrong Thought and Emotional Patterns are Enemies

It is a thought pattern if in a certain situation you always have the same thoughts. It is a wrong or negative thought pattern, if the thoughts are negative and destructive.
If something does not happen to your liking and you think that this is always the case, is a wrong thought pattern. Replace it with the thought: This will not happen again. From now on things will work out in my life, no matter what. Also the “I can’t thought” is a wrong thought pattern.

A wrong thought pattern is always followed by a wrong emotional pattern. It is a wrong emotional pattern If in a certain situations you are suddenly feeling bad and your mood is going down the cellar. If you become aware that you are suddenly feeling bad, think about the reason. What has just happened? Get your feeling and your mood up quickly. Think of something you enjoy and feel joy. You will only be able to change the situation if you change your wrong emotional pattern. You have to change your attitude in general, towards one or more people, in certain situations.


Self Doubt and Doubts are Enemies

Self doubt and doubts are so absolutely counter-productive. If you are on the way to reach a goal, doubts stop the manifestation process. If you have self doubts, you can’t improve. Doubts are so senseless. They are very destructive. You have to stop doubts.

What if this doesn’t work out, someone might think. The moment you doubts, you feel bad and your frequency goes down. The chance that it will not work out is huge. What is something happens? Get well insured, but stop doubting that things will not work out.

If you catch yourself thinking that something might not workout fine, stop that thought and replace it with: “It will workout. And it will workout wonderfully.” And then feel joy about the fact that it will workout wonderfully.


Fear is a Big Enemy

Fear is a full stop. Fear holds you back to live a wonderful life and to get what you want.

Do exactly what you are fearful. You can do so much damage to your life, if you feel fear and if you are not getting yourself do what you fear.

There are so many kinds of fear and all are senseless. There is social fear, where people are staying at home. They already have a problem to go grocery shopping. If you have this problem, you have to force yourself to go out, to go grocery shopping, to go to a café, to go to a restaurant and do everything alone, until you feel fine going out.

When I was a teenager, I was very shy. I have forced myself going to a café. Oh, the waiters have been so nice. They have made me feel good. I continued going to different cafés and enjoyed it. Still today there are things, where I feel some fear. I got myself used to do exactly what I was fearful about. Till today I could conquer almost all fears I had.


Procrastination is Your Enemy

That procrastination is your enemy is clear. You want to lose weight, but you postpone to start your diet day by day. Again and again you let opportunities pass, because you where not certain if you shall take that offer or do this venture or book this vacation or buy this beautiful apartment. What a pity! You had the chance to study, but you could not get yourself go to the university and matriculate.

Do what has to be done to live your dream. Give yourself a push and start and get going. You need to know what it is good for, it will motivate you. After you began pursuing a goal, do not stop and do not give up.


Inner Stress is Your Enemy

Inner stress can make you sick. Read about inner calmness and begin meditating. You will be surprised about the difference. You will feel so much better if you are calm inside.


Problems are Your Enemies

Problems which you carry with you through years and years, destroy your life, your happiness and this can make your sick. The same is if you again and again have a problem and you don’t stop thinking of the problem and the consequences You have to become a problem solver. There is always a solution. Think about it and you will find a solution. Then do something about it. If you are meditating daily, you will only know solutions and you will have less and less problems.

You are creating problems. If you change your mindset, you will stop creating problems and be problem free. You will call certain situations challenges and you will immediately solve problems that they do not appear as problems.

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Get rid of all your enemies in your mind. Learn to control your mind. It will make an enormous difference in your life.


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