What do aliens want from us?

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What Do Aliens Want From Us or The Earth?

When I speak of extraterrestrials, I mean extraterrestrial intelligent beings that have evolved within millions of years. Most alien species are far superior to us, especially spiritually. Many of them in a way we can not imagine.

We have to expect that in our galaxy are millions of different alien species in different stages of development. The planet Earth, which is on the edge of the Galaxy Milky Way, is very young compared to one to three hundred billion other planets. There are hundreds of millions of planets in our galaxy that are habitable. If some hundreds of extraterrestrial species are dealing with the planet earth and us earthlings, that’s a small number. It is believed that some aliens have contact with the earth and with humans for thousands of years. They may have been constantly influencing our DNA. For some alien species we may be what monkeys are to us and that is underdeveloped.

Some alien species have the ability to mentally and physically control larger populations. When they have contact with a human, the human can‘t move and can‘t make a sound. I find it scary how much extraterrestrials can control us.

Steven Hawking said that contact with aliens can be dangerous for us earthlings. Remember what has happened when Europeans conquered South and then North America in the early 16th century. Some of the locals were eradicated with illnesses and the remainder were enslaved or forced into reservations.

SETI, Search for extraterrestrial intelligence, seti.org, tries to contact aliens using radio waves. But radio waves may not be in the frequency range of aliens.

Most of the aliens do not need language to communicate with us because they communicate telepathically. A man in contact with aliens reported that he already had the answer to a question in his mind. The alien could read his thoughts and answer his questions and all has happened in his head.

There are aliens who can scan a person just by looking at him and they then know everything about this person, his thoughts, his health, his life story. We humans are inferior to aliens.

Types Of Contact With Extraterrestrials

Sightings of spaceships from aliens or other phenomena in the sky such as orbs

Alien spacecrafts who intervene in atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb tests

Alien spaceships spotted in certain locations around the world

Sightings of a landing of an alien spacecraft

Crash of alien spacecrafts
Investigation and reconstruction of parts of the alien ship
Examination of dead alien bodies – DNA sampling and investigations

Abductions of humans by aliens for the purpose of physical examinations

Mutilation of humans and animals, especially cows – removal of organs and body parts

Abductions of humans by aliens to implant something

Kidnapping of young people to train them

An alien race likes human flesh

Inclusion of aliens in different parts of the world

Hybridization – kidnappings to create hybrids

Visits of aliens for negotiations

And more

UFO Sightings and Alien Contacts

Sightings of Spaceships of Aliens or Other Phenomena in The Sky

Spacecrafts of aliens have different shapes and sizes. Known forms are: The classic round shape with a raised top, triangular shape, cigar shape, bumerang shape. Motherships can be the size of a neighborhood in a metropolis like New York, with a very large population. In motherships are several alien species. Small spacecrafts are for one- to three-man. In between there are a variety of sizes.

Orbs are light balls. It is believed that orbs are spiritually advanced extraterrestrial beings who manifest themselves as spheres of light, that is, perceived by humans as spheres of light. Our imagination is three-dimensional. Aliens may live in a multi-dimensionality that we can not perceive.

We humans can not see or hear much because it lies in a frequency range that can not be perceived by us humans.
.Spaceships of aliens who intervene in nuclear power plants, atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb tests

Wherever there are nuclear power plants or arsenals of nuclear and hydrogen bombs, there are more and more sightings of alien spaceships. In particular, there are sightings when there are problems with nuclear power plants – that was the case at Chernobyl and also at Fukushima.

One reason for this is that the pressure created during nuclear and hydrogen bomb tests extends far into space and disturbs extraterrestrials. A second reason may be that aliens want to prevent us from destroying the world and humanity with nuclear bombs or nuclear power.

Often enough aliens prevent the ignition of nuclear and hydrogen bombs. It is believed that many of the atomic bombs don‘t work, and that this was done by aliens.

Alien Spacecrafts Spotted in Specific Locations Around The World

There are a number of places where more UFOs are sighted. These include: Mount Schasta, Sedona, ECETI Ranch and other places.

Sightings of A Landing Of An Alien Spaceship

It happens that humans observe the landing of an alien spacecraft. Rendlesham Forest, GB, was watched by two US military personnel. Nearby is an arsenal of nuclear bombs. There were several sightings of landings of spacecrafts in different parts of the world.

A narrative about the landing of a spaceship in front of an older man, is very funny. He was telepathically invited to come into the spaceship. When he was inside, he was asked to step on a round platform. After a few minutes, he was told that he was too old and unfit for what they wanted of him. And he should leave the spaceship.

Crashes of Alien Spaceships

The most famous crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft is Roswell in 1947. There was a report in the newspaper about it. The next day it was reported that it was a weather balloon. Military arrived with trucks and collected everything from the spaceship. It was manned with three aliens. One is said to have survived, Since then the US try to keep all the knowledge about ETs and UFOs secret. They wanted to prevent Russia from learning that they have alien spaceships and that they do reverse engineering. There have been several UFO crashes since. Always the spaceship with all parts and of course the aliens were brought away by US military.

Investigation and reconstruction of the alien spaceship brought a number of new technologies to us.
With Roswell, the NSA has begun to investigate, reconstruct, and do reverse engineering of alien spaceships. The most famous site for this is the Area 51 in Nevada. Today it is known that there are several such areas. Much of the investigations are taking place underground.

Examination of dead alien bodies
See Emery Smith. He has worked for years in a team who have autopsied extraterrestrials and taken DNA. He says he has seen a variety of different aliens.

Abductions Of Humans By Aliens for the purpose of physical examinations

Some people who were abducted by aliens reported that they were placed on examination tables and around them they saw various aliens. The purpose for which these investigations have been made is unknown to us humans. There are countless abductions by aliens. They are usually described as unpleasant.

About abductions by aliens can be read a lot on the internet.

Mutilations of Animals and Humans By Aliens

Well known is the mutilation of cows. However, there are also mutilations of humans. Removal of organs and body parts. The dead body is brought back to earth. – See research by Linda Moulton Howe and Derrel Sims. Why some extraterrestrials take organs from animals and humans is unknown.

Abductions of Humans By Aliens to implant them something

Again, there are countless cases. There are doctors who document the operation to remove the inserted implant. Some of these implants withdrew from the tweezers of the surgeon. These implants seem to be biological and intelligent.

There are several explanations of what these implants do. Do they observe the life of a human being? Do they monitor his health? Or should they one day control a number of people?

Abduction of Young People to train them

Abductions of humans by aliens are often made through generations of a family. These kidnappings usually happen during the night. They are usually perceived as not pleasant.

An Alien Race Likes Human Flesh

This alien species, Alpha Drakoner, a reptile species, prefers young people with a bit of baby fat. It is supposed that several hundred thousand teenagers a year disappear and land on the table of aliens.

Inclusion of Aliens In Different Parts of the World

People who were abducted over and over again were given the task of incorporating an alien into the world. They rent an apartment where the alien lives. One of these cases was examined by a man. Although he parked in front of the apartment for days, he did not see the alien. He said that these beings hardly eat anything and need no sleep.

Why aliens are incorporated in the world is unknown.

Hybridization – Abduction to Create Hybrids

Women are abducted to be taken eggs. Men are raped by alien women. And similar things happen to produce hybrids. There are currently several tens of thousands of hybrid children worldwide and there are more and more.

Hybrid children are far superior in intelligence to humans. Whether there are examinations to what extent they are physically different, I have not read anything yet.

Children say to their mothers: You are not my mom. My mom is up there and I visit her every night. I also go to school there and it’s a lot better than school is here.

A mother told a psychotherapist who is specializing in hybrids: I had to take my son out of school because he has not stopped mending the teacher. The teacher has stated that my son is incredibly intelligent and knows things he does not know about.

Some psychotherapists specialize in hybrids. There are videos where you can listen to stories of hybrid children. They are talking quite freely about their experiences in their different worlds.

Hybrids are produced by several alien species. The reason is unknown. Do they want to conquer us this way? Do they want to give us special knowledge in this way? Do they want to upgrade us humans? The question remains unanswered.


Visits From Aliens For Negotiations

Eisenhauer had conversations with aliens during the Cold War. It was about the cessation of the production of nuclear bombs. Eisenhauer remained defensive. It can be assumed that similar talks have also taken place in Russia.

Exchange of technologies. We humans too have excellent engineers, which is appreciated by some aliens.

It should also be mentioned that the Nazis had contact with extraterrestrials.

Even though I’ve listened to many lectures on UFOs and extraterrestrials for years, I do not have the slightest idea what they want from us or the earth.

An alien species from the Pleiades said they want to lower the pressure on the world so that the earth can become habitable for them. The reduction of pressure would eradicate most of humanity. I hope that will never happen.

As far as I know, there is no monetary system with the aliens, so there is no money involved. There is no fashion, no film or television, no art. Each alien species has a specific clothing. Within a species, there are hardly any differences. They do not seem to be very individual to me.

The technologies of locomotion of aliens are far superior to ours. Most of their crafts have no propulsion system as we know it. Some of their crafts have been recreated by Americans, Russians and Chinese. So, some of the UFO sightings are aircrafts built by us humans.

When some ufologists say that most aliens mean it well, we know that there are some who don‘t. I think that we shall not take the alien agenda lightly.

What will happen to human children, since hybrids are way superior to them? The hybrids also learn telepathy and can read the mind of humans. I do not see this so very positive.

Research individual titles or words on the web and on YouTube. It’s good if you learn something more. Meet some of the whistleblowers.

The question: What do aliens want from us, remains open.

What do you think about aliens? Are you Looking forward for them to come out? Or do you fear illness and enslavement? Yes, we are enslaved anyway. But it can get worse. How will humans compete against hybrids? What will humans and what will hybrids do? How will this world and our life Change?
Leave a comment with your point of view.

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