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You Have More Choices Than You Are Aware Of Now

Allow yourself to be worthy of more choices and choose what you prefer most. Lift your worthiness a little and you will have more and better choices. You are worth for the life you want to live.

Allow yourself to be worthy of more choices and choose what you prefer most.

Do not intent doing something out of lack, but out of abundance. For example, if you want a new car and you think that you don’t have the money to buy it, you are thinking of lack.

Think about if you are worthy of owning and driving this car you would like to have. You might say: This car does not really suit me. I am an easy going person and this car is actually elegant. Well, why not change your whole style? I mean not only that you choose a certain car, but different kind of clothes as you are used to wear, get a new hair cut, and so on. You will find yourself in a new world with new possibilities.

If you become aware that you are worthy of a certain thing, you will also make a number of other choices. Ask yourself: Am I worthy of a better life? I might have to work more and take more responsibilities. Ask yourself it you are willing to make more choices that are not just easy.

It is a base choice to choose the easy way or the more daring route. This is a long term decision. Think well, before you make a choice.

Make Your Choices Without Fears And Restrictions

Open your mind to all possibilities you have. If your choice fell on one possibility which involves fear from your side, there is something you can do. This is repeated imagination.

Make your choices without fears and restrictions.

This is how repeated imagination works: Close your eyes and imagine that this choice is part of your life. At first it might not be so easy, because you still feel the fear. But then, with the repetitions, you will see that there is no real reason to be fearful. Repeat this imagination in the morning and in the evening for several days or weeks. You will become used to the item or the situation that you wish to choose in real life. There will be no fear anymore. And then choose it, if you want.

With the help of repeated imagination you change your programming. Fear is part of your programming. So are restrictions. Many times people do not even think of certain possibilities, because they are restricted in their thinking. If you think about all the choices you actually have, also include those where you believe that they are not for you and think about the reason why you believe that they are not for you. This can be lack of money, lack of skills, lack of knowledge, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-belief, lack of self-love. You can change your programming and your choices will change.

Choices Are Influenced By Your Values and Beliefs

Are you valuable to own a certain product? Are you valuable to wear certain clothes? You see a woman wear a beautiful dress and soon after you see this dress in a store. Even the price is all right. But you can’t even imagine to try it on. Why? You are used to wear jeans and you have not seen yourself with a dress. You believe that you are not an elegant person. And then there comes a little thought to the surface: Why not? Think about it! And then try the dress, buy it, and wear it. It will change your life.

The more you dare the more you will see yourself valuable making choices you haven’t thought about before.

The more you dare the more you will see yourself valuable making choices you haven’t thought about before.

Whenever you have to make a choice, think about your values and beliefs. Make yourself more valuable. It is a certain mindset and it is on you to change it. Believe in yourself and believe that you have so many choices. You must not leave out what you really want. Get a strong belief and you will see choices that change your life.

You Can Choose What Is Available To You Now

Become aware of all you have and enjoy it. If you can only buy a cheap car, and you can’t afford your dream-car now, feel the joy of having a car. It is a conscious awareness of the choices you have now.

Be aware of the choices you have now and be certain that your choices will change with the time.

Get the frequency of owning a wonderful car, even though the one you own was cheap. It was available to you in the now. Think that it fulfills all your needs. Feel the joy of having a car. Be assured that you will soon own the car of your dreams. You can only create it, when you feel joy. The joy creates a high frequency, with which you create what you really want.

If you see the car or whatever you want and think that you can’t afford it, you create lack. The thought of lack lowers your frequency. Think of joy and happiness to get a higher frequency.

When you look at all the choices you have in your private and your professional life, choose what you like most. If you go buying a coat and you see one that is too expensive for you now, think that you will soon be able to buy it. But you go to buy one which you can easily afford. Feel joy about it.

You can put your attention to the expensive coat or car or whatever and be certain that it will manifest in your reality. Your choice is actually this beautiful expensive coat. Feel as if you wear it. You deserve the best. Yes, you will get this beautiful coat. Be assured that you are worthy of the best choice you can make and it will happen. Yes, anything will work out.

Love yourself and your life and all you have. With this feeling which is joyful, you get a wonderful frequency with which you create.

With the feeling of joy you get a higher frequency with which you create.

With the awareness of all there is in your life, you get the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude is a positive feeling.

Think of all the positive feelings that you can feel and keep these wonderful feelings. Think for a little moment of negative feelings and how they pull you down. With these feelings you create misery. Then come back to positive feelings. Feeling joy and gratitude will help you create what brings joy into you life. Listen to what Roxy says about creating with your frequency.

You Can Only Make One Choice At A Time

My father has said that we have endless possibilities, but we have to make one choice at a time and miss out on all other choices we have. Which of the many options is the best?

There are people who do not dare to make a choice, because they are afraid to choose something that is not so good. To make no choice is the worst you can do.

My father has said that it does not matter which of the many possibilities we choose, they all lead us on to the right path.

We are told through media who are channeling that we have chosen this life to make certain experiences. If this is true, we do not really have a choice. And what my father said might mean that whatever we choose, we have to make certain experiences.

I go one step further and this means that not a specific choice is important, but the experiences we make in life because of the choice.

Choice or Decision?

Make a decision that you have to make a choice about something specific. And we have to make lots of choices each day.

The difference between choice and decision is well explained here

A choice is the freedom you have to choose among different alternatives. A decision you usually have to make at some points in your life. For example, you have to decide to work, but you have the choice what work you want to do. Also you make a decision of what to choose.

Let Us Have A Look At Choices

Have a look at how many times in live you have to make a choice. And this list is long not complete.

Choice of clothes you wear – What style of clothes do you choose? What material is the clothes made of? What color of a certain clothes do you choose?
Choice of what you eat – Your choice could be grandmothers style cooking, vegetarian, vegan or raw. What kinds of foods do you choose mostly? Is your choice fresh food or ready-made?
Choice of stopping to eat or eating a little more – You could eat only part of what is on the plate or you could choose having a little more.
Choice of doing a weight loss diet or not – Losing a little weight might be one of your choices. Then you have to choose a certain diet. You have to make the choice to stick it. You know you will feel so much better if you do.
Choice of your daily routine – How do you want to start your day? How will you end it? What is your choice for breakfast? Choose if you do some sports, what, and how long.
Choice of what you do in your leisure time – There is too much choice. And to make a good choice is important.
Choice of what sport you do – It is best choosing several kinds of sport and have a variety.
Choice if you live a minimalist, normal, or maximalist lifestyle – If you choose a minimalist or a maximalist lifestyle makes quite a difference in life. Lots of other choices are coming up after you have made a choice about your lifestyle.
Choice of what you read or what you watch on TV – It is an important choice if you read or sit passively in front of the TV to let some time pass.
Choice if you read a book or on the internet – Reading a book you hold in your hands is different as reading in the internet. Do both!

Choice if you have a family or not – It is a choice that you have to make if you want to have a family or stay single.
Choice of your friends – Your friends can change during your life. It is your choice with what kind of people you meet. Make good choices here. Get rid of people who do not make you happy. Look for people with whom you enjoy to be with.
Choice of how often you call and meet your friends – You often have to make the choice if you meet with friends or if you get done something that has to be done. During my studies I often chose to learn and not meeting with friends. I have quickly finished my studies.
Choice if you are part of an organization – You have to make the choice if you are part of organizations and of how many.

Choice of education – After mandatory school it is your choice what kind of education you want. With the education you choose a large part of your life.
Choice of occupation and work – It is usual to choose another kind of work or another job several times during life. It is better if you choose a work you enjoy as to make more money with a certain job.
Choice if you are employed or self employed – It is a difficult decision and it is life changing if you are employed or if you start your own company.
Choice if you get more education – You always have the choice getting more education. It is a good choice.
Choice if you learn one or more foreign languages – You can choose learning a foreign language. It is good for the brain.

Choice of where you live – You have to choose if you want to live in your home country or in another country, in a town or in the countryside, in which town, which part of the town. Many more choices come with what kind of choice you make.
Choice of how you live – It is about the choice of a certain lifestyle.
Choice of your furniture – You have to choose a certain style, before you choose the furniture for you home. Choice of what products you buy – When it comes to all kinds of products, the choices are endless. You can make the choice of products made of better material or a cheaper version. You shall ask yourself if you need a certain product, before you choose to buy it.
Choice if you use a smartphone and which one – Most people have a smartphone, so you will choose one you like.
Choice of what electronic gadgets you have and use – You might use one or more notebooks, tablet, smartphone, an echo from Amazon and other helpful or playful gadgets.
Choice of what kitchen appliances you have – There are lots of kitchen appliances, but sometimes your choice has also to do with available space.
Choice of what toys you buy for your children – You have to make a choice about how many and which toys you want your children to have.
Choice of what fitness products you have and use – There are fitness products that are essential and others that are fun. It is your choice which one you get.

Choice of what social media you are a member – Most people are a member of Twitter and Facebook and you can choose becoming a member of special social media sites.
Choice of how often you participate in social media – It is your choice how often and how long you are on a social media site.

Choice if you have a car and which one – You have the choice to own a car or to rent one when you need it. When it comes to the choice of what car, you have to consider if you mostly drive long distance or more in a town.
Choice of walking more and using a bicycle – I had chosen to mostly walk and sometimes use a bicycle for a few years. But now I live in the countryside. It is too steep for the bicycle and too far to walk anywhere.

Choice if you are tidy and organized or not – This was never a choice for me. I am tidy and organized.
Choice if you have a help in the household or not – My choice is a help in household and garden. I enjoy to work. But all has it’s limits.
Choice if you bring your laundry to a shop or do it yourself – This choice has to do with organization and time.
Choice of how much you iron your clothes – I know people you don’t iron anything and all is looking unkempt. I have ironed my laundry.

Choices about how you invest your money – There is a big choice when it comes to how to invest your money.
Choices about having an additional health insurance – For some people this choice can make a difference.

And after all the choices you have made, you come to a bar and have to make a choice of what kind of drink you want and then in the restaurant what dish and drink you want to order.

There is no end to having to make choices. Almost every moment of life involves making a choice. And you of course want to make the best choices possible.

How You Find What The Best Choice Is For You

How can you make the right choice that is the best for you. A certain choice might be right for a friend, but not for you.

Make one choice at a time. Write down what choices you have in a specific area. Think about the pros and cons of each choice you found. Are there too many cons with one of the possible choices, you might discard it.

Then think about what will happen in the short and long term. One choice might be good today, but not at all for your life. For example, going to a party sounds fun, but preparing yourself for an examination might be essential for your future.

Your long list of choices in one area got shorter. But there are several choices left and you don’t know which one would be right and best for you now.

Here is how to make the right choice. Let us say you found 5 choices. Close your eyes and imagine that you have chosen choice number one. How do you feel? Give it a number between 1 and 10. 10 stands for feeling great. Do the same with the other 4 choices.

Let us assume you did not feel so good with choice number 3 and 4. Let these two possibilities go. There are three choices left. With which one did you feel best? Imagine again that this choice is part of your life. Does it still feel good? Then you have made the best choice of all the right choices.

And If You Have Made A Wrong Choice?

I don’t think that you can make a wrong choice. You have made the experience of having made a choice and it turns out that there are better choices. If you can choose another option, do it.

You can’t make a wrong choice. There are no wrong choices, but great experiences.

Don’t be afraid of making a wrong choice. The only wrong choice is making no choice. Every choice is a move forward. You get to learn what happens if you have made a certain choice. This is valuable. Thing that there is always a positive side to everything.

If You Want To Change Your Life

If you want to change your life, you have to make certain base choices. From each base choice you will have to make a number of sub-choices. Certain choices make you go into a certain direction.

Answer the most important questions about how you want to live. Then make a plan, make the necessary choices, follow the plan and get active.

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