How many Emails will you receive

Thank you and welcome again on Create. During the first few days you will receive the first 3 lessons from the Visualization System. You will then recieve Emails with important content about how to change your reality. After that you will receive an email from now and then.

What I am writing about

I am writing about how you can change yourself, your life, and your reality, about extraterrestrials and their spiritual development, and about my life in the sourth of Italy.

How to change yourself, your life, and your reality is the main content on I offer Courses and Subliminals that shall help you create your dream.

One of my interests are extraterrestrials and therefore I am writing posts about what I have read or heard of aliens which I find is important to know.

I live in the sourth of the Eternal City in Italy. If you don’t know, Rome is called the Eternal City. There are lots of historic sights. I have bought an olive grove in the south of the Metropolitain City of Rome. I have planted a few fruit trees, I have a vegetable garden and around the year there are always plants that florish.

From now and then I am posting an article about my life in the south of Rome and about historic sights and what one can do here. And sometimes I am adding a video.

I hope you will soon create your dream and I hope you will enjoy my emails, posts and videos.

Enjoy Your Life

Christa Herzog