Thank you and Welcome
to the New World


In some of the alien space ships which have crashed no engine or any other propusion system has been found. Some of the alien races are advanced by Millions of years, also mentally. They are communicating telepathically. They are travelling by changing their frequency and they are doing this with their thoughts and with focus.


We earthlinge see our delelopment in technology and science. But we are not doing very much to develop mentally. Well, a few do.


The development of mental skills is my field of interest. But you will also read about the New World and the New Thinking. You will read the word positive often. Already the word has a good frequency. The change of frequency will change your life.


Read some of my blog posts, until you receive the first lessons of the Visualization System for free. Choose posts from the Blog Grid.


Welcome and enjoy,

Christa Herzog (PhD)


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