Creative Visualization using 8 Visualization Techniques


+ Create Your New You & A New Lifestyle
+ Succeed In What You Plan To Achieve
+ Visualize to get what you desire

Could Visualizing with all Visualization Techniques
turn your life around and you will live the way you really want to?

You can Transform & Improve
Stop Blockages and Limiting Beliefs
by Changing Your Programming
with Visualization and the Power of Meditation


Say good bye to problems and challlenges and hallo to solutions and smoother paths through life.
You will awaken your sixth sense, this fine feeling, which will lead you to your chosen lifestyle and give you control over your future.

When you live your dream life in your mind repetitively, it will take less effort to bring your wishes and goals into your reality. With some practice visualization will become your way of seeing your life and your reality. Your degree of wellbeing and happiness will rise and your belief in yourself will strengthen, which is necessary to achieve your goals and get what you want.

What are your goals and wishes?
How do you want to live?
What lifestyle is your choice?
Want to look like your ideal you?
What is it you want to change?
Your finances, your work, your partnership,
your health, your daily routine,
your way of life in general?

Your Perception correlates with your Frequency of Vibration
If you want to Change Your Life you have to Change How You Feel.
Your Frequency is about your Well-Being and How You Feel.
Being Happy gets you What You Desire quicker.

How many times in life have you failed or worse, not even tried and you got used to mediocrity. You can change what you are used to with making many little changes and of course with visualizing what you want in life.
Do you wish more self esteem, inner calmness, more creativity, better health, this specific feeling of having made it?
All you need is in you. With this course you will learn how to use it.

With the Visualization System You Will Take Control, because you will learn and know how to change the base of your control system, which is your subconscious mind.

Successful people have the ability to see their next project
in front of their eyes ready and being a success.
Almost 50% of the training of athletes is visualizing.
Opera singers and other performing artists visualize a successful performance.
Imagination is creating the reality or in other words, what you perceive.
It is the mind which sees and it is on You what you focus on.

And all this thanks to visualizing?
Yes, but not only with the conventional Visualization Technique.
That is visualzing with eyes closed.
The Breakthrough comes with the Combination of all Visualization Techniques.
Practice all Visualization Technique and you will Control What You Perceive.


The Visualization System is a 21-Part Video Course

This is in the Course


1 Get used to Changes
2a Control Your Feelings
2b Get Happy with the push of a Button
3 Why should you visualize?
4 What should you visualize?
5 How often and how long should you visualize?
6 Write a visualization script
7 Visualization Exercises
8 How to get relaxed before visualizing


1 Visualization with Closed Eyes
2a Visualization Meditation
2b Mantra Meditation
3 Visualization with Open Eyes
4 Do-As-If Method
5 Actor’s Method
6 Vision Board
7 Wish Video
8 The Pocket Image


1 How to implement several Visualization Techniques during a day to make your visualizations powerful and effective
2 Get Active
3 Letting Go


With each lesson you will make a step forward and with each day of practice you will change. When you visualize daily for 20 to 30 minutes, and with each lesson add one more visualization technique, three months later, your life will not be the same anymore. Of course, without getting active, you can’t make your dream come true. You will learn to visualize what has to be done to achieve a goal and when you get active, it will be so much easier.

With the years you will have new wishes and your wishes will get bigger. So you will use the visualization system your life long on an every day basis. To learn and then be able to practice meditation will be a benefit in many ways..

Already in the free first 3 lessons you will learn important life changing elements.
Why you should make little changes, which will also change your mindset,
let your blinds fall off and make you see yourself and your life from a wider perspective.
Why and how to raise your degree of wellbeing, happiness and
as a result the full bandwidth of your frequency of vibration.
The happiness and success stimulus will be helpful in any difficult moment of your life.
Condition a happiness and success stimulus and use it whenever needed. We will never rent or sell your information. You can unsubscribe any time.

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