What is the Creative Visualization System


The Creative Visualization Sytem is a 21 part video course. It includes guided meditations which can be used repeatedly to transform and improve yourself and your life or to fully reinvent yourself and live in a new reality.

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Visualization System

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In the course you will learn how important it is to raise your frequency of vibration, which you do with raising your degree of wellbeing and happiness.

You will learn how to exercise visualizing and why you should write a visualization script.

When you are deeply relaxed, visualizing is more effective. This is the reason that you will learn Breathing and Vibrational Mantra Meditation, To learn mantra meditation has a high value and you will benefit your life long.


If you learn and use all 8 Visualization Techniques and tools and implement them into your daily routine, your wishes will become your reality quicker.

Visualizing with Closed Eyes is easy, but Visualizing with Open Eyes has to be practiced. In the Do-As-If Method, you will play the main role of your life’s movie. You will be the author, the script writer, the director and the actor, which gives you the chance to mould your life as you want. With the Actor’s Method you will change yourself to become your new and ideal you.

The Vision Board, Wish Video and the Pocket Image are easy to use and quite effective.

As a member of the Visualization System Course you can enter the course at any time and as many times you want, so you can watch videos repeatedly. You can also download the videos.


The Visualization System will definitely change the programming of your subconscious mind and this will change you and your life. With visualizing it is your choice what you want to change about you and your life and how much you want to change and improve.


Learn how to change and improve with the Visualization System.

Meditation is absolutely life-changing. After you have practised meditation for a few weeks, you will understand the value and the impact meditation has. In the Visualization System you will learn 2 types of meditation. The most powerful is mantra meditation. In the course you learn vibrational mantra meditation. You will need less sleep, which means that the time of meditation, which is 20 minutes once or twice a day, is well invested. There are many benefits you get from meditating regularly. You will learn more in the course.



With the Visualization System you will change your life profoundly.

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The Creative Visualization System

21-Part Video Course

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