How to Train and Trust Your Intuition


• What is intuition
• Trust your intuition
• How to use intuition
• Improve and enhance your intuition
• How to train your intuition to improve it
• Increase Your Intuition Subliminals
• Increase Your Intuition Áffirmations



What is Intuition

Definition: Intuition is a spiritual experience. Intuition uses the entire knowledge of the subconscious mind, your inner self and it goes further. Some intuitive messages come from the higher knowledge. We are part of God and therefore little gods. However, we have lost important knowledge with our birth. Tiny parts of this knowledge are coming into our mind and we call it Intuition. It comes as intuitive inspirations to the conscious surface. Intuition is also called the sixth sense and the inner voice. Usually intuition conveys its information with a certain feeling.

Intuition is one of the spiritual skills, which include telepathy, clairvoyance, aura vision, and the like. All these skills can be developed and improved through training. Read further down how you can train your intuition and increase it.

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With well-developed intuition, you will always make the right decision and the right choice. Your intuition tells you with an unpleasant feeling when something is wrong or with a good feeling when something is right. It also informs by a sudden inspiration. Intuitive information can come as sudden thought or a certain feeling. You can rely on intuitive messages. At the moment of danger, intuition gets you to react in time. For example, you quickly kick the brake and avoid a car accident. Intuition can trigger the right reaction seconds before the dangerous occurrence. Consciously and intellectually we are not able to act fast enough. A conscious action always precedes a thought that takes time, which is opposed to a quick action in a moment of danger. Yes, intuition can save your life.

Intuition has access to higher knowledge. This can be and often is of benefit to scientists, inventors, artists and anyone who is creative. Read more about it further below.



Intuition uses your full potential
Intuition uses your full potential


Intuition is in the Timeless Zone

We experience time linearly and know only the past and the present up to the already experienced moment. Since everything happens at the same time and everything already exists, the future is also known. This is knowledge that is not accessible to our consciousness. Our subconscious mind knows much more than our conscious minds could grasp. The subconscious and intuition seems to be connected with the higher knowledge. Intuitive inspirations come up to seven seconds before an event happens, especially in dangerous situations. So we have time to react in time. The conscious mind has no idea what will happen in the next second.



Intuition Has Access to the Higher Knowledge

The mind can grasp only a small part of the total knowledge that is accessible in this world. It gets knowledge with the five senses, that is, read, hear, see, feel, smell, or experience it. We can only use a part of what is stored in our subconscious mind. Intuition uses the full potential of our subconscious mind and has access to the higher knowledge. With highly trained intuition, one can access the higher knowledge. Intuition is like a wire that connects you with higher realms. To learn how to gain access to the higher knowledge, see Train Your Intuition further below.



Intuition is Superior to the Mind

Those who have developed a high degree of intuition have access to the full potential of their subconscious mind and to higher knowledge.

When it comes to decisions, choices and taking the right path, intuition is better than the conscious, logical and analytical mind. The reason is that intuition uses a vaster knowledge base. Our conscious mind becomes aware of only parts of what we perceive and experience. The subconscious mind captures the entire picture and the whole scene with all details. Intuition is based on all this knowledge plus a higher and kind of all knowing knowledge. Our attention is drawn to details that are important to us. All other details escape our awareness, though are saved in our subconscious mind

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If there are several witnesses for a fact, each one tells of other details. Very often, some of the testimonies do not concur with the correct details. If a witness is put into a hypnotic state, he can describe the facts with all details and they all are correct. You too can get into a state of deep relaxation and thus remember moments of your life with many details. Well, intuition works best if you are relaxed.

Intuition uses the knowledgebase of the subconscious mind. It also has access to higher knowledge and to knowledge that goes beyond the limits of time. I distinguish intuition and higher consciousness that is connected to higher knowledge. But one can say that larger volumes of inspirations are intuitive.

Great thinkers, scientists, inventors, designers, music composers, art painters and writers receive knowledge and creative ideas by intuitive inspirations. They know that the door to a higher knowledge is opened when they are in a state of deep relaxation such as during meditation. Leonardo da Vinci had a lit candle at the end of his bed and looked at the beam of light on the ceiling. He has made inventions that have been hundreds of years advanced. Einstein was sitting, while he was in a meditative state and received creative ideas. Mozart received his music in his head and wrote it down.



Intuitive Inspirations are absolute
Intuitive Inspirations are absolute


You Can Trust Your Intuition

Intuitive information is absolute and correct. You can trust it. Intuitive inspiration has not a trace of doubt.

If you listen to your inner voice and to this feeling with which intuition communicates, you can do nothing wrong. Then it is perfectly correct what you decide to do. Intuition is a knowledge that knows your future and knows what is best for you. It guides you safely through life.

Through intuition you can experience the absolute truth that is not accessible to the mind. The mind relies on the programming of the subconscious mind. The programming of your subconscious mind includes positive and helpful, but also negative and disturbing parts. These can be true or false beliefs. Thus, when the mind is used, it can lead to wrong decisions, wrong actions, and wrong reactions. Intuition, on the other hand, does not use false information, false beliefs or subjective perceptions. Always listen first to your inner voice or to your gut feeling. Your intuition will lead you to the right path. It will get you make the right decisions and right choices. It will make you aware if you want to speak out something which is better not said. Or it gives you a hint to say something that is important or at least nice. It will keep you from doing a wrong action. Or it will give you kind of a push to get going and do something which has to be done. Therefore, always wait at least one breath before you act or speak. In some cases you will revise your decision. Before you make an important decision, meditate for a few days, until you are certain to make the right decision. Your intuition will give you a signal.



Intuition knows the Truth
Intuition knows the Truth


How Intuition Communicates With You

Take some time to listen to what your intuition tells you with a certain feeling and bring decisions, solutions, the development and change of your life in line with it. Always ask yourself, how you feel about a certain decision, a solution or a step you take to make a change of your life. If you act against your intuition, it becomes louder. It makes itself felt in various ways. Train yourself not to overhear your intuition.


Ways Intuition Communicates

• You do not feel comfortable or you feel particularly good.
• It groans in your stomach.
• There is too much in your head, so you need to organize your thoughts. Or you recognize clearly that a decision is right.
• You want to say or do something and your inner voice keeps you from it. Or your inner voice urges you to say or do something.
• You do not sleep well or you wake up at night. Or you wake up in the morning well rested and refreshed.
• Sudden inspirations which can be noticed by a thought that clearly gives you an answer or you see something that helps you make a decision.
• A melody that comes to your mind and accompanies you throughout the day.
• An intuitive message can come in various forms. Let’s say you have a question to make a decision and while you are walking, a leaf falls from a tree that catches you at your arm. This could be an affirmative message.
There are a lot more ways with which intuition conveys messages and information to you.

Intuition is connected to the third eye, whereby images or whole scenes are transmitted as intuitive information.

The more you listen to your intuition, the better it works. The reason is that you become more sensitive to the soft voice of your intuition. It is usually a specific feeling that whispers the right decision.



How Can You Use Intuition?

The morning of 9/11 a son asked his father to drive him to school. He insisted and did not stop begging. He was begging so nicely that the father gave in. Otherwise he would have been in his office when the twin towers collapsed. Almost all of his colleagues have died. Thanks to his son he has survived. I am certain that it was an intuitive inspiration his son had. He prevented his father being in his office on time which would have meant his death.

Intuition is always with you giving you the best advice no matter what it is about.

Thanks to intuitive messages, you will make the right decisions and find solutions to problems. You will profit professionally and privately from creative ideas which you have received intuitively. In dangerous situations, an intuitive signal can be life-saving.

Intuition can give you a creative idea that will make your life take a different and much better course.

If you want to change and improve your life, ask for intuitive assistance and guidance.



Listen to Your Intuition
Listen to Your Intuition


Improve and Increase Your Intuition

Take some time every day, relax and listen to your inner self. This will improve and increase your intuition.

If you are tired, stressed or upset, wait until you are relaxed and calm to receive intuitive guidance.



How to Train Your Intuition


1. In the state of deep relaxation you have better access to intuitive messages

Take some time every day and spend it in complete silence. Relax and listen to your feeling and your inner voice. How do you feel? Is it a good feeling? Or is there something that wants to give you a message? Are you at peace with yourself or restless and tense?

A great way to relax deeply and find inner peace is meditation. When you meditate, you have direct access to intuition and to higher knowledge. While you are meditating, do not think about anything and do not expect anything. Let it happen. You can direct your focus to your regular breath or to a mantra that you continuously repeat. In the state of deep relaxation, you have access to higher consciousness and higher knowledge. Be calm and be open for higher wisdom and higher knowledge. You will be told what is important and what is right for you.

You will see the path you are supposed to go. You can also experience a different reality that is not part of your current life, but can give you knowledge and wisdom. As mentioned above, intuitive messages are communicated in different ways. If you have an important question, it may be that the answer does not come immediately, but sometimes during the following days.

Many times in my life I got intuitive messages. Some have been helpful and others life saving. That I offer Subliminal Recordings was an inspiration. When I decided to move to the South of Italy, I felt very good about it.


2. Write down the intuitive information

Write down the intuitive information that you receive. Sometimes an intuitive message does not make sense immediately. It also happens that it is not complete. Think about the inspiration or wait for one or more days until the inspiration is getting clearer to you.

Mozart said he had not composed his music. It has been in his head and he has only put the notes to paper. There are authors who say their books were dictated to them. Scientists report that they have obtained important mathematical formulas or hypotheses from a higher knowledge. Scientists, inventors, artists and even entrepreneurs get creative ideas from a higher sphere, the higher knowledge.

When you open up for intuitive information and for higher knowledge, it may be that you do not immediately recognize or receive the full information. It may be just a fraction of an important piece of information. Write it down, even if it does not immediately make sense to you. With every meditation or even at a moment when you least expect it, another piece of information may come to you until you recognize and understand the totality of the inspiration.


3. Trust the intuitive information

Trust the intuitive information you receive in whatever way.

When you train your intuition and improve it, you will make the best decisions and the best choices.

If something does not feel right, think about what this unpleasant feeling is making you aware of. Trust in this feeling and follow it.

If you feel comfortable, this feeling tells you that you have taken the right path and that you have made the right decision.

Focus on intuitive signals and messages, trust them and act accordingly.


4. Help your intuition with more information

If you need to make an important decision, look for more information. This will feed your subconscious mind that knows the connections and will help you make the right decision at the right time. Make a list of all possible choices. Read this list before falling asleep. Ask the higher power or higher consciousness to let you know what the best decision is for you. In the best case, you will wake up in the morning and have received the answer. You may also receive an intuitive signal during the day, or you may wake up with the expected response within the next few days.

If you want to find the best solution to a problem, look for more information. Make a list of all the solutions that you consider possible. Read this list before going to sleep and ask for the best solution. Expect the answer as described above.

With some decisions, I let days pass without thinking about making a decision. It happens that I am asking myself whether I should proceed in one way or another, and I weigh the different decisions. When I realize that I have not yet found the right decision, I do something else. After a few days, I know I’m going the right way. This means I let my inner system, or whatever you might call it, do the work.


5. Observe intuitive messages

Watch the many different intuitive messages to become more attentive to them and to better understand how and what they want to tell you.

Observe any signal for several days and weeks:

• How you feel and how your feeling changes.
• Whether you receive a sudden inspiration.
• Whether you remember a dream or a part of it in the morning.
• Whether you are suddenly aware of what decision you shall be making.
• How you feel during the day and in different situations.
• Look for extraordinary incidents that could give you a hint. They can be tiny and light.

This training will help you understand how your intuition is communicating with you.



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Increase Your Intuition 1A Subliminal

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Affirmations in the Increase Your Intuition Subliminal


Your intuition connects you to your higher self, which helps you in life very much.
Yes, that’s right, your intuition connects you to your higher self.
Your intuition is very good.
Yes, you have a very strong intuition.
You have intuitive inspirations that you understand and follow.
Yes, that’s right, you understand and follow your intuitive inspirations.
Trust your intuition. Intuitive signals and messages are absolute and right.
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The intuitive messages are clear and comprehensible.
You trust the intuitive messages.
Yes, you are aware of intuitive messages because they are clear and you can trust them.
Your intuition leads you on the right path and lets you make the right decisions and the right choices.
Yes, that’s right, your intuition leads you on the right path and lets you make the right decisions and the right choices.
You experience spontaneous intuitive answers.
Your intuition protects you.
You follow your inner vision.
Your intuitive skills are constantly evolving.
Yes, that’s right, your intuitive skills are constantly evolving.
You have confidence in your inner voice and intuitive feelings.
Let yourself be guided by your intuitive feelings.
Yes, you let your intuitive feelings lead you.
Your intuitive feelings and your inner voice are right.
Yes, that’s right, your intuitive feelings and your inner voice are right.
Your intuition, your inner voice and your intuitive feelings will give you the right advice and lead you on the right path.
Yes, that’s right, your intuition, your inner voices and your intuitive feelings will give you the right answers and lead you on the right path.
Listen to your intuition and your inner voice and follow it.
Yes, you listen to your intuition and follow it.
Your intuition gives you security.
When you listen to your intuitive messages, you will always make the right decisions.
Yes, that’s right, you listen to your intuitive messages and inspirations and make the right decisions.
Be attentive to the feelings with which your intuition conveys messages to you.
Yes, you notice the feelings that give you intuitive messages.
Trust your intuition. It is absolute and right.
You listen to your body and how you feel which gives you intuitive inspirations.
Be open to the intuitive guidance that always accompanies you.
Yes, you are open to the intuitive guidance that always accompanies you.
Listen what your true self tells you.
Yes, you hear what your true self tells you.
Yes, you receive information from your true self.
You know that the information of your true self is right.
You are aware of intuitive signals that you receive. You feel, hear and see them.
Yes, that is right, you are aware of intuitive signals. You feel, hear and see them.
You are open to creative ideas and valuable inspirations and use them.
You often get creative ideas and valuable inspirations. You benefit and profit from them.
Your intuition and your intuitive abilities are steadily better and stronger.
Yes, that’s right, your intuitive skills are getting steadily better and stronger.
You are open to receive information of the higher knowledge.
You trust the higher knowledge and follow it.
Yes, you get information from the higher knowledge. You understand and follow it.
Your higher guidance accompanies you all the time.
Yes, that’s right, your higher guidance is always with you.
Your intuition and the higher knowledge know your future, which you intuitively recognize.
Since you can feel your future intuitively, you make the right decisions and you act right.
You listen to your body and all the intuitive signals that the higher knowledge communicates to you.
Yes, you listen to all the intuitive signals with which the higher knowledge conveys messages.
You are open to receive messages of the higher knowledge.
You use the messages of the higher knowledge with wonderful results.
Your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities are strong and clear.
Yes, that’s right, your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities are very strong and clear.
You continuously develop your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities further which are of great help to you.
You see and know the truth.
Yes, that’s right, you see and know the truth.
You take time to find inner peace in the state of relaxation and you recognize the truth clearly.
You always let your intuition and inner voice guide you, because it is right and absolute.
You are in harmony with your intuition.
Yes, that’s right, you are in harmony with your intuition.

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