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1. Get Used To Changes


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A1. How To Get Used To Changes PD


Get Used To Changes Guided Meditation


Why Should You Get Used To Changes

We are not used to changes, because every change comes with discomfort, which our system tries to avoid.

Whenever you change something in your life, you feel discomfort, which can be so strong that you quickly give up. Think how you feel when you eat a little less. Or when you have to give a speech in front of a larger group of people and you are not used to it. When you have given several speeches in front of a larger group, you might enjoy it. Or when you are not used to workout and you start working out, you want to stop earlier as planned, because you feel a discomfort. When you are offered food, which you do not know, you feel discomfort in the form of distaste. Eat it a few times and you might enjoy it.

If you want to make more money, you can try hard, but your system will block you to have the necessary success, because there are quite few changes which come when you make more money. You feel discomfort in the form of anxiety to lose it or that people might come and be begging for money. You feel discomfort when your lifestyle rises thanks to higher income. All this because you are not used to the changes that come with making more money.

What can you do?

When you are getting used to changes, the discomfort which comes with it will feel less strong and with the time it will disappear.

How can you get used to changes?

Make one or two little changes each day and you will get used to it. Your system will have no reason to avoid changes. Whatever you want in life will be easer to achieve and you will become more flexible in your thinking and stay flexible into high age.

What happens if you make lots of little changes on an every day basis?

New dendrites and synapses in your brain will appear and they will get stronger. This means that your brainstructur will change in a way that you will have less or no problem making changes.

When you get used to little changes, it will be easier to make big changes. Most interestingly your thinking changes, blinds fall off and you will see above your horizon and out of the box.