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2A Control Your Feelings

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To download the pdf, click on the link below.
A2. Control Your Feelings PDF


2a. Control Your Feelings Guided Meditation


Control Your Feelings – Control How You Feel

When you control, how you feel and of course you have to feel great, then everything will workout, and whatever you want will come into your life.

Why is this?

This has to do with your emotional freequency of vibration, which is high when you feel great.

Here is the explanation

How you feel generates a certain frequency in which you vibrate. This vibration is responsible what you perceive and what you draw toward you.
When you are feeling great most of the time, you will have a high frequency of vibration and have a positive radiation,, which can be felt by others.

Worth to give this more than a thought.

How do you feel right now?

Stop for a moment and ask yourself: How do I feel?
To feel good is okay, but you can feel a lot better and you know that.

Do you ever think about how you feel? And when you do not feel so great, are you doing anything to feel better?

You should!

You know those days when you leave the bed with the left foot and everything seems to go wrong. You could change this and stop this to happen. Of course, these days happen when you are busy, stressed out and when you have not a moment to stop and do anything to make yourself feel better. Come on! Take a minute and make a few jumps, stretch your hands out to the side and up, go into your knees and up and repeat. What happens when you make a few moves is that you get more oxygen and your blood circulation is turned on more. It will result in a sudden change of your mood.

Do you know the happiness stimulus? It changes how you feel with a push of a button. Very effective and very helpful. You learn it in one of the free lessons of the Visualization System.

What makes you feel better?

Think about this! Make a list of all which makes you feel better.
I will do one of these things from my list now. I feel good now, but I will feel better a little later. I enjoy to write, but there is a lot which I enjoy even more. 😉

And what will you do to feel better now?