How to Overcome Bad Memories

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When bad memories are haunting you day and night, you have to do something about it. They create a low vibration, which makes you feel miserable and which are causing you to go through more bad experiences. Bad memories are a form of negative thinking.

All you have experienced in your life, all you have learned, seen, heared, felt, tasted, is stored in your mind. Most of it is usually unconcious. Some of your memories come to the surface and it is mostly the worst ones that are persistent. They have been caused by bad experiences, which have initiated a shock or even a trauma. It is not easy to get out of a deep shock or a trauma. It takes time and perseverance of covering the bad memories with positive thoughts, good memories, beautiful images, joyful moments.

When you have made a very bad experience, your emotional frequency drops hugely. This has a few negative effects. It is as if you are surrounded by darkness. In this situation it is not easy to focus on beauty and joy. It is for example not easy to hear others laugh. You have to force yourself to smile, which will difficult at the beginning. You must get your face to a smile several times a day. It will not be easy to look at beautiful images. You might even have a difficulty to remember what you want in life.

There is only one way to push bad memories away from the surface of your consciousness and this is covering it with positive and good memories. You have to think of them, you have to look for them, you have to make them.

Life is a masterpiece in continuous process. The instrument of refinement is your thoughts. As we think in picutres, images play an important role. Plan your thoughts on what you want to experience and focus on it.

Your bad memories will fade and good thoughts will win. Your vibration will rise, your surrounding will lighten up and everything in your life will get better.

Do you have experiences with bad memories? Could you get rid of being followed by them? Write a comment. Your solution could help others.


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