You Can Change Your Reality

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How You Change Your Reality

Learn How to Change Your Reality with Thoughts and Feelings

Learn how to change your reality. Reality depends on your perception. You perceive everything differently with different frequencies. Your frequency changes with your feelings, that is, how you feel. You can control how you feel with your thoughts. This is where your mindset plays a role, which is part of your subconscious programming. Your mindset consists of your thinking and emotional patterns and your beliefs. How you perceive your reality ultimately has a lot to do with your programming. More so: Your consciousness, how you are able to control it, and the programming of your subconsciousness are the builders of your reality.

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Dr. Suzanne O‘Sullivan, an Irish neurologist working at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, Britain, says that you are as healthy or sick as you believe to be. Many of the sick people are imaginary patients. In case of accident injury, we should ask why the accident happened. If someone is proven to be ill, a doctor can understand why a patient has become ill.

What Dr. O‘Sullivan says should make us think. If we are getting sick, why we got sick. Whatever happens in our lives, why that happened. Think about it when the experience was negative or positive. The better we get to know each other, understand how we act and react in certain situations, the sooner we will learn to control our reality.


Let’s take a closer look at reality and how to change it.

When asked what reality is, there is no definite answer

When asked what reality is, there is no definite answer. Scientists and philosophers of the last centuries until today offer different theories, perspectives and answers.

If it comes to discussing the word reality, that’s what scientists of several disciplines do, their findings are extremely interesting. What is certain is that there is no single explanation for reality. There are many definitions for reality. It seems that even the word “reality” is different for everyone.

Sean Caroll, a theoretical physicist specializing in quantum mechanics, gravity, and cosmology, a research professor in the Department of Physics at the California Institute of Technology (from Wikipedia), says that when it comes to reality, there is a lot we do not know. He explains that reality has several layers.
1st layer is what we all see.
2nd layer is the particles of which an object consists and the forces that hold them together.
3rd layer is the technology behind an object. This is how an object was made and which materials were used.

Further down in this article I will come back to the question what reality is. There are quite a few points of view. But all say that reality is seen from each person differently.

Reality is changeable

Is Reality an Objective or a Subjective Perception

Bruce Alan Wallace, author and expert on Tibetan Buddhism, says that we have to distinguish between the physical reality which we perceive and the one we do not see.

Reality is not fixed; it is changeable and is perceived differently by each person and differently at different times. It is therefore a subjective perception. Reality is dependent of the observer. What I now perceive as real does not coincide with what I saw at another time, for example, earlier or later. If you look at the same thing at the same time as I, you perceive reality differently than I. It also depends from what perspective you or I see an object or the world around us.

You may say: When I look at an object, I see it as you! No, that is wrong! The perception is subjective. How you perceive a certain object depends on your way of thinking, how you feel at the time you look at it and from what perspective you look at it. I have a different mindset and feel different than you and unlike any other person. A building that seems big to you can be small for me and vice versa. We perceive sizes, colors, shapes and just everything differently.

Each person perceives shapes, sizes, colors, and just about everything differently than anyone else, depending on the frequency of that person.

We influence an object and the whole environment by looking at it, and especially with our frequency. Also, the expectation of a person influences an object, a situation, and anything else.

Look at an object when you are in a good mood and another time when you are not in a good mood. Go to a coffee shop or restaurant with friends and go to the same coffee shop or restaurant a few days later. During both visits you will perceive the café or restaurant differently and you will also notice other details as when you have been there with friends. Everyone has already experienced that he has bought a garment that he liked very much at the moment of purchase. The next day or days later, you did not like it anymore. Watch as you dress when you’re in a good mood and when you’re not in a good mood. Depending what mood you are in, you will choose different outfits.

Reality is a subjective perception. You can test it yourself.

Many people are convinced that what we see, hear and touch is real and unchangeable. However, two people see one and the same thing differently, and you see a thing differently over time. I ask the question, whether it is possible to see a thing absolutely objectively. The answer is “no”. The reality, and here many scientists agree, is dependent on subjective perception and therefore influenceable and changeable.

The reality is dependent on subjective perception and therefore influenceable and changeable.

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Reality is Produced In The Brain

You create your reality in your brain.

Reality, say scientists, is produced in the brain and perceived outside the brain. Scientists are not in agreement whether we perceive anything outside of our brain at all. Yes, I know, it’s hard to understand, but I think this hypothesis is possible. What we perceive only in the brain, in our imagination, we call an illusion. Some scientists who observe brain activity thanks to magnetic resonance imaging believe that everything we perceive as reality is an illusion.

Remember, Einstein said: Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Some other scientists go further, saying that reality is created by your consciousness without space and time. This means that it is not in your brain. It is spaceless. And they say that reality is a construct.

Reality seems to be something that is produced by the brain and perceived outside the brain. It is also possible that what we perceive to be true is an illusion.

The content of the brain of each person is different and changes with the time. We all have made different experiences and have therefore different memories, and different expectations which influences what images a person creates and how each person perceives reality.

What eye-witnesses observed and tell the police after an accident or a crime is too often wrong. When there are 5 eye-witnesses the police has 5 different stories and too often non is right.

The reason for this is that each person has different memories and expectations that produces what a person sees. The memories are connected with emotions that literally change what someone perceives. And we continuously make new experiences that are adding new memories with emotions which changes our perception. The result: There is not one but countless realities. Therefore, there is no subjective reality.

There is not one but countless realities. Therefore, there is no subjective reality.

The Perception of Reality Includes Space and Time

The perception of reality includes space and time. Time is perceived as reality by each individual under different situations and over time differently. An hour is different for each person and in each situation. Some people get done far more than others in a given amount of time. They seem to be able to subjugate time. We perceive changes in space over time. We call it aging process. Not every person and not everything ages the same way. And every person perceives aging differently.

Donald David Hoffman, cognitive psychologist, Professor in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, says that space-time can‘t be fundamental. It must come from something deeper, maybe something that is not physical. He continues to say that consciousness is fundamental in a deep sense. It precedes space and time.

Each person creates space and time for himself, says Hoffman. You create space and time and all the stuff that you are seeing in your consciousness. And your consciousness interacts with others. When you close your eyes, you make all go away.

Hoffman continues to explain that the physical world that you perceive is a visualization tool with physical objects and infinite networks with conscious agents (= can be another person). Whatever you believe there is, it only exists if you perceive it. Though we have to take our perceptions seriously. You would not step in front of a bus while it‘s driving.

In a talk with Deepak Chopra Hoffman said: The deeper reality that is created by conscious agents is immaterial. It is outside of space and time. Consciousness creates space and time. Space–time is an experience of conscious agents. Your body and mind is a reflection of your consciousness. You might call it conscious reality.

Your face is a space-time physical perception. But there is so much more behind your face, such as your skills, your experiences, your preferences, your knowledge, and so on. And all is created by your consciousness, says Hoffman.

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Are we living in a Virtual World

When someone is put into a virtual world, they begin to perceive it as real after a relatively short time. A person sees and feels the virtual reality presented to him. Although he knows that he is in a safe space, he experiences dangers that are virtually played out to him as true and feels all fears. There are a lot of experiments that prove that.

Individuals report that their reality has changed with changing their thinking and thus changing their pictorial image, and scientists prove it. Experiments in the virtual world show that the test person quite quickly thinks that a virtual reality is true and feels it. A multiple repetition of a virtual reality brings long-term changes in a person.

Multiple repetitions of a virtual reality bring long-term changes in a person.

Virtual Realität Changes Reality

Today, there is the opportunity to sit down at a screen of an electronic device and live in a virtual world chosen by each person. You choose an avatar that represents you. Women who are not beautiful are looking for a beautiful avatar. People who do not have much courage are looking for a very courageous one. They live up to what they can‘t find in their real world, for example because they lack or believe they lack an important ability or trait.

Scientists see us living more and more in virtual worlds. That does not sound pleasant. I think that is possible. What will our life look like then? Will we live equally in both worlds, the real and the virtual world? Will the real mix with the virtual world? Will we then understand that we have always lived in a virtual world? Everyone can choose a reality he wants, but this is very much influenced by his way of thinking, which is based on his programming.

Everyone can choose a reality he wants, but this is very much influenced by his way of thinking, which is based on his programming.

Reality is an Illusion

Reality or Illusion and What Has Space and Time To Do With Reality

A group of scientists sees reality as a perception that is real. Others see in it something that only appears to be real and only recognize a small difference between the real reality experienced and an illusion. Another group links reality with space and time. They argue that there is no reality without space and time.

Space and time are part of reality. If space and time disappear, we do not perceive reality as real. Time is perceived differently by everyone and in different situations. During an exam or when you are sick, you perceive time differently than when you have fun. Each object is seen differently at different times.

Watch yourself! Go to a clothing store and pick some clothes. Go back a few days later and look at those clothes again. Do you perceive it differently? When you buy one or more of these garments, how do you perceive them when they hang in your wardrobe, how in a few weeks, and how if you wear them?

Reality is impressionable

You Can Change Your Reality

In an interview, Allan Wallace was asked: Can consciousness change reality? He answered: I think so. And that’s where the nature of reality is to be found. There are multiple dimensions that are layers of consciousness to explore. They are here, but we are usually not conscious of it.

You can change your reality. Use methods and tools that help you reach the change you want as quickly and easily as possible.

Basically, it’s about perceiving your reality the way you want. That depends on what you focus on which you control with your thinking. Thinking triggers feelings associated with a specific frequency. This results in what you perceive.

Thinking positive and focusing on what you want is not enough. You also have to feel it. It is not enough to visualize a wish; you have to feel as if it is already fulfilled.

Reality is Constantly Changing

It should now be clear to you that reality is subjective, always seen differently and is changeable.

How you perceive reality depends on how you feel and your focus. There is absolutely the possibility that you can change your reality according to your wishes. My tip: live your wishes first repeatedly in your imagination and you will experience how much easier it is to realize your wishes. Think that you create what you want with your consciousness. Thinking and imagination comes first. Then you will perceive it as your reality.

There are Parallel Worlds Only In Our Brains

The existence of parallel worlds is a concept that is hard for us humans to understand. We live in the space-time continuum of planet Earth and our space has three dimensions. But there is a lot more. It is said that a parallel world develops in which the positive prevails. Or are there countless parallel worlds under which each one can choose to perceive one or the other? Does each individual choose or create his own world which exist alongside countless parallel worlds that possibly overlap with other worlds?

These parallel worlds have different dimensions that partly overlap. And here it comes to phenomena that are incomprehensible to us humans. Nobody in our world can explain these phenomena. These include UFO sightings, alien contacts, apparition of ghosts, unusual animals, humanoid beings, and much more.

It is not difficult to understand that not everything that is real must be an object that you can touch. Think of your emotions, of pain, of certain thoughts, experiences and memories that are real for you and part of your reality. This shows that reality does not need to have 3-dimensions and does not need space and time.

What Are Parallel Realities?

Each possibility is a parallel reality that is in another dimension, where it can be perceived as real. The fraction of a second is another reality. Which of the countless parallel realities you choose, you are guided by your thoughts and feelings.

How Do You Realize Your Dream Concept

It is entirely possible that you are fundamentally changing your reality. You can imagine your future reality rosy. Let’s call that your vision or dream. Make a plan how to realize your vision. Get active and follow your plan. Only a few can do it in a short time. Too many give up too fast. Only a few have a strong belief in the success of their projects, achieving their goals, and living their dream. A strong belief makes a big difference. You may not leave room for doubt. Doubt is comparable to stepping on the brakes. Any doubt brings the accomplishment of a goal to a standstill.

Repeating An Imagination Forms Itself To Reality

It is proven that when you repeat a certain imagination many times, it becomes reality. While you repeatedly see a picture of something in your mind’s eye for several seconds, you generate the feeling and the frequency necessary for its realization. This means that you can change your reality according to your wishes.

There are tools to change your reality faster and easier. With Subliminals, you can change parts of your subconscious programming that will change your thinking and your frequency. Thanks to Subliminals, I have greatly increased my self-esteem, largely eliminated doubts and changed a lot about me and my life.

Wish videos allow you to repeatedly watch a desired performance with images you have selected, which will make a desired change in your life. The same effect has visualization when you repeatedly visualize the same images. With Mind Movies you can quickly make a wish video und you can have it run on your screen in a transparent mode.

What do You Need to Do To Bring Your Dream-Life Into Your Reality

This is how you change your reality

  1. Describe your dream life = vision with details
  2. Search for images and photos that represent your vision
  3. Turn the pictures, photos, and affirmations into a video that you watch twice a day – wish video
  4. Listen daily to Subliminals to change your programming, for example the Create Your Reality 3A Subliminal
  5. Learn to meditate. Meditate once or twice daily and then
  6. Visualize your Vision
  7. Make a plan on how to realize your Vision
  8. Get active and do what has to be done to get what you want
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