Get Active to Achieve Your Life Change

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Set Goals, have a plan, get active and live the life of your dreams

life change planGetting active is the most important step of your Life Change System. There is no way around it. We need to work to be happy, but we must enjoy what we do. This is why all coaches and mentors in the personal improvement world say that you should think about what you like to do most. You know what you like to do most. Think about how to make money with it and make it your profession. If you really enjoy what you do, you will spend a lot of time with it and you will almost automatically try to do it better and better. Snf xou eill become a Pro. Doing what you enjoy most is part of the formula of success and of getting rich.

If you want to change your life profoundly, follow the steps of the Life Change System.


1. Prepare for your Life Change
Clean your home and your office, throw away what you dislike and make place for new things.


2. Imagine how you want to change your life
It is best if you relax and close your eyes and then imagine how you really want to live. Watch you dream life with your inner eye. After the imagining process sit down and make notes. Write everything down which you want to change.


3. Plan how you will to change your life
You cannot await any success without plans. You have to plan what you want to change, what has to be done, how all this has to be done, in what succession it has to be done.

Write down all you want to change. Take a piece of paper for every major aspect of your life: Professional, financial life, and private life.

Then write down what you need in your new life (objects, skills, financing) and all you have to do to reach your goals.

Write a date to each goal. Think about when you expect to have reached each single goal. Give each of your goals a priority. Then fine tune your plan into short time plans.

You will have goals which can be reached in a few days, others in a few months, some in years. Fine tune your general plan. Get 12 sheets of paper and make notes about what you have to do each months. Then take the sheet of the first months, which should be the current month. Make notes how to divide what has to be done into 4 weeks or the remaining weeks of the month.Begin writing the notes for the next month not before the end of this month.

From now on focus on what has to be done today and tomorrow. Make a daily plan for the next day and do this every day.

4. Visualize your life change

Visualize at least twice daily how you live when you have achieved your life change goals. Make it a habit to visualize before falling asleep and in the early morning.


5. Get active to change your life.

Would you look at everything that has to be done to change your life at once, you would be overwhelmed. So start with a few goals. Choose goal, which are achieved in a short period of time and goals which you have given a high priority.


Get Active
Start with goals that are achieved fast. This will give you the feeling of a first success. Then look at goals with a high priority and what you have to do to achieve them.


Make a 90 day plan and figure out what has to be done at first. Then make a plan for the first day.

In the morning start with the first item on the list and get active to get it done. Focus on doing this one thing and don’t think about the next. Start with the second item on the list after you have finished the first one. Don’t have anyone or anything disturb you.

Fix a certain time each day for phone calls. Have a message on your phone, which tells people when they can reach you. If your phone needs to be answered, have a telephone call answering company or a secretary do it.

If you fully focus on what you do, you will do more in a shorter time and you will reach your goals faster.

In the evening make a plan for the next day. If you couldn’t finish the to-do-list of the day, the items, which you could not get done, will be the first on the list for the next day. Always fully focus on what you do and follow your plan step by step.


If you visualize what you have to do the following day, it will be much easier to get it done. As you are visualizing how you do things, you will work more effectively. If you visualize to do things better as you assume you are able to do it, you will gradually get better in whatever you do.

It is said that our abilities are infinite. With the power of your thoughts you can raise your standards. If you allow the belief that you can do something much better as you are doing it now, visualize improvements. You will get better and better each time.
It is said that we are able to make quantum jumps. Maybe! Making gradual changes is a sure way to achieve them. With some practice you will be able to make bigger changes at once.


Getting active is an important step of the Life Change System. Only if you get active you can get things done, achieve your goals and succeed.

With getting active I mean doing things that will change your life and achieve your goals.

If you visualize your new life daily, you will automatically do what has to be done to achieve your next goal and put everything else behind. You will put your focus on your tasks and be certain that you will succeed.

Listen to the Subliminal Get Active and Take Action once a day It will help you getting active automatically.



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