Your Plans for the New Year

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one year plan areas

Your One Year Plan needs some thinking

What areas of your life would you like to improve? What would you like to improve about youself? Think about necessary changes, make a plan and follow it.

You can make this year the year of personal development. With your personal development all other areas of your life will also improve.

You might decide to make more money and put your focus on your career.



The main areas that shall be part of Your One Year Plan

● Physical Health
● Recreation
● Romance
● Family and Friends
● Career
● Finances
● Spirituality and Personal Development
● New Discoveries or Explorations


What will you do this year to improve your physical health?

Workout 5 times a week.
Eat natural foods



You need time to relax during the day and you need enough sleep.
Plan one or two vacations of one to three weeks each for this year.



Spend at least once a week a romantic time with your partner.
It does not matter how old you are, you should spend some special time with your partner Get out of the usual routine. Be creative. Of course it can be a candle-light dinner. But it can also be driving out of town and going for a walk in pure nature.


Family and Friends

We are taking family for granted. Think about having some special time with the family. Having a talk with each of them, can make a positive difference.
You have no time for friends? Invite a friend for dinner to your home from now and then.



When you are employed: Can you improve your career? Can you climb up the career ladder? What does it take? Can you ask for a raise?
When you have your own company:
What do you have to change and what can you improve? Do you need to invest in new machinery? Can you economize and save in an area of the company?
What can you do to make more profit? Make more advertisement? Change the design of the products or of the packaging?



Go through the list of expanses. Where can you cut back? Which extra costs will you have this year? What can you do to increase your monthly income?


Spirituality and Personal Development

Spirituality and personal growth is very important in our today’s world, where we are surrounded by technology and material objects. That more and more people give some time to spirituality and personal development has to do with the development of our species.
You can decide to meditate and/or visualize daily. You can practice telepathy with members of your family or with friends. Or you can spend some time once daily or once weekly and think about your well being and about what life really means to you.

Personal Development can be spirituality as explained above. Or it can be that you learn something such as a language or learn how to improve a characteristic such as your self esteem, your ability to be creative, develop charisma. Find products and methods for personal development.


New Discoveries or Explorations

Most people stop learning something new with the day they leave school. Today we know that the brain structure changes constantly. The more we learn and the more we challenge our brain the more sophisticated is our brain.
With the new technologies we have so many means to learn something new. You can read a book about a subject that is new to you. You can read articles about a new subject and you can then do some research. You can start learning a foreign language. Plan your next trip to a country that is new for you and get to know the culture.

Last but not least, think about having fun.

Do something every day which you enjoy.


Having plans for the new year, will give your life more meaning. You will improve one or more areas of your life.

If you make a one year plan to improve you and your life, you shall divide it into 12 monthly plans. Then divide the first months into weekly plan, a weekly plan into daily plans. It is good to have a daily agenda.

This agenda contains your daily
Work agenda
Private agenda: time for recreation, time for family and friends, time for fun, time for sports, time for meditation and visualization and other spiritual developments.
Have a great year with lots of improvements!



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